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  1. Free is always good

    You guys can take a regular 4.5" angle grinder and beaten up the edges a little. I would go slow so you don't chip it and blow the dust away with a shop fan.
  2. They are the marine version out of round stock. Check with the rope and chain hardware.
  3. Check with your local hardware store. My local ace has them in stainless and brass.
  4. Someone else mentioned rubber bands and made me think, maybe you could rig up some rubber bands to assist mashing the pedal. May take some playing around to get it calibrated if you will. Or maybe you could have someone make the pedal longer and give you more leverage. Just a thought.
  5. Landis 5 in 1

    Thanks Tim
  6. Interesting!!!
  7. Veg tan recommendations? have a look here
  8. Landis 5 in 1

    Tim, do you have any contact info, I might like to give him a buzz?
  9. Veg tan recommendations?

    I second that. nstarleather sells quite a bit of stuff there and is a pleasure to deal with. I have bought some Essex (from horween) a couple times and it may fit the bill of your milled/tumbled. It has been nearly as flexible as the mill tanned chap leather that I have bought. I would send a pm, maybe there is some to be had I have also bought a bunch of stuff from a local boot, saddle and general leather work shop. I have bought scrap and several square feet off of a side. So that might be an option.
  10. photo HELP!!!!!

    Most times for me cropping out the extra from the photo around the edges is enough to bring down the file size
  11. Help needed with dying veg tan

    NorthStar had some grey hides, not vegtanned, but nice leather. May be worth a look. It was in the for sale - leather and lace section.
  12. Here is what I have been using. The ones on the right are cheep ones off amazon wich I have been very happy with and far better than the 4 that fit on one handle from Tandy. The one on the left is a more expensive one from goods Japan. I would not hesitate to buy those cheeper ones again.
  13. Harbor freight workbench or alternative

    Nope, I will stick to my rum and Coke.
  14. Harbor freight workbench or alternative

    I don't think I have ever seen the bottom of a bottle of wine so my supply of corks is not there, lol.
  15. Harbor freight workbench or alternative

    If you don't want the dog holes, a piece of dowel and some glue and the hole can go away