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  1. Gave it another go. I can see a difference. What y'all think?
  2. Appreciate it. First time using an airbrush as well. Lots more practice to go.
  3. Just fiebings medium brown put on pretty heavy. Buffed the front right before dry and tried with the back but it was too dry by then.
  4. Welcome. There's some talented people here that always seems to want to help. Enjoy the new hobby
  5. After a few failed attempts at a flatter back holster I decided to take a different route. Big shout out to Jeff at jlsleather! The kit comes with exceptional leather, more than enough thread, and detailed instructions. And if you have any questions, as I did, he's more than ready to help. There's a few things I wish I'd done differently but I'm very happy with the results. It rides better on the side than the 50/50 pancakes I've been making. The pistol doesn't bind when I cinch the belt down. Let me know what you guys think!
  6. That's some beautiful work @MendellLeatherOK! If I could carve and tool that well, I'd be happy. Waiting on another knife blade (the other was ruined from the start) and when it comes in I plan on going at it pretty hard. I have a few tools. Somewhere around 25. Bevelers vieners backgrounders and such. All craft tool or hide master. I think "required" tools are mainly for ease of use as to getting into certain places. But I really don't know. Jus. A noob here. Someone told me about leather library and get a couple of al stohlman books to study on. He's a pretty darn good leather worker in my opinion. So I plan on that too sometime this week. Plus they would be e books so I could have wherever I am and have a little down time. Would love to learn how to draw my own someday but that may be a few years down the road. Back in high school I could sketch pretty good. But.... 17-18 years ago so I can barely sharpen a pencil now. Thanks for all the info. Really appreciate it.
  7. I wouldn't recommend it. It's pretty thin. Didn't gauge it.
  8. So... Thought I'd go ahead and give it go on the calf and post pics so each can decide for themselves. Labeled as 7/8 oz but more like 3/5. Also has a little pink tint to it.
  9. Still got a long way to go. May not help that the swivel knife I bought has two different bevels on the blade. Is that normal?
  10. Another thumbs up for @Studio-N stamps! Received mine today and it's perfect.
  11. Beautiful work! And nothing like a good dobro player. Love to hear em' cry.
  12. Lol. Bop where it's sposed to be low. Think my swivel knife skill kinda cut the leaves a different shape than they were supposed to be so that might be one thing. Then I I beveled around the foremost leaves. Reckon I might just hafta to pick up that book you were talking about.
  13. Thanks @AZNightwolf. Didn't take long to do at all as you can tell by the mistakes. Too many to name. I still have a lot of practice to go. @JLSleather there's always room to improve. Doesn't matter how long you've been any particular craft or trade. I wasn't too happy with those results. Pear shader I had at the time was too big and really didn't know where to begin on tooling. Or even how. Wish I could old tools from 2-4 bucks each. I paid 5-7 free shipping of course for what I have. Out of the 27 I have now I think 3 are made in China and the rest are older craft tool or newer craft tool brand. And btw those are some very nice carvings!! Heres something else else that I took a little more time on. Still have to make myself slow down. Feel like I'm in a race against the leather drying out too much while tooling. Guess that'll come with time. Critique it too Jeff. I know the border shouldn't have been "beveled" but tried to go over with a small "spoon". Still have to order a few stylus and modeling spoons. Speaking of budget... Small town. Small pay.
  14. Thanks! I ran across BK set but just can't justify that much for starting out. I've a acquired a few stamps so far. I think around 26. Several beveler sand pear shaders of different sizes. A couple of seeders and a couple of backgrounders. Most of which came from e bay. A swivel knife from zelistiv? (One of the sponsors on here). And several blades for it. Here's my first ever carving. When I didn't have but a 3 or 4 tools. The bottom left rose is on I tried with a filigree blade. The rest were done with straight 3:8 blade. I see lots of flaws but from afar not to bad. Could've went back over the outer bevel for sure to smooth out tool marks. Appreciate your response.
  15. Talked with a guy at maverick. He said he wouldn't recommend it for s holster due to durability and also said it doesn't tool as well as cow. The calf side average 18sq ft. So I just ordered from Roger at rjfleather. Just thought the ones that are following this would like to know.