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  1. spacedog

    Dice cups

  2. spacedog

    Made with honor.

    That is gorgeous. Awesome color fade, great lettering. Bravo.
  3. spacedog

    Dice cups

    Here is the last dice cup. I messed up the stitching a bit, but on the whole it turned out okay.
  4. spacedog

    Dice cups

    No problem. Well, except for my lack of photography skills. Here are the outside seams. Here is the inside.
  5. spacedog

    Dice cups

    I'm working on a third one. The transition from dark to light is making it a bit challenging.
  6. spacedog

    Dice cups

    Thanks. Thank you. I kind of did it on the fly. The dragon cup was just over eight inches long by three and a half high, and I put holes along the bottom about a quarter of an inch apart. Then I just counted the holes and put that many in the disc that was the bottom. Ha. It took a try or two to space those out by hand before I punched them. The stitching on the body of the cup took a little planning ahead, something I don't do much of, because the cup is too skinny to fit my hand inside. I ended up loosely threading it all and pulling it tight like a shoe. The 40K cup is shorter and slightly bigger around. The lid has sixty holes around the outside and only thirty on the disc, just to get the stitching to look the way it does. Here are the sketches since I forgot to take pictures of the leather while it was flat.
  7. spacedog

    Dice cups

    One is a dragon lying on a pile gold, and the other is a chaplain from warhammer 40K. Getting the top and bottom to match in size is important so the fit is tight and it won't fall off. That, and having the right number of holes on the circles to match the sides, so the stitching is even. These were fun and fairly easy to make. The small bits of color were added at the end with acrylic, hobby store paint.
  8. spacedog

    Viking raiders WIP

  9. spacedog

    Male Nightingale Armor Skyrim - WIP

    I was joking about the plastic wrap, but I have spent hours in costume at a convention. You are absolutely correct about footwear. I feared I wouldn't ever walk right again after the first time when I wore borrowed boots. Anyways, I've never seen anything like that "burn" mark before. It's amazing that escaping moisture would do that.
  10. spacedog

    Viking raiders WIP

  11. spacedog

    Viking raiders WIP

    Thanks for the comments everyone. I took an extended break from this project due to frustrations with it. At any rate, I finally pushed on and finished it. I dyed it fairly dark, maybe too dark, but I am happy with the result. It is a costume piece, not intended to be real armor. I hope you like it.
  12. spacedog

    Male Nightingale Armor Skyrim - WIP

    Nice looking set up. The finish on your leather is pretty shiny. Kidding. I'm looking forward to more updates.
  13. spacedog

    Carving dog

    That is very impressive. Well done.
  14. spacedog

    Male Nightingale Armor Skyrim - WIP

    Very cool project. I like that armor a lot. Keep us updated.
  15. spacedog

    Ancient Greek Armor

    Absolutely outstanding! I really love the lion, but the whole piece is great. Well done.