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  1. Get creative, you can create a border with a pair of divider, modeling tool, butter knife might even turn out ok. Go slow, might take a couple passes. nice looking holster anyway.
  2. Yes, good stuff. Thanks guys
  3. Never would have thought polypropylene would work in a wood planer.
  4. They were not, I did not figure that would show up in the pic.
  5. No, the Japanese ones measure differently
  6. They are 1.5mm craft sha.
  7. You can get rubber stamps and ink pretty cheap from hobby lobby or the like. As far as color fastness all I could say is you would have to try it. I would tend to think that it would be pretty good and someone else doing it, unless they are local, is probably cost prohibitive. Adding shipping twice to the cost of customization would probably make it more than someone would want to spend.
  8. i started out a few months ago. I bought a few different sizes of thread, needles and such. At first only one set of stitching chisels. With that size the 1mm thread looked best. Everything I have done to this point has been with the 1mm thread. I think I have made some pretty decent to nice looking stuff. Well I am looking to try new stuff. I bought a couple smaller chisels, I had a few small spools of some smaller thread. So here is my question. You guys that pretty much make 1 off stuff, what thought process do you use when choosing a spi, thread size and distance away from the edge? the pic is of a piece of scrap chromexcel stitched with .6mm tiger thread and .8mm tiger thread.
  9. I have had pretty good luck with a local saddle shop in my area. If you can find one, stop by and ask if they will sell 3 or 4 sq feet
  10. Thanks for the input everyone!!
  11. How about the plain ones, do not many people use those?
  12. So it just take a $30 min from OTB to make an account? Is there like a yearly min?
  13. Just lookd at SLC and they had something similar to what I was looking for but has a concho adapter, I will call them in the morning and see if I am just missing it, or maybe the have it and it is not listed or something.
  14. I for sure am not going to buy kits. I need to make a wallet and wanted to make a few more. Those pics are from another maker. The problem with brass I think would be not enough spring back to hold its shape. Can an someone tell me what the minimum is for Ohio travel bag? As far as the belt clip, that is what I figured. I am looking for the money clip version. Both clips. Springfield is the only one of those I haven't checked, well also Tandy. I had not intended on checking Tandy though.