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  1. Hi Gang, Do you have a favorite leatherworking book? Is there a master guide that people look for? I bought a few from Tandy, the only store in my area. Their books feel limited to me. Is there a particular master guide that people use? I have a few of the Stohlman books, but was wondering what else out there was good? Thanks! -D
  2. Metal dowel for Burnisher

    veedub3, Ah. Carriage bolt. That is a remarkably reasonable solution. Probably a cheaper solution as well. I'll give it a whirl. Thanks! -D
  3. Metal dowel for Burnisher

    Sounds good, Gang - thank you. I suppose I assumed there was something special that I needed to do to make sure the wood stays on the shaft, like a special adapter or something. I considered a bolt, but there would be threads on the end and using it in a drill press would crush the threads over time. Eventually this would affect the way the burnisher turned. An Old Drill bit is a pretty solid idea too. I will buy a boring metal rod and cut it to size, score the metal so the epoxy has some place to grab and give it a go. In retrospect, I should have done this FIRST as now I have a hole drilled and will need to re-turn the burnisher to make sure it's true. Will be easier to turn these moving forward using the post as a handle in the lathe chuck. Thanks for the advice and the SPEED of the advice. I posted late last night and this morning I have the direction I need. Thank you! -D
  4. Hello. I am looking to make a Burnisher. I turned a chunk of wood on my lathe and it looks great. The problem is that I cannot seem to find a place to buy a metal rod to mount the wood. I want to put it in my drill press, ultimately. But I need the shaft to mount the wood to. Anyone aware of a place to source something like this? Would the rod be glued in place or is there another method? Thoughts? Thanks for helping!