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  1. Advice.

    I've been a certified instructor in a number of things. I'm NOT an instructor in leatherwork. However, as in many other things, I can remember what I had trouble with, and what helped me. When I see someone having issues with something that I recently had trouble with, I can relate to them what I found that helped. That is the extent to what I will expound upon. It's like when people have said, "you don't have kids, what could you know?" Well, I remember when I was a kid, and that is far more important. I know what worked with me, and what didn't. I have learned more on this forum than the many videos linked to. Second, would be the video links. Wow, how did people do this without the internet? If a new member asks a question about something I struggled with, I don't hesitate to put my two cents worth on what worked for me. It may not work for them, but I feel they deserve an opinion from another newbie, that has found a way that worked, and may allow them to continue on their journey. I would NEVER offer advice on something that I don't yet have a clue about. I do, however, admit that others might not be that honest. It's like anything...ANYTHING on the internet...take it for what it is, and apply the smell test. Jeff Oh, and thank you all for all your advice on this forum! I couldn't have done it, whatever IT is, without you! I mean that.
  2. Kids Belt

    Nailed the "badass", for sure!
  3. Spots in leather after dye

    Also, note how when items are cut to exact final size before dyeing, they aren't so much after dyeing! Cut a bit oversize, dye and dry, then cut to final size. Hope this helps. Jeff
  4. Various Leather stuff FS

    Menage a tro....what?
  5. Various Leather stuff FS

    Now that I know where you live! Utilatu00 is located, if some unfortunate accident should befall him, I'm next in line. Just sayin'
  6. Various Leather stuff FS

    Nice score, Utilatu00!
  7. New Prototype Belt Key Holder

    If that's going on a duty belt, they tend to be fairly thick, so take that into consideration. Fitting that one to the belt should tell you where to go size wise on the slots. Nice work, though!
  8. Cutting table features

    I did that thing with the long ruler on the front of the table. Eventually had to put some "stop" bits off the ends of the ruler. As I worked, apparently I slid along the front edge of the table and moved the ruler out of the clips. Metal ruler, lot of noise, scared the heck out of the dog. Okay, it startled me a bit too. Jeff
  9. Skinning Knife Sheath

    A welt can help keep the blade off the stitching.
  10. It's the flashlights fault!

    Project language...I'm using that from now on. No more cussing for me!
  11. Backgammon board

    I'm sure you couldn't fine one locally, like THAT! Excellent job.
  12. A Bison & Basketweave Tote

    I like it!
  13. Bifold w/ coin pouch - Italian Camo & Buttero

    Well, that's just spectacular! Love the seaweed edges, didn't know that was a thing. Jeff
  14. It's the flashlights fault!

    Nice first project! I also had a flashlight sheath where the velcro wore out almost immediately. Only time I've seen that. And I've seen a LOT of velcro! And, cussing at the leather is an ancient and proven method. Jeff
  15. cb4500 stitch issue with webbing

    the machine is a Cowboy, the accessory parts are unknown to me. Maybe Cowboy, maybe not. I imagine there are many companies cranking out parts for Juki clones.