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  1. Bar Fight vs. Sheridan

    Nicely done, I like the composition of it. That buckle is a great piece.
  2. Cow Skull Drink rest

    Cool, nice work.
  3. Finisher on top of Angelus paint?

    I use Angelus paints. I haven't used their finishes. I have put resolene over mine lots of times. I guess it depends on if you want it glossy or satin. As good as their paints are I would definitely use their finishes though.
  4. Ostrich leg Ruger holster

    Nicely done.
  5. Rest In Peace Dear Friend- RaySouth

    RIP, and my sincere condolences to the friends and family.
  6. Rock and Roll Guitar Strap

    Nice work as always Gray.
  7. Paint and dye mixed

    For maximum adhesion I would paint first, then resolene.
  8. 'painting' with dye

    What kind of leather paint are you using that cracked? I use it all the time and never had any problems with such.
  9. Skull solo seat

    Very nice
  10. I feel the same way as you do with playing guitar. It is hard for me to comprehend. But I could build a guitar from scratch. Some things in leather I am better at than others. I think we have to find our strengths and weaknesses, just like in anything else, and it takes time. Many of us will never be an Al Stohlman, but we can be ourselves. I want to try the figure carving when I have time, but other leather endeavors keep me busy at the moment.
  11. If that's your first attempt it's a good job. One thing about it nothing I ever did came out right the first time. Through experience and practice you will get better. Just don't get frustrated and give up. Live and learn and experiment, and practice.
  12. Love Holster Guitar Strap

    I love to see your work.Your style is so cool. I make guitar straps also, and i think our dream is to see one worn on stage by a prominent artist. Congratulations. Perhaps my dream will become true one day.
  13. Mixing paint to make gold

    You can order from Angelus direct. They have an option to pay a little more for rush processing. It's cheaper to order direct from them.