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  1. Quality question for punch tools

    And they have really cheep regular shipping.
  2. Pricking Chisel

    Are you talking about pricking irons or chisels that you drive all the way through your project?
  3. Sorry I did not see this till now, i used 6-7 oz on mine on both sides
  4. Scrap Leather

    I might be, sent a pm
  5. Shearling

    Is there anybody here that does not use all of their scrap and would like to get rid of some?
  6. I need some ideas for weekend projects

    Lol!!! Isn’t that the truth small, pretty simple knife sheath would be doable. Like biker said you can pre cut, etc, get some of it knocked out before they get there. You could do do something in the morning, let it dry and come back in the evening for the next step. Just a thought. It is a lot of fun getting your kids out to help or in your case grandkids
  7. Dye Reducer vs. Alcohol

    I think water based may be obvious, but any brands or types of dyes that alcohol does not work with?
  8. SB Foot Dark Tan Casco Sides

    So it is killing me, what is SB?
  9. Improve image

    That is something to consider. If you don’t mind my asking where did you get those made. And how much does something like that cost?
  10. Making a few belts?

    Sounds to me like you already have the tool and supplies, that is the biggest part of this project. Most of the guys here will be glad to help with advice or answer questions you may have. This belt will be a little time consuming to get the layout right, but it would be pretty easy. A templet would help with the layout time. And if you do not feel comfortable with stitching then the stitches could be replaced with Chicago screws or rivets. But even the stitching is pretty simple. A little practice on scrap and you could be putting out fine belts in no time.
  11. A while back I made a kinda sample card of the dyes I have, i have thought about doing this same thing for different kind of leather and colors etc. my concern is oily leathers leaching colors and oils onto other pieces next to them. So I would love to hear yall’s ideas on how to.
  12. Black and Brown H.A.A.S. Calf

    Can’t wait to get mine in the mail. Like a kid waiting on Christmas...
  13. What is your suggestion?

    +1 for not using magnets. Just my $.02 I would stick it in your pocket just like it is and use it for a week before you do anything. I think it will work a lot better than you think just like it is.
  14. I did this one, but I just cased the leather and worked the leather with a spoon and folder around the wrapped multitool as the leather dried. I did go back about every 15 minutes or so and work with it a little till it dried. Cut the molded front to the final shap. Then glued it down to the back and trimmed the back to fit the front.
  15. I know a this is an old thread but I figured I would pass it on. There in a place in central Texas, Makers Leather Supply. They are putting out “Pattern Rubs” pretty reasonable. Most are production artwork, but for money of coarse they do custom ones. Here is their website but if you want one of these I would give them a call