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  1. @Joon1911 @ComputerDoctor I appreciate you checking out the post, and very valid feedback.
  2. @YinTx the indentation isn’t tremendously deep. The lighting makes it look a little a further recessed than it is. Accidental discharge is something I’m fanatically paranoid about, and take great care to mold aroud the trigger guard. @JLSleather it does stick out a bit from the barrel length. To get the angle of reach to the handle that far back was kinda the challenge, and that was the trade off that was made. More trial and error needs to be done to get this right. I appreciate you folks checking it out.
  3. I wanted to create an atypical looking holster as far as pattern design that was inteded to be carried at the 4/5 o'clock position. I used 8oz Hermann-oak, and 1.2mm tiger thread for the stitching. The dye work was done with an air brush, and fiebiengs' mohogany & black. All comments, critiques and criticism welcome! Happy Leather-crafting!
  4. Skiving

    He does a rolled edge from the main body of the wallet that will cover the skiving and make uniform thickness throughout the piece.
  5. Knife sheath design

    Howdy there, Overall the shape of your sheath design is appealing. Goat skin isn't really famous for its stamping quality, and it looks like you used relatively thin leather, which obviously wont afford a deep impression. You mentioned that the stamping started crisp, but wound up being faint suggests that your leather was too wet when you started tooling. Your leather almost needs to appear dry, yet cool and only slightly damp to the the touch. I would suggest using a 6/7 oz vegtan cowhide for your next sheath, and see how that suits you. There are really useful threads here that will point you in the right direction for stamping and tooling. Leather work is all about experimentation, trial and error. Keep tinkering with different materials and techniques until you find what works best for you.
  6. Molds/Blue Guns For Sale

    All blue guns have been spoken for. Thanks!
  7. Molds/Blue Guns For Sale

    I have the following molds for sale. Please PM me for your interest; 1st come 1st serve. Only PayPal will be accepted, I will cover the shipping cost. Sig P227 Nitron: $40.00 Glock 19: $40.00 Glock 26: $40.00 Walther PPK/S: $40.00 -Mark
  8. Jo, thanks for he post! I'm in Athens, and would like to attend. When you have it scheduled please post what day it will be. Thanks!
  9. Holster Makers & Safety/Legal Disclaimers

    @CaptQuirk I agree, nothing goes out the door that doesn't meet muster for use for myself or my family, however; there are some dummies out there. I guess do you feel you need to make a statement that "if you're a dummy please educate yourself first before buying/using firearms, and particularly the accessories I make for firearms."? Fortunately, 99.9% of my customer interactions are great. Its that small percent that I look out for.
  10. For all of you who retail your holsters, do any of you have a Firearms Safety Compliance Statement? (Here is DeSantis' http://www.desantisholster.com/safety-compliance) Yes, I should (am) consulting legal counsel, and am not asking for legal advice on this board. I'm more curious as to why or why not you do/don't have one. I'm leary of making any sort of legal claims, but feel that it's a responsibility to promote firearm safety and responsible use of my products. Would love to hear some thoughts. Cheers!
  11. Natural Beeswax ... the last for this year

    @defrensdorff I'll hapilly take brick "D" or "C", just sent a DM. Thanks!
  12. Blue Antique

    Your guess is correct. Acrylics are water soluble. YouTube search "Don Gonzales Saddlery". He has great tips on using acrylic and antique
  13. Fresh Air mask in a well ventilated area when I'm sanding, same thing if i'm spraying resolene or dye.You can get a decent mask and replacement filters for a relative low price at the local hardware giant.
  14. Desk Valet/Catchall

    Here we have a sugar skull and rose desk caddy. I used a meadering boarder along with acryllic paint on the skull and roses, with medium brown antique finish nothing special about the construction. I used 6oz vegtan leather for this project. enjoy!
  15. Valet Tray Prototype

    Great work very beautiful! You'll get great response out of these