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  1. Thanks. reckon I need to get started on hers sometime.
  2. Looks nice. What oz leather did you use? My wife has been asking me to make her one. I keep putting it off.
  3. Nice and clean looking!
  4. Welcome and good luck! Plenty of people here that know a whole lot more than me that are right eager to help a newcomer.
  5. man I was expecting a western holster for a modern gun. Pretty cool idea there. I like it.
  6. I second that! Just because it says 40% off doesn't mean you're saving money from buying something you don't need anyway. But she did buy my supper so I'm ok with that.
  7. Well... Looks like I sprung the handle on those pliers. Too much pressure. They still work just don't open back up on their own. So if anyone reads this with the hobby lobby snap setter pliers in mind, just don't apply the same amount of pressure you'd use to ring off a bolt. Prolly gonna order the old stem and anvil for a back up.
  8. Looks really nice!!
  9. just left hobby lobby. Picked up another stylus modeling spoon snap setter 2 packs of 6 sets snaps all for under 30 bucks.
  10. Welcome aboard. I may be asking for a copy of that quiver pattern to use while I'm shooting my bow. Nice looking work.
  11. Appreciate the info. I mentioned hobby lobby and the wife wants a date night now. Reckon I could stand to browse around for a min or 100 while she looks. hope they got one in stock since it's really far but if not there is a Lowes just up the street from them. I didn't know they carried them biker.
  12. Might be awhile getting to hobby lobby. Nearest one is an hour and a half away. Small town living. Are the Tandy snaps good or is there a better brand?
  13. @JLSleather you're making it harder to accept this job due to all the stitching. Reading this I should order line 16 and 24? What's heavier than the 24? Is 16 smaller than 24 but longer to go through thicker leather? @Dwight will this tool work on different lines? Or do I need several different tools? Will be going to the Walmart later. Hopefully they'll have something. I don't plan on making anything where the snap will more than a couple inches from the edge. But that could change tomorrow.
  14. So the line 16 is smaller than 20 and 20 smaller than 24? Sounds like 16 would be good for a handgun holster and 20 good for belts and 24 for the scabbard? Where would a guy get the best snaps and setter? Guy said all he wanted was a plain leather scabbard no tooling or anything. Just a flap to keep covered. Bear in mind this will all be hand stitched as this poor boy can't afford a machine stitcher right now.
  15. Made a few things but never used snaps. Have an order for a rifle scabbard if I can do it for under 300 bucks. Think I can do that. Questions are.... What's the best snaps and do I have to buy one of those expensive snap setters? What's the best size/line? Are the hand setters good to use that cost around 15? I know absolutely nothing about snaps. Appreciate any info y'all may give.