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  1. Good info, thanks Matt!
  2. You nailed the lacing. The first lacing I tried, I thought it would never end. Learned a lot on that one, though. The rest of it is great too! Watch some videos on "decorative cuts" on YouTube. They really make the flowers come to life.
  3. I see where I originally said the thread doesn't twist...well, it does, but only after 3/4 or more of the belt. No biggie. My fault I had about one third too much thread. Carry over from THICK holsters, when I didn't have enough thread. Apparently, thin stuff doesn't need near as much thread. Go figure. Live and learn.
  4. Oh, and the tip about the smaller than 500m rolls twisting, I can verify that. I had to stop every and then and strip it off between my fingers and unwind the thread. Not a big deal, but noticeable. All in all, with the belt I just finished, and the checkbook cover that I had to finish for my trophy wife, (was SUPPOSED to be mine), the stitching went very well. Now I have a hand-me-down first attempt checkbook cover for myself, and the aforementioned trophy has the new, improved one. Took her about two seconds to claim the new one. (Happy wife, happy life, though, right?)
  5. Well, I've finished a checkbook cover with 1.0, and started a belt with 1.0, and keeper with .08mm. I really like the thread. It is "well behaved" for want of a better description. The length of the thread for the belt is quite long, and the thread doesn't twist or tangle, and glides through the leather nicely. I'm still experimenting with stitches per inch and awl sizes for the various thread sizes.
  6. I use painters tape or shipping tape. Lately, I've been punching holes after everything else, then using a Q-tip to apply stain in the holes, followed by a good burnish.
  7. I did NOT know that bikers needed this. Nice job, though!
  8. That does it, thanks!
  9. "The collar with the truck makes me wish I had a dog." That's hilarious! And true!
  10. "so any form of handheld magnifier is automatically out of the question"...oh yeah! Ya got that right!
  11. I can't imagine hand-stitching without a pony. So what size, in mm, is Serafil size 15. I always try to imagine how my thread will look on a given project, but everyone has different ways of referring to their thread. Is there a master conversion chart from your sizing, mm, etc?
  12. When carving leather, lighting from more than one direction is good, other than that, I need some magnification for stitching also, but just went to the eye doctor today, and am considering glasses just for leatherwork.
  13. That is an Okay starter kit. You will use some of those a LOT more than others. The edge beveller, for instance, will be replaced soon, and you will wonder why you ever used the basic one. The French skiver needs to be SHARP, or you won't use it again. When it's sharp enough, put another half hour into sharpening it. Guess how I know! The stitching irons. Yep, sharpen them too. They seem sharp from the factory, but that isn't sharp. Do you see a sharpening pattern developing here? Good. A sharp bad tool is infinitely better than a dull high priced tool. Next, read all you can on this forum. Then read it again. File it, write it down, memorize it. We have all made all the mistakes you can imagine, and a LOT that you can't imagine yet. Most of all...don't be dismayed by all this advice. It's all worth it in the end. We have ALL started where you are. Heck, I'm still where you are. I'm still replacing my "trainer" tools, but I learned a LOT with them. Wait until you get into "edge finishing", or even "finishing" in general. Oh, yeah, we'll be hearing from you! That's where the fun begins! Unless you count stitching... There I go again!!! It's worth it, trust me!
  14. Thanks! There's enough these days I don't have a clue about. I didn't need one more! Sometimes I think I'm one "auto-correct" away from a felony conviction.
  15. I know that with Tandy snaps and Tandy sets, I have to open up the female side of the snap with a drift pin to get them to work. I'd probably pony up for the good tools. I have three Tandy stores nearby, so it's convenient for me, but I'm starting to think about ordering stuff online. I hate ordering online.