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  1. Cool stuff on Makesupply, found another interesting project idea while I was there. Thanks
  2. Cool, thanks.
  3. That's really nice. I want to try my hand at making myself one. Is there a certain pattern you used.or is it your own?
  4. Those are freakin' sweet. Nice job.
  5. I have both. The one in the second link works best for me.
  6. Very nice. I hope to have a setup like that one day.
  7. Yep, I have to keep my nails trimmed or I can accidentally make a mark sometimes in the leather while bracing my fingers while stamping.
  8. I'm with @bikermutt07. It sounds like something else is going on. I have worked in the construction field all my life. I am also cheap. I use a rubber mallet I bought at the dollar store with scrap leather glued on the ends and have no problem making impressions while tooling. 2 whacks at the most. Also are you using a good hard surface under your work? Such as a marble slab?
  9. Just the fangs or a whole set of teeth?
  10. Nice and clean. Good job.
  11. I would make sure, if you try it, you don't use the stain with poly added.
  12. Thanks LOL yeah, I found that out week one. Thanks
  13. Only thing i can think of is resolene or super sheene.
  14. Those are off the chain cool. Nice job.
  15. We need a like button.