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  1. Made a Petal Lifter, Carved a Leaf!

    That is wonderful! Lots of neat details in the leaves
  2. Thank you! It does indeed!
  3. Thank you! I would hope so! Will be using a firmer leather for the next one though, this was dry milled (I think) and just a touch to soft.
  4. Thanks! Every single stitch was sewn by hand, and yes, it was a lengthy process..
  5. Hello folks! Just finished my first tote bag, a present for my sisters 25th birthday. The main body is made from vegetable tanned leather from Tärnsjö Garveri (one of the oldest tannerys in Sweden), the straps and interior pocket are made from Italian sourced vegetable tanned leather. Sewn with Ritza 25 Tiger Thread. There are a few details that I will change for the next bag, but as a proof of concept, it will do! Any thoughts and commets are most welcome! All the best
  6. Thank you! And may I compliment you on the hat you are wearing in your profile pic. Makes me want to get one..
  7. Wow! That contrast is fantastic, and the strap goes together with the watch very well! Super cool!
  8. Hello folks, I've managed to finish two more belts recently. The first is a brown 9oz belt for my girlfriend, made from italian vegetable tanned leather, sewn with linen thread and a solid brass buckle. Decided to try sewing the belt under the belt keep, as suggested, and it worked great! The second belt I made for myself, 13,5oz veg tanned leather, linen thread and a solid brass buckle. Making belts is fun! Have a wonderful weekend!
  9. Thanks! Wanted to keep it simple the first time around, might add some more pockets if I make another one. Thank you! Was planning on using it for both leather work and in the kitchen! Thank you for your kind words! The anticipated patina is what made me decide on natural colour, as I am not a huge fan of it as is. Not sure if it is dry milled, but the tannery describes the process as: "Upholstery leathers are then processed in a rotating mill by tumbling against each other in order to achieve the desired softness", (step 7/10). And this specific leather is indeed very soft.
  10. Hello! Been doing some work lately, and managed to finish this apron. It's made from 1,3mm vegetable tanned leather, stitched with linen thread and copper rivets. I'll be changing at least three thing on the next apron. Rather than having the top edge being a separate piece, I will simply roll it over and stitch it for a cleaner look. The rivet heads are uneven since I did them "by hand" with a hammer, I have since ordered a setting tool, which should make them more consistent. And my logo is not all that clear, going to order a arbor press to sort that out as well! In addition to a full-size apron I'm going to make a version that fits from the hip to the knees. I could stitch the straps instead of using rivets and make the neck strap adjustable with d-rings, a buckle or snap fastener. - Let me know what you think! Kind regards Max