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  1. Hey, we're all just passing through, right? Congratulations on your new passion. There a LOT of machine gurus on the forum.
  2. So, how did this work out? Enquiring minds want to know!
  3. I just received my second order from John at Egyptian Leather. Fast service, 'cause he upgraded the shipping! I had to build a "thread board" today because my collection of sizes/colors is increasing. It's not like me to be this organized...ask the trophy wife. But, I figured with all the colors, and sizes, I'd better stay ahead of the airplane on this one. I've found that I need more than one SHARP awl at a time. I know, I know, but again, that's just not me. So during down time...aka drying time...I sharpened some more awl sizes. I HATE having to enlarge stitching holes from their original sizes to accommodate the needle/thread sizes. APPARENTLY there's a correlation between awl size and thread/needle size. Go figure. Hey, read my profile..."newbie mistakes". It's what I do. Oh, and get this...the scoundrel...John included a sample of "Egyptian Blue" tiger thread, AND a coupon for 5% off on my next order of 5 bucks or more. Sly devil. I'm wantin' me some Egyptian Blue! Said trophy wife wants to know, "what are you going to use THAT thread color with?" Like that entered into the equation! I WANT it, I NEED it, I'll find a use for it!
  4. Just received the BK mallet. IT'S HUGE! Now it'll take me one whack instead of 20 for the rougher stuff! My wife is convinced it's actually a bedside self defense device. Thanks!
  5. Needs hot sauce. It'll be fine.
  6. You are so lucky to have a spouse that truly cares about you, and won't let you mess up a piece of leather! We should all be so lucky. THAT is true love right there in that picture! I just didn't think it would look like that.
  7. Actually, you guys are right, I already have a compressor. I see an airbrush in my future! Wow, it took me almost NO time at all for me to talk myself into this.
  8. I can hear it now, "why do you need an airbrush?" "cause immiketoo said I did". "oh, okay, then!"
  9. I'm trying really hard to convince myself...and "she who must be obeyed"...that I don't need an airbrush setup. You ARE NOT helping! Nice sheath!
  10. I don't know where else to make people aware of this, but there is a "new member" that has started a thread with bogus links, and  smells a lot like a phishing attack. I've reported the post. It includes an obvious link to what is supposed to be YouTube, but it's mis-spelled and there is a link to an image, which is also suspect. 

    Is there somewhere  I can alert others to this type of bogus stuff?




    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Johanna


      It was posted in the Marketplace, which is the correct place for it. It's not gone, just hidden. I thought it was legit, just a bad link. Mike, give me the link you want and I'll fix it. ~J

    3. alpha2


      Sorry for the misunderstanding. It looked bogus. I'm sorry.

    4. TailGator


      Thank You, Apology accepted. Johanna here's the link you requested of me The link for the video remains the same. I appreciate the help.

      Thank You

      Mike R.

  11. That's interesting. It has grooves that set the stitch line. I'll have to make something like that. Never seen one for sale. Thanks for the video.
  12. Okay, I see what happened. I thought Rickdroid's answer was the OP's answer. Actually, mine said I'd take the BK mallet. I'll PM the OP with my answer. Sorry. PM sent. I understand there is a time zone delay! Talk to you tomorrow, my time. Jeff
  13. I don't know if there's a delay with PM's, but haven't received any PM yet.
  14. I'll take the BK mallet. My eemail is alpha2fi_at_comcast_dot_net. Let me know how you want me to proceed. Thanks, Jeff
  15. You keep uppin' the bar, Sanch!