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  1. When we sew leather to leather , if it isn't already tacked together with some barge glue then we have to put a piece of lining ( backing for embroidery) in-between the leather to keep it from slipping against itself during the sewing process. Maybe this will help... Keep at it...moving forward never backwards....and CAN'T MEANS WON'T!!!!!
  2. Parott1, I only work with chrome tanned leather. We laser engrave first and in some cases put an inlay in the logo. it gets tricky with the specific type of leather that you are working with. we use Barge rubber cement for any of the glue applications. Red and yellow can is the strongest in my opinion.
  3. Do you have a web site that we can purchase from?
  4. So on the topic of chrome tanned leather, I have been racking my head to find out which leathers that can have a tape or mask applied to protect from the soot without causing the color to look faded when the tape is removed. I think that it is not removing the dye or color rather then stretching the leather when removed. I have no problem with Capri or cowboy leather but when it comes to Laguna.......I think that a super low power like 10 doesn't mark but 11 will is the only option I have. this means no tape or mask which in return leaves no way to fill the engraved area with inlay. I tried the lemon pledge idea from Studio-N.( thank you) removes the soot well from blue, brown, timber wolf(gray), dark green and other darker colors. The biggest problem is with the red and light tan. it seems that the area cleaned (to me at least) still looks dark or discolored. If I do the logo at 11 pwr, 500 speed and .089 int I can see the logo and there is no burn, the leather is still reddish when done. But it has no depth to the logo/ pattern. and again this leaves no option for inlay. For the other leathers I put down a 2" wide piece of blue painters tape, roll it real good with a rubber wheel roller ( a tape gun that I Mcguivered), hit it with the laser, then ( thanks Fed Ex) press a fed ex label over the logo/ pattern a couple of times to pick up the soot with out removing the tape. apply the inlay, let dry and remove the tape. Awesome results so far. I did 13 logos this am and have ohhh about 107 more to go. Any pointers are more than welcome!! Best, Ben
  5. Thank you for this advice. I have sprayed some pledge on a paper towel and wiped on 3 different types/ colors of our leather. The soot does come off nicely but ( maybe I'm being too anal ) I can see a slight difference in the color on the lighter tan leather. On the job I am working on now I am using a black Capri leather and the customer wants a gold inlay in their logo. Blue painters tape seems to work if... ( I have modified a tape gun into a roller) I roll the tape real good, am careful when applying the inlay and let it dry for an ample amount of time. I will look into another air source to provide more pressure at the burn site. The pump that came with the unit is kinda chincy, or maybe it isn't and I just don't know the difference. I'll have to go to a engraving place to feel their pressure to tell a difference. As far as the focal point, the laser came with a 2" lens and a 2" gauge. When I test it I do have a fine burn circle. We are using a 2" lens which I believe is only 20mm. We have a 4" on the way. Again, thanks for the advice.
  6. HI, I am new to laser engraving leather. We do not offer veg tanned leather products, only chrome tanned leather. I was interested in obtaining any knowledge in this process. I seem to be having a problem with some of the dyed leather as I cant put down a tape/mask to catch the soot with out marking the surface of the leather when I remove the tape/mask. Any info would be appreciated! Thanks, Ben