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  1. Starting a new stitch line

    Nice tip, Wiz! Thanks. Jeff
  2. That is excellent in every way! Jeff
  3. Shrimp 'n' stuff

    Ah, I see. I get the bit about the dawgs, my coonhound mix is a rescue out of New Mexico, so in desperation, I've started telling her, "eso no es tuyo"...seems to work, we'll see.
  4. Shrimp 'n' stuff

    is there supposed to be something after that dot between chopped jalepeno and cumin? Plan on making this soon.
  5. Hand Stitching a Belt

    One more thing about longer thread lengths, something that drives me nuts, is the long loops of thread hanging up on shoes, knees, chair casters, the dog, etc. And pulling every stitch all the way out to a 6' spread of your arms can cause some serious pain in my shoulders and back. That's just me, though, others are younger with less miles! Jeff
  6. Show your Shop

    Well, it was a great picture, so you nailed it! Thanks!
  7. Show your Shop

    I'm guessing the shop is a bit brighter in real life! My shop assistant has that same Kong toy, I put a Milk-bone in it, keeps her busy for a while.
  8. I've got three LCP's, and that is a dead ringer for them. How many buckles and what price? It looks a little different than their current offering, better actually, but their listing says "stainless tongue", don't know if that means the rest of the buckle is something else. Can you tell on yours? Jeff
  9. There is a fairly long history to Western holsters. The rigs changed over time, and also depending on the regional influences, the holsters/rigs could look decidedly different. Also, a lot of the rigs made today are for Single Action Shooting competitions. Whereas holsters I make, are for daily carry either inside or outside waistband, hanging on a daily worn belt. A complete belt/holster rig wouldn't be practical for me, as they tend to ride much lower than a standard belt holster. Also, different guns would require a different complete rig for everything you might carry. One more we are likely to carry numerous guns for different occasions, while in the 'ol days, they likely had one rig for their one, (or two) guns. Jeff
  10. That is an LCP. Pic of buckles and keepers? Jeff
  11. Holster Patterns

    Excellent suggestion. I've been using the card stock for templates for some time now, works great! Jeff
  12. Belt I just Finished

    I also, love my anti-arthritis machine. Jeff
  13. Sheath knife

    Wet-mold? That's a tough one. I've not done one like that yet. I imagine someone on here has, though. Jeff
  14. When you amaze yourself

    Well, great. Now I have to make ANOTHER shell case. At least I have something spectacular to aim for! And, those are some hi-velocity shells you have there! Jeff
  15. Knife Sheaths

    Offhand, I'd say you've got a good part of this figured out! I've done some nice sheaths, but I've not delved into the inlaid yet! Jeff