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  1. First "classy" wallet

    Thanks! Thank you! Next one will be black exterior and turquoise interior.
  2. First "classy" wallet

    Thanks! There is room for improvement, I hope the next one will be better.
  3. First "classy" wallet

    Thank you!
  4. First "classy" wallet

    It's combinatin tanned I think. So it does not burnish. I painted the edges with Fiebings edge paint. Not 100% happy about the restut, need to practice more
  5. First "classy" wallet

    Thanks! For now my middle class eastern european ass is using it to buy beer.
  6. First "classy" wallet

  7. First "classy" wallet

    Exterior is Horween essex, Interior is Chevre sully, the wallet is fully lined. My first fine wallet, made it for myself, and plan to make a few in different color combinations for sale
  8. Valknut wallet

    Thank you! Thanks! Feels great to see people like it! Ha ha, this is great, i'm gonna steal it! I'm sure your wallet will be great also!
  9. Valknut wallet

    Thanks! I appreciate it!
  10. Valknut wallet

    Thank you! Thanks! The "strap" is just a way to cover up a mistake Thanks! Thanks! That was the easy part, just doodle something that looks like a tree. Wasn't sure it would turn out ok.
  11. Valknut wallet

    Thanks! Just used a very fine paint brush(originally intended for nail art apparently) thanks! copied a tattoo I saw a picture of :D
  12. The Great Wave off Kanagawa

  13. The Great Wave off Kanagawa

    Thanks I have an etsy shop if you covet too much Thanks! Thank you!
  14. The Great Wave off Kanagawa