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  1. Dyeing technique

    No problem. Hope this helps!
  2. Dyeing technique

    Alright. Sent the video to KCB. Thought I’d share it here. It’s crude cause this ole plow boy ain’t no television feller. Dye was fiebings pro dye cut with denatured alcohol about 2:1.
  3. Dyeing technique

    Will try to get one to you tomorrow. Send me your email address so I can send it to you.
  4. Dyeing technique

    You can get the same results with a dauber. Load it up, and pass straight lines I get that effect inadvertently when I try to get an even color. Just be sure not overlap the passes too much. And don’t oil the leather before you give a go.
  5. Patriotic knife sheath for a Kabar

    That's a good looking sheath!
  6. Beginner leather buying?

    Been down this road. I shoulda listened to folks when they said start with the good leather for carving and stamping. I'm still new to carving too but can tell ya that an inferior leather is HARDER to carve than the good stuff. I only buy from wickett & craig now. Straight from the tannery. Talk with Cindy. Once you use it you'll notice the difference immediately. And WC will split it down to what oz you need. Down to 2 oz I believe.
  7. Crazy stitching

    @JLSleather same way down here in south Alabama. At least you don't have heat index of 112° f today. Sweat pooling in yer boots. Have I mentioned it's hot?? Look there at demopolis. Swear I seen a lizard toting a leaf fer shade.
  8. Crazy stitching

    Got a little scale on the "weigh". Pretty sure the tensions are around 5-6 hammers but we'll see. Being swamped in leatherwork isn't really a bad thing. At least you're inside. Being swamped in dirt work is a different story.
  9. Crazy stitching

    Whatever works! Always more n one way to skin a cat! I'm checking eBay now. Found one but not very good reviews. And my nephew wants his fish weighed right. I put a fish in a bag and threw it on bathroom scales. He said "that ain't the way the pros do it". Where these kids come up with stuff like that???
  10. Crazy stitching

    @RockyAussie 3 pounds is more like it. Or more on my machine. Plan on getting some scales just outta curiosity. And I been catching some pretty good size sun perch lately too. So win both ways. Thanks for the reference. My tension might be a "tad" over. Seriously will cut your finger when pulling slack if not held right. Now let's talk about them hammers. You got a bit of redneck in your blood? That's something we'd do down here in the south
  11. Crazy stitching

    @Wizcrafts I tried to move that loop as you suggested but it only moved maybe a 32nd of an inch. But it's working now so it's all good! As bugstruck mentioned, I did learn some things to check for in the future and during this ordeal I learned some pretty good info. @RockyAussie don't take what I said to heart. Reading back over it looked like it may have been a smart ass remark. It was all in good humor. @JLSleather I knew I'd get a response outta you! Again THANKS TO ALL THAT HELPED GET THIS THING BACK SEWING!!
  12. Crazy stitching

    @RockyAussie tension on these threads would break your scales aims be honest with ya, ifn I gotta do all that polishing then it'd be quicker to handstitch everything I do. But I do see what you're talking about and can understand the reasoning. Nothing catching so far just for some reason machine got out of tension. I'm slowly but surely learning more about it. @JLSleather yep. That's exactly what I did. And fiddled with tension some more. And that pig might self identify as a bear. pic turned for some reason but you can still get the jist of it.
  13. Crazy stitching

    Did what y'all talked about. Cussed a little. Laughed a little to keep from crying. Cried a little anyway. Stare at it. Cuss it some more. Looked for hammer. Only thing I did do differently this time was wrap the thread 180 degrees around top disc tensioner. Don't ask how that makes a difference but it did. Then followed yalls suggestion. Min all seriousness y'all have saved me a big headache. A big thank you!!!
  14. Crazy stitching

    Ok. I've went through with some of fergs and some of jeffs suggestions and came up with this. Thread is tight as a banjo string and kinda hard to pull slack when finished stitching. Backstitches look like crap but that's prolly me. I really appreciate all the comments and suggestions! Thank you all!
  15. Crazy stitching

    Oh yea definitely. He's alright for a northerner. Yes. Enough to make the leather curve or cup After it's stitched. Just can not seem to get the top tension to do right. I'll give your logic a try in an hour or so. Maybe two. I do wanna stay stay with the LL needles. I really like the way the stitch looks compared to straight or S needles