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  1. Good work! LOVE the colors. Smith BG380? Or, what they're calling the M&P380 now? REAL close to the same size and shape as the LCP. In fact, the Hunter pocket holsters are almost interchangeable. My trophy wife uses a Hunter for the BG380 as her purse holster for her LCP. Jeff
  2. Tandy Leather Craftool Pro Stamp D2176

    Found these pics on a French site, "out of stock".
  3. Rattlesnake trio

    Trilogy of Terror! Nice! Jeff
  4. Prices too high?

    Hey, complimentary delivery by Xmas! You just can't please some people! It's all about the "value-added". (Not to be confused with VAT, which only adds taxes, not value). Jeff
  5. Help!

    I found that, given enough time for drying and such, if you work in some neatsfoot oil it will even out the shading, but not applicable to everything. NFO has other effects, too, though, not always desirable. Always though, going darker second coat has saved the day more than once. Jeff
  6. Lucky boy! I didn't realize you could still buy cap guns. How'd they let that slip through? I fondly remember my Fanner 50's. Now, there was some firepower! Jeff
  7. Santa Belt

    I saw that too! You beat me to the obvious post. How's those resolutions going, Santa? Jeff
  8. Hatband sizing?

    I see what you're saying now.
  9. Hatband sizing?

    Wait, Fredk, do you mean 4 mm to go through the buckle? 4 cm seems like a lot.
  10. Hatband sizing?

    Thanks, that's just what I needed! Jeff
  11. Hatband sizing?

    I need to know approximately the circumference of an average ladies western hat, for some hatbands. My client doesn't have the hat, as it's for her daughter in another state. I could take an average size and add a couple of extra holes, but don't know what size an average ladies western hat would be. Anyone? Jeff
  12. Cowboy holster

    Very well done. Can't wait to see the belt, get on it! Jeff
  13. Tandy's New Clicker Press

    The belt strap cutter one is fine, but if that's all it does it's very limiting. The clicker, if there was an opening in one side or the other, just enough to slip a strap through, it could function as a belt strap cutter too! That should leave plenty of steel to take the 4 tons of force. Jeff
  14. Is this a scam?

    Well, there you go, it's a scam, by scammers. Don't encourage them.
  15. Caster wheels for machines

    My CowBoy 4500 has locking wheels, and I can't imagine not having that feature. Also, the machine and stand is really heavy, and a good quality wheel is essential. This is not a place to scrimp. Jeff