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  1. Stitches in t-slots

    I have a set of the stitching irons. I use them like chisels in that, on thin stuff I punch them all the way through. They are very good quality. I also have a similar size saiwa brand I was trying something new. You get more angle on each stitch but the thread fills up the hole better on the Japanese ones so I am undecided on which ones I like better.
  2. Stitches in t-slots

    So I believe I savvy, but just to make sure I come up with this real quick only free hand so don’t critique to hard on the craftsmanship lol. First hole right next to the top of the t-slot and then a slightly larger stitch were the two pockets come together? I have played with patterns quite a bit. Everything I have tried so far has had a hole we’re the two come together which seems to spread the pockets out slightly or a very tiny sliver at the bottom of the t-slot and the top of the other pocket wich results in the two ripping from the hole to the edge when pulling the thread tight.
  3. Stitches in t-slots

    You might look up this guy on Instagram, coming from China may be better than from the states. He really makes some good quality stuff
  4. Stitches in t-slots

    Well that is good stuff, I guess what I really mean is prong right in between the t-slot and the pocket below it(which seems to want to spread the two apart slightly). Or the line were the two meet right between 2 prongs wich makes the bottom of the t-slot and the top of the pocket have a very small distance between the hole and the edge (wich sometimes rips when pulling the thread tight)
  5. Stitches in t-slots

    I know how I have been doing it, but I would like to hear how you guys pick the number of stitches and the spacing when hand stitching a wallet with T-slots thanks, Brian
  6. Metal mold maker

    Cast or machined should both do the job reliablely for many years. If you had them machined your local machine shop or even a local fabricator should be able to make them from a drawing on a sheet of paper with dimensions. If you can’t seem to find one, I can put you in touch with one in central Texas that would be glad to help. He makes machine parts for me all the time and starts with nothing more than a sketch with dimensions. If if you want to have it cast, you could try some of the forums on the interwebs. The are several deticated to foundry work. There are a lot of guys out there with foundries in their back yard that do it for the fun of it more than anything else (and beer money). I have also seen a lot of knife makers on knife forums with foundries also. Something else that may help in your search, you could beef up your mold a little and have it made out of aluminum. Aluminum has a lot lower melting point and is easier to machine if you need to sand down to get the pits out or round over corners etc. hope that helps, Brian

    I would also be interested in wallet dies when either of you decide you are ready to sell.
  8. Pricking Chisel

    I use stitching chisels. I started off with Aisker (not sure if I spelled it right) I got off amazon. I have been pretty happy with them. They were $15-$20 a set. I now have since bought some craft-sha and siawa brands from GoodsJapan. They are nice, and quit a bit more (about $15 to $28 each). But I still use the first ones I got from Amazon. They are well worth what I spent on them.
  9. Quality question for punch tools

    And they have really cheep regular shipping.
  10. Pricking Chisel

    Are you talking about pricking irons or chisels that you drive all the way through your project?
  11. Sorry I did not see this till now, i used 6-7 oz on mine on both sides
  12. Scrap Leather

    I might be, sent a pm
  13. Shearling

    Is there anybody here that does not use all of their scrap and would like to get rid of some?
  14. I need some ideas for weekend projects

    Lol!!! Isn’t that the truth small, pretty simple knife sheath would be doable. Like biker said you can pre cut, etc, get some of it knocked out before they get there. You could do do something in the morning, let it dry and come back in the evening for the next step. Just a thought. It is a lot of fun getting your kids out to help or in your case grandkids
  15. Dye Reducer vs. Alcohol

    I think water based may be obvious, but any brands or types of dyes that alcohol does not work with?