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  1. Motorcycle Shifter Boot Protector

    Neat idea. Let us know how it works out. Next you'll be doing motorcross.
  2. Great design and tooling. Very nice work.
  3. Steampunk leg bag

    Nice work.
  4. Made a Petal Lifter, Carved a Leaf!

    Excellent results! Really nice tooling.
  5. Painted corset

    Just wanted to show how good she looked.
  6. Dog Harness

    That's pretty cool.
  7. last saddles

    Wow. Just an amazing level of skill.
  8. Aviator helmet

    Thanks very much. Actually I did think you were kidding. Ha! Here is another picture. This was supposed to be a satin finish, but ended up very shiny. It doesn't look nearly as rough and worn as I wanted it to. I might have to rub some dirt on it.
  9. Very nice work. Well done.
  10. That is very nice work. Well done.
  11. Aviator helmet

    Thanks again. Thank you. Ha! Thanks.
  12. Aviator helmet

    Thanks. Thank you. Thanks. I didn't think ahead enough to stamp the logo into the leather. I was too focused on whether the pieces were going to work and how to stitch it and dyed all parts before starting to put it together. So yes, I drew many logos until I had one I liked and then painted it on with a brush freehand. As to the sizing, her head is almost as big as mine, but she has a lot more hair so it should fit. Here is a close up of the logo. Thanks. I looked all over the net at different styles of aviator hats and went with this one just for the shape of it. Seven panels wasn't too bad, and I drew the shapes on thick brown paper and taped them together. It took me three attempts to get one that fit me, then I transferred it to leather. I'm hopeful that it will fit, but won't know for sure until I mail it to her. Ha! I took a chance and hope it worked.
  13. Aviator helmet

    I've just finished making this for my sister for this coming Christmas. She has enough handbags and belts already, so I made her a hat. It's been tricky and I've done a few things I haven't done before. It's the first time I've tried making anything with a lining, or piping, and I wanted to make it look old and used too, so it's pretty rough. Why an aviator hat? She is a big fan of Atomic-Robo, and Girl genius, (web-comics) so I think it works even if she rarely wears it. I had lots of fun and frustration making it.
  14. D&D Costume WiP

    Wow! Well done, good sir. Everything from the design to the dye looks great. Thanks for the follow up post.