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  1. Thanks! Straps are easy. What do you struggle with? Thanks, she did!
  2. Thanks! no stiffener, it stays by its self, the 2 mm veg tan is pretty stiff Thanks!
  3. I think I'll stick to the things I know how to do:))) the makeup could get me in trouble
  4. Italian 2 mm and 1 mm leather used, Tan color and diluted chestnut higlighter (I think) for the lighter one. Cutest thing I've ever accomplished.
  5. Very nice, right on point for me, thanks!
  6. Thanks for the tips. Yeah, my leather is usually too wet when i stamp. About joining the cuts, i do not think i completly understand. Sounds like something i should keep in mind. Could you elaborate a little?
  7. Hello, Haven't posted here in a while, so here are some links to the carvings I've done so far. None are not are my original drawings, being downloaded from the internet(the only exception being the sunflower one, which was drawn by my girlfriend). Really looking forward to some constructive criticism. Thank you, and have a nice weekend!
  8. i made some walnut dye myself,left the leather in overnight and i darkened it by rubbing some olive oil on it. probably neatsfoot oil will darken it more. only did it once but it worked for me
  9. Hello, recently finished this wallet and matching coin purse and wanted to show it off there are many mistakes, some fortunate(like the different colours of the pockets), and some not(snaps to close to edge), but i really like how it turned out. Hope to get some feedback from you guys. and some more