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  1. Viking raiders WIP

    Again, a big thanks to Emily. I think your suggestions made a big difference. Here are a couple photos to update: Thanks. Thank you.
  2. Viking raiders WIP

    Thanks Emily. This helps a lot. I had some of the splashing around the left boat, but need to do the same for the rest. The wave caps look great, and the horizon line too. Hopefully I can fix this now. Thanks very much.
  3. Viking raiders WIP

    I started working on a gorget with some viking boats going over choppy waves. The boats we not too hard to figure out, but the water and waves ended up a lot more difficult. If anyone has some experience or a good method for water I would love to hear it.
  4. It turned out great. Nice work.
  5. Doing Solo Bobber- Video

    Holy smokes! You have amazing skills. The shading on the forehead in the second video, where there aren't any lines and you free-hand the whole I would love to know which tools you were using, but mostly I just want to say thanks for posting this. Keep up the awesome work.
  6. Chaps for my Dad

    Well done. Those are pretty cool.
  7. It's been awhile....

    That is really cool. The mantle in the first picture is very interesting, the way it's layered and the worn appearance. Awesome costume and nice to see something out of the ordinary.
  8. Motorcycle bag

    Awesome. You've got nice consistent dying and stitching. It looks really well done.
  9. Hedeby Quiver

    That's cool.
  10. Thanks. I really need to get better at dying and edging. My tooling is coming along, but the finishing stuff is not there yet. Thank you. Here are a couple more pics.
  11. Totenkopf Skull seat

    Nice work. I would love to try making one of those.
  12. I'm honestly just making this as I go. I don't have much experience and don't recommend what I'm doing to anyone. Ha! In fact if anyone has any advice, please feel free to pass it on to me. I am self taught on tooling and dying leather and all of the things I make are the first attempts. I have a lot to learn and the things I see on this site amaze me, for their quality and skill. Anyways, after sanding the colour off the high points all along the belt, I took some light brown eco-flo and mixed it with tan antique gel and a little water. I used a brush and painted this mixture on in sections before using a lightly damp cloth to wipe it off. I did this the whole length twice. Here are the results at this point I am pretty close to finished. Thanks for following along.
  13. I have finished all the sewing and glued the edges together. Then I put black edge dressing along all the edges. When it came to the buckle and strap I couldn't find anything I liked, so I made a simple thinner strap and put holes to tie it with a lace. I should probably say again this is a costume piece that isn't supposed to look new, because I decided to take some 1000 grit sandpaper and rough the colour off.