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  1. WTB Heritage Foot Press

    There's a guy over on Reddit that just put one up if you're still looking.
  2. I have a full set of Ron's Round Edge edgers that I bought last summer-- my wife and I recently had a baby and I've got to shuffle a few things around. Anyway, most of the sizes haven't been used and all are in new or like new condition. You can view them on Ron's site at I paid $665+shipping, asking $575 shipped. More information, etc. available upon request.
  3. Here's a rig that I made for my brother a while back. Full Rig for Uberti SAA Colt in .22 .22 caliber bullet loops proved to be incredibly impractical for this project both in terms of spacing and useability. I created a matching pouch that holds a full box of .22 shells, or two boxes of loose shells inside. EDIT: Sewing aside, everything that you see is done 100% by hand. Holster: Fits 4-3/4" 1873 SAA Colt/ Vaquero/ Clone 7/8oz HO body, 4/5oz HO lining, Burgundy HO latigo lace hammer loop, 277/207 bonded poly thread, Neatsfoot/ Tankote Pouch: 7/8oz HO body, 4/5oz HO gusset, nickel Sam Browne stud, 277/207 bonded poly thread, Neatsfoot/ Tankote Belt: 2-1/2" wide 7/8oz HO body, 4/5oz HO lining, 9/10oz HO chape/billet/keeper, nickel clipped corner buckle, 277/207 bonded poly thread, Neatsfoot/ Tankote
  4. Since my last post was so well received that I thought I would share this Sheridan-style rifle sling with you all. 9/10 Hermann Oak body, 3/4 suede lining, 1/4" neoprene padding, Uncle Mike's QD sling swivels, 277/207 bonded nylon thread, neatsfoot, Fiebing's oil dye, Bee-lac, Fiebing's paste antique, Tan Kote. Thanks for looking.
  5. I have a set of Bob Douglas domers but I guess I'm not good enough with them to get that "finished" look that you're talking about-- I find that they tend to do more damage than good, at least on something as thin as 9/10.
  6. It's a modification of Ghormleys pattern-- I took it and then reworked it a little bit to get it where I wanted it to be.
  7. Album link is at the top of the original post. Enjoy!
  8. Album Link This is a traditional Sheridan style saddle scabbard for a Marlin 1895 lever-action rifle. Overall size is 37"L x 7"W at the widest point. It features a dozen flowers, ten leaves, nearly a square foot of bar grounding, and a full quilted back panel. I have included a mostly complete set of photos documenting the build. To give you an idea of the process, I have about 5 hours in the artwork, 11 hours in the carving, two hours of hand-painting, and another 3 in the finish work, more or less. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have. Details: 9/10 Hermann Oak leather body and straps, solid copper rivets, 277/207 bonded nylon thread, neatsfoot oil, Fiebing's oil dye, Bee-lac, Fiebing's paste antique, Tan Kote.
  9. My father-in law wants a rifle sling with a similar look as in the picture. I'm not sure what this dye technique is even called. How is this effect achieved? I've tried a few things, but nothing seems to look quite like it. Thanks, Ben EDIT: I guess it's an airbrush. More tools to buy, looks like.
  10. Matching Set Of Drinking Horns

    Matching Set of Drinking Horns IMGUR Album Link I've spent the last few days making this matching set of drinking horns as a gift for my brother. As most folks aren't prepared for the kind of maintenance that real horns require and I was dissatisfied with the quality of horns available to me, so I used commercially available "Das Horns" as the base. Nothing would stop me from doing it over with real horn, other than making the pattern. But that said-- I DID NOT make the horns themselves, only the mounts. Leather is 5/6oz vegetable tanned for the base and the loops and 7/8oz vegetable tanned for the lanyard. The leather is cased, tooled, heavily treated with neatsfoot oil, and then finished with a top coat and burnished before being sewn with braided cord. The loop openings are asymmetrical with the smaller being used for the lanyard and the larger serving as a belt loop.