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  1. Never used Tandy cova paint. I used Fiebings when I started. I have since switched to Angelus. I can order from them direct. Paint varies in how much they will cover in one coat. More times than not I will have to apply a second or third coat to get coverage. Sometimes it helps to paint white first as a base for some colors on raw leather.
  2. Hoping you got the pattern right to fit the head is the toughest part. Thank you Thank you. The braiding for the hat band was a first go also.LOL
  3. Thank you.
  4. Thank you sir. That one you did has some style. Because of the way I made the seam on the inside, I thought it would be uncomfortable without a band. It was tougher because I had to hand punch all the holes in the suede as I went along with the stitching , but it was worth the time.
  5. I don't think there is any danger of that at the moment, but a machine sure would speed things up. It is a workout on the hand stitching though. LOL Besides i would have to figure out how to get head measurements to make a buyer one. Thank you very much.
  6. Especially for hand sewing. I need a machine, lol
  7. Aren't you in SC? I would like to visit some day.
  8. Thank you. I used 3-4 ounce veg tan. I put a suede band on the inside Thank you. It is 2 piece. I was going for a Aussie bush style. The next will probably be one piece if I can get my pattern drawn right, LOL
  9. Tougher than I thought, as I had to make my own patterns. I did learn a bit, and will try again. This one will be mine.
  10. IMO very nice article.
  11. Awesome
  12. Cool mods. I got to get off my keister and build me one.
  13. Wow, I quit.
  14. Very Nice