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  1. New friends, big world!

    It occurs to me, that I have, due to this forum, a lot of friends in the world, that I've never met! Life is good.
  2. So far...age and decrepancy is looming.
  3. Let me pass on an unintended consequence... If you don't ALWAYS carry in the will put it in your pocket when you have the sheath on...and when you next go to your sheath, freak out when your favorite knife isn't there! Ask me how I know. I've done it often enough now that I only gasp for a second, before realizing I put it in my pocket, again.
  4. First leash

    It's all the rage, now everyone will be doing one!
  5. Great job, looks like some serious retention, too!
  6. First leash

    Thought I'd try the dog lead from UKSADDLERY. Interesting, I had fun doing it.
  7. Some new holsters

    Top notch work, as per usual! Nice colors, too. JLS instructions have really made it easy for me. I just need instructions now for 80/20 dimensions.
  8. Motorcycle tooling pattern(s)

    I don't have exactly what you are looking for, but you can trace any motorcycle scene from a picture that will fit the cover and use that. Keep the trace simple, you don't have to include all the fine detail of the pic, better to keep it simple for the leather image. This way you aren't searching endlessly for an actual leather trace. I just googled "motorcycle line art" and found a wealth of images.
  9. leather bracelet

    I just watched that video last weekend! Nicely done.
  10. I was kinda lost, until the last picture! I get it now!
  11. Now, see what you've done, Dwight!?
  12. How do I use a pattern?

    If it's a tooling pattern, yes you would transfer it to the plastic tracing paper, then onto the leather with a small scriber. A pencil would work if it was sufficiently dull. If it's for cutting layout, I like the overstitch wheel. If you use a wide spaced wheel, it will mark the leather, but save the pattern.
  13. I always assumed that everyone that did the decorative stitching used a machine, now that I know your method, I think I'll try one. I handstitch only, so haven't taken the plunge. The edge stitching has always been more than enough for me! Thanks for the tip.
  14. The checkbook covers I've done so far, I've used the very thin pigskin, like in the above photo. The wallets I've left unlined. To get the thinnest wallet linings, I'd use fabric, but haven't needed one that thin yet!
  15. It's a T-bar. I'm sure of it.