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  1. Saddlemakers Seminar

    One week to go. Its going to be fun.
  2. The CSMA would like to invite everone to our 2013 winter seminar. Please view the attached file to see the full schedule. I hope to see you there.WinterSeminarBrochure13.pdf
  3. Hi everyone, The Colorado Saddlemakers Association will be having their annual fall seminar October 12-14th. Everyone is invited. You don't have to be a saddle maker or live in colorado. I am attaching the brochure for the seminar. Hope to see you there. FallSeminarBrochure2012.pdf
  4. Chestnut Bridle Belt Wanted

    I can make the belt for you. Email me at and we can work out the details. Shane
  5. Do you think the 4 inch needles might be for a singer 97-10? They are long. I will try to remember and get the numbers etc, off some of my 97-10 needles.
  6. Saddlemakers Seminar

    The CSMA will be holding their annual winter seminar. All are welcome. We invite all leather workers from any where in the world to come. Please look at the enclosed brochure to see what we are doing. WinterSeminarBrochure12.pdf
  7. Saddlemakers Seminar

    Hi all, Here is the brochure for our fall seminar. If you need a paper copy, please email me. FallSeminarBrochure2011.pdf
  8. The Colorado Saddlemakers association will be having their annual fall meeting in Salida Colorado, Oct 7,8, and 9. The CSMA is open to anyone, not just saddlemakers or citizens of Colorado. I am President and live in Utah. For more info go to . Good time, good food, good shopping, great education, all for a very reasonable cost. 3 days including many meals for just over 100 bucks. See you there.
  9. Western Bootmaker Needed

    Mark James Designs, I am a professional custom boot and saddlemaker. You can see some of my work at . I don't check this forum very often, so maybe you should contact me via PM. My contact info is on my website. Thanks Shane
  10. To all: The winter seminar line up is set. We have some great classes. Barry King is doing a Sheridan style tooling class and a Sheridan style antique class. Also Paul Zalesak is doing a swivel knife class. Bob Klenda and others are doing a class on covering saddle horns. We have many other classes. The meals are provided for three days and we get a great deal on lodging. Also there are vendor booths like Barry and Paul( leather wranglers) also Rons tools, the leather factory, and saddle trees from Quality mfg. Please call me 435-459-9617 or email if you need more info. Thanks Shane
  11. Paul, We are still having the Grand Junction seminar as well. I hope you can make it up to one of the seminars. Thank you for sponsering the tooling contest. And I love your knife I got in salida. I would like to see angle blades on your menu. Call me anytime Shane
  12. Swellforks vs. Wades

    I built alot of wades a few years ago. Now the only wade I have made was for a show. I have made around 20 swell forks in the past 2 years. I recently took an order for a freemont, which is the biggest and most extreme swell fork out there. Go figure. Shane
  13. To anyone interested: The Colorado saddlemakers association is planning a winter seminar in Moab, Utah. Jan 30,31, Feb 1, 2009. I am in charge of this particular seminar and it is still in the planning stages. If you are interested in coming you can contact me . I am interested in knowing what subjects people would like to learn about. We are also working on a "quick draw" carving contest as part of the seminar (details forthcoming). Please feel free to look on the CSMA website to see what we are all about. Thanks, Shane Deeter