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  1. Making a Leather paste/antique finish

    Wow. Is this forum cool, or what!?
  2. Fonts

    Wow, that's a lot of fonts. I downloaded quite a I have to find a use for them!
  3. Good idea! And, the speed is probably right where you want it.
  4. Stamp Press

    I just tried that, and couldn't figure out where it all went! You have to go to the home page, or it just searches the present thread...I forgot that. So, on the upper left of the screen, just below "forums", click on home, and search arbor press, or stamp press, you'll get all the threads. Jeff
  5. Stamp Press

    There is a lot if info on this subject on the forum, use the search function and it'll take you to the threads.
  6. Biker Hairglove upgrade

    A little addition to a Hairglove, an accessory to keep the ladies braid under control while cruising the highways and byways on the Harley...or whatever. After all the knife sheaths for the this request from a GIB. (Girl-in-back, carryover from my years driving a tandem seat airplane).
  7. Cow Skull Drink rest

    Thanks! But yours doesn't have a smooth round area, so you're good to go. It may have helped if mine was a little thicker, too, for more weight, but the "suction" area around the makers stamp is the problem area. Physics, darn it!
  8. Too shiny/glossy finish...

    Whatever you decide on, I'd certainly try it on an inconspicuous part of the sofa first! And, have plenty of ventilation if you use deglazer or acetone. Ya gotta love spell-check, the suggestion for replacement of deglazer was "gladder".
  9. Cow Skull Drink rest

    Wasn't exactly sure what that subject line was going to lead me to...looks good! I think the antiquing looks great. Coasters can be a learning experience. I made this one as a kind of "calling card", then discovered that when the bottom of the glass gets causes the coaster to get picked up with the coaster! So every other one I've made had some texture on the whole surface. Gotta love unexpected results!
  10. Beautiful! And I'm right there with you on the saddle tan. My go-to color lately.
  11. New Member wishing Well Greetings to all

    Tags are words that can bring people to your post, say you were asking about a holster, carved leather and would use the tags "holster" "carved" and "airbrushed". Welcome to the forum! There's an unbelievable amount of info here, and people glad to share. I spent almost 20 years in Michigan (Lansing), it's all yours!
  12. Dopp Kit

    Nice clean interior. Thanks!
  13. Dopp Kit

    Nice outside! Inside shots?
  14. Steaths

    Those are great!
  15. Oak Leaf Pattern

    Think about all the inside-the-waistband holsters you see on here with fancy tooling, etc....don't worry about what will or will not be seen in use. It's all about what is seen between uses!