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    The clicker die is like a cookie cutter. The steel rulers I have are cork backed, which is nice, 'cause they don't slip, but the steel edge is just far enough above the thinner leather that it can move and stretch. The acrylic patterns are excellent. They're right on the leather. But you have to hold them firmly AT THE CUT! Also, BOTH of my Olfa rotary cutters can be changed to the other "handed-ness". Also, also...What Bikermutt said is true, for some reason the leather loves to moves just a smidgen at the end of the cut. Leather can be evil, sometimes.
  2. Synthetic Leather right around the corner!

    Yeah, but what does it smell like? (I do like the no waste aspect, though, THAT would be nice!)
  3. 12 Ga Shell Holder

    I didn't think of that!
  4. New Cowboy 4500 - Need some help.

    The best pic I've found on threading this machine, is from the Juki 441 manual. It shows it this way, so as the 4500 is a 441 clone, I figured this is the way to do it. I can't tell the difference in this way or the other way. The other "manual" pics are pretty indistinct. This way will slightly increase the thread tension, so you might want to back off a half turn on the adjustment.
  5. New Cowboy 4500 - Need some help.

    Thanks, Bob! Done! Oh, and's Sunday! Take a day off, already!
  6. New Cowboy 4500 - Need some help.

    Gotta love pictures! Glad we could help. Jeff
  7. 12 Ga Shell Holder

    Appreciate the offer, but I've got a few thousand boxes here to measure and make a template! Unfortunately, most of the boxes are empty. I'm working on a holster for a G19 right now, I'll get started on the shell holder while the glue is drying. Or dye is drying. Or finish is drying. Seems like I spend most of my time waiting for stuff to dry!
  8. New Cowboy 4500 - Need some help.

    The first two pics are the foot pedal mechanism at rest, and fully deployed. How does it match your?
  9. New Cowboy 4500 - Need some help.

    That's not right, but it just occurred to me that when I was reading the manual for mine, it mentioned that the lever, and the foot pedal don't raise the feet the same distance. I don't recall which raises it higher, but I think it was the foot pedal. It hasn't up for me yet, so I don't remember!
  10. New Cowboy 4500 - Need some help.

    The 4500 will do up to 7/8", is your project below that?
  11. 12 Ga Shell Holder

    It took me a second to figure that one out! Now I want one too! I might have to copy that design for the shell holder. I'd put it off because I didn't want to deal with the corners. Problem solved!
  12. If it ain't brogue, fix it til it is!

    Say what you will. You don't have Dee rings. We don't have islands. You win. Tell you what, I've got a bunch of Dee rings. I'll trade you for some island. And, we've got two pairs of neighbors, both recently returned from trips. Next door, and across the street. Off to New Orleans and Florida. They are all horribly sick. Airline travel these days will cause you distress! Jeff
  13. 2kg of scrap

    I started out just like you, cheap stuff to practice, see if it was a "thing" for me. Then more practice, because I didn't want to spend serious money on crap work. Now, I've arrived a place where I want the additional quality that good leather provides. I've also replaced a lot of tools with better stuff. It makes a differences, but you really need to practice the basics with what you can afford. Oh, and what Fredk just said. Tandy has some seriously nasty, overpriced "stuff". Search on this forum for leather sellers, you'll be amazed at the quality you can get for a better price than brand T.
  14. Is my watch strap supposed to look this worn?

    When all is said and done, it's on the buckle side. Not the watch side. But, I understand your concern. Jeff
  15. Braided dog leashes

    Have you considered this? It might not be what you're looking for. I think you are doing short slits, not the long ones this probably does. I've never used one, so not sure. Jeff