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  1. another set of stamps and tools

    I will take a few. I will send a pm well- it will not let me send you a pm. will take the flower, the serpentine border and the small veiner. Can you let me know how much shipping to 76655. Or you can send me a pm and I will give my email and you can invoice me. However you would like to handle it. Thanks, Brian
  2. Dremel rotary tool package with jewlers extention

    I want too but my wallet says NOOOOO! If I did not already have a Dremel tool, I would be all over this. that is a good price
  3. Leather Scrap/Remnant Chicago

    being in chiago, I wonder what kind of scraps and seconds might be laying around the Horween tannery...
  4. I have not tried it yet myself, but check out the Makers Leather Supply video on youtube about their edge paint. he talks about a lollypop edger that he got off of Etsy that may foot the bill for what you (op) are looking for.
  5. $31 bucks on Amazon. 4.5 stars, for what its worth.
  6. Books for sale - again

    That will work. I will pm address
  7. Books for sale - again

    I will take this one. do you take paypal?
  8. Ear ring parts

    I would have thought the other way around, but that is exactly why I asked.
  9. Ear ring parts

    It sure seems like a lot of them get sold on etsy she has kinda a short attention span, so I was thinking they could be mocked out pretty quick compared to most leather projects. I think it would do her good to get a couple quick completed projects under her belt. I also had some quick bracelets or something in mind.
  10. Ear ring parts

    So I have another question. Is there any kind of finish she should stay away from? My wife tried to make some last year and six months later they are discolored. She bought the cheep stuff from Hobby Lobby. I mean stearlung silver, stainless, plated brass. Or is it just the difference in cheep sterling silver vs better sterling silver? i just went and looked and the cheep stuff the wife bought only says nickel free.
  11. Checkered back

    Here is a photo. To give some scale, shown in the picture is a square of about 1.5” x 1.5”
  12. Checkered back

    Yes it is very small. I did not think it would show up in a picture but I will try tonight.
  13. Checkered back

    Hey guys, a couple years ago I bought a side of chrome tanned leather from Tandy. When I got it home I noticed kind of a checkering on the back. Every since I have wondered what it was and what caused it. I have since seen the same thing from others and still want to know what it is. I thought I would post here and maybe someone could enlighten me.
  14. Ear ring parts

    Thanks guys! I got some stuff to look at.
  15. Ear ring parts

    I have ordered a bunch of stuff from Ohio Travel Bag in my budding leatherworking hobby. I am glad you said something, I did not think of OTB for ear ring parts and I will keep y’all in mind. However this post was more about getting some insight on others experiences.