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  1. Keychain

    Hey, I started on a keychain, keep practicing, and checking into this forum, and watch as many videos as you can fine on this forum! Jeff
  2. How did you get into leather work?

    Glad to see you're back at it, Redcrane! Where is that MLB breaching the surf? Jeff
  3. Hello from Belgrade

    thanks for the pictures of the straps. It looks like a type of bleed knot, I've only done them with slots, not round holes, but I'll have to try that. Jeff
  4. Graduation Present

    Ya done good!
  5. Hand made first time crafter.

    Just so you know...yours is the typical first project. You just finished, and already know what you'd do different next time! Be aware, that never stops. I've done a dozen holsters, and more belts than that, and knife sheaths, and collars, and wallets, etc. etc. etc. and I know what I'd do different next time! I guess what I'm saying, is that the perfect project is a moving target. It's the hunt that makes it all worthwhile. Nice first effort, though, shows that you gave it a lot of thought beforehand. (Always a good idea.) Welcome to the adventure! Jeff
  6. Operating height for cylinder bed machines

    Sheilajeanne, I've seen pics of your place. Your problem isn't not enough room...just sayin'. MAYBE too much stuff...Nah!!!
  7. Operating height for cylinder bed machines

    No help here...I stand for two reasons. I was afraid to lower the table without some help holding the whole thing up while I loosened the bolts on the stand, and then, I don't have enough room to put a chair between the CowBoy and my bench. Barely enough room to stand. If anyone want's to donate a few extra square feet of shop space, put it in a box and send it in! Jeff
  8. Nice work! I'm loving that border. I've not yet done a border on both sides of a folded holster. I'll have to give it a go. Can't wait to see it finished. Jeff
  9. Custom belt and long wallet

    Nice! What color thread is that? And, I assume a backgrounder stamp on the belt too? Jeff
  10. Another lesson learned the hard way

    That's on the back side of the watch while wearing...enjoy your amazing watch band! We've all done something similar. I just did it on my most recent holster. Come to think of it, I have a holster that almost matches your watch band! (Not the one with the thread issue, though.)
  11. I just had a request for a pink dog collar. I couldn't find any pink, except for a "dark pink" paint. I found on this forum that oxblood will do pink. So, I picked some up while in Arizona last week. Today, I tried some out, 50/50 and 2 to 1. It was pink, but actually the 2 to 1 was exactly like the Eco Flex Waterstain in fuscia! Go figure. Jeff
  12. Book Trunk

    Wow. That's amazing! Thanks for sharing.
  13. Another 1911 rig

    Great job on that rig.
  14. Snap-N-Slide OWB Holster CZ RAMI

    Nice rig. Is that Russet dye? I've just tried Russet and even with 50/50 alc. it came out darker than I'd planned. Jeff
  15. Hi, Bob!

    The 4500 I recently purchased came with the blanket set, but it didn't include the serrated feed dog. Is this needed to sew poly webbing? Also, I assume the standard needle plate that came with the kit is the one referred to as the item "D, Blanket" on the parts page included with the machine. Next the "item E, feed dog".

    Also, what thread and needle size would be used for poly webbing for dog leashes and collars? I know it's a 7x3, but not sure of the size.



    1. CowboyBob


      Hello Jeff,

       No,since it has the walking foot & needle feed you don't need that feed dog.You probably could use #  138 & a #23 or 24 needle,what's nice about webbing  most people use a size or 2 larger than what you'd use for leather because the hole closes up & you'll break less needles that way.

    2. alpha2


      Thanks, Bob.

      I'm leaving town Friday for a week, I'll get an order in to you when I return.


    3. CowboyBob


      Ok,LMK when you get back