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  1. Championship Belts

    Very nice. I love interesting stuff like this. Who does the metal work?
  2. Acoustic Guitar Jackets

    Well that is AWESOME!
  3. Highlights from the Last 4 Years

    That is an awesome display of craftsmanship.
  4. New Boots

  5. Leatherfreak

    Welcome from SC.
  6. Name that tool

    I figured it had to be the one on Anderson when you referred to it as the Jockey Lot. That place has been there a looooong time. I have been there a thousand times I bet over the years. Used to be referred to as the South's largest flea market.
  7. Name that tool

    It's been a while now since I have worked in one, but it seems like I used to see some workers carrying similar in the cotton mills. Maybe it was in the weave room. The south used to have tons of textile plants. Often referred to as cotton mills, amongst other names. It was funny to hear the jockey lot reference. Which one did you go to?
  8. Righty Buscadero

    Thanks for your insight. I will have to give the antique black another shot doing what you suggest. I was using it straight on. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.
  9. Righty Buscadero

    Hey Josh. Did you use anything other that than antique black? Was it the paste? last time i used the black it came out more greenish hue, but I used the gel. Dang that rig is nice. I just had to say it again.
  10. Righty Buscadero

    That is so frickin' awesome. I want to make one of those so bad. It would also mean I would need to get a six shooter.
  11. Concho screw question

    Thanks for your response @fredk
  12. Hello from Georgia - Introduction

    Nice work. welcome to the forum.
  13. Concho screw question

    When one puts conchos on a belt or strap, what is the proper way to address the screw head on the back before lining? Is it worried about? is there a method to make it less noticeable through the lining? Just like to know what you fine folks do. Thanks, Bodean