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  1. I personally think it would look better without the foliage around the skull, I think the skull would stand out better. 2 or 4 corners hard to say. Carving looks good though.
  2. Its not that, the thread I am talking about changes color pulling it through the holes
  3. I have been using natural antique paste from fiebings instead of the saddle soap on stuff that is non veg, at the advice of bikermutt07. I have had good results. Not quite as good as veg tann but better than what I was getting with saddle soap.
  4. Or something like this maybe
  5. I can't speak to the lasers but I do know that the lexan won't make a good stamp as it is to brittle and chips away in pretty short order.
  6. I have a question, if you rub that thread with a bunch of pressure does it lighten the color any? That is the major complaint of the little bit of cheap stuff I bought from China.
  7. When I first started, I bought a bunch of leather from a local saddle shop's scrap bin. Shoe/boot maker or upholstery shop may also work for some of the stuff one might make wallets out of. Also so as far as tools go the advice is vast. If you decide to stick with it, I would buy the best you feel like you can afford. The set pictured is a pretty good start. I would not go crazy in the Tandy store, quality and price is more times than not an issue. You may have better luck with getting advice by asking about a specific item or searching about a specific item. Welcome to the club Brian
  8. I am sure they will fit ok, I just have gotten some very low quality stuff off amazon in the past. As if I was shopping at harbor freight. I was just trying to buy quality the first time.
  9. Nobody?
  10. Yes, of coarse, sized to fit. And/or I misunderstood, I thought the item shown in the picture was about 5-6" wide maybe 8-10" long and about 5" tall. When I was referring to dr. Bag, most of the ones I have seen in the movies have a rigid opening. Looks like maybe the top is reinforced with wire to hold shape and the sides pretty stiff with the stuff on top a little more supple i went and grabbed a picture off the Internet that kinda looks like what I was thinking. I have not read the above mentioned books but I would think between there and the internet you should be able to find a pattern that you could modify for your needs.
  11. Something like an old timey doctors bag, like you see in the movies would be pretty cool.
  12. I have placed several orders from goods Japan and all have been between 2 and 3 weeks
  13. The wife wats me to make a watch band for her iwatch. Anyone bought any clips of pretty good quality. Only place I have found them are on amazon and it is kind of a coin toss as to what kind of quality it will be. Thought I would ask here first.
  14. Maybe a silly question, but could you not only buy the chisel type and just lightly hit it to mark holes then come back with awl? Then one tool would cover both options. I guess I have been lucky, I have both chisels sawia and craft sha from goods Japan and cheep ones from amazon and have yet to brake any of em.