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  1. LMAO - Couldn't Resist!

    Now that's funny. Thanks for the laugh! Jeff
  2. tubular rivet cap?

    So, two stone!
  3. Semper Fi My Marine

    Congratulations!!!!!!! My mother was a "boot pusher" in the Women Marines in WWII, at Camp Lejune. She had two birthdays for all of my life, hers, and the Marines. My younger brother pushed boots from Paris Island. So did his wife. Again, two birthdays. Whatever else happens in your life, they can't take that away from you. Semper Fi! Jeff (Coast Guard...go figure!)
  4. tubular rivet cap?

    Big Sioux for the win! Jeff
  5. Show your Shop

    You crank out that great work from that little corner? I don't believe it! Get an LED light bar from Lowes or Home Depot. I have one over my large table and another over my desk area, best lighting ever. They're long enough that they aren't directional. Jeff
  6. It sounds like all of your suspicions are spot on about him. Red flags, especially at this point in your relationship. Jeff
  7. Passport Cover / Field Notes

    Looking at that, I can see where my idea of the pen in the fold wouldn't work so well for a notes thing. Good to know! Jeff
  8. Passport Cover / Field Notes

    An even simpler pen "holder" can be achieved like this... I know this isn't a passport wallet or field notes book, but it's the same idea. Just make sure to allow for the additional width of the back piece to allow for the pen in the middle. Jeff
  9. tri-weave padded rifle sling

    Looking good! There's a video on the net about how to line up the tri-weave, I tried it and it's stupid simple and it works!
  10. Local girl done good! Congrats to Caitlin! Jeff
  11. Working Chaps (Bison)

    Outstanding as always! I had to go back and find those initials that Double Daddy mentioned. Nice job. Jeff
  12. Bobbin holder case

    I was excited about the magnetic strip idea until I also realized that all of my bobbins are aluminum! Why hasn't someone invented an aluminum magnet yet? Jeff
  13. Canadian with Big Dreams

    Welcome! Lots of information and help here on the forum. Starting out with ANY kind of sewing experience puts you ahead of many here! Jeff
  14. New Toys just came in

    Ooooh! New toys! I see some stitching in your near future! We'll need a follow up report... Jeff
  15. Cowboy cb3200 or cb4500?

    Yes, with the bigger one, you can always sew smaller items, but with the small one, you can't sew larger stuff. For the difference in price, I went with the one I'll never have to upgrade. Buy once, cry once! Jeff