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  1. Working hard this week... wish me luck!

    Yin your stuff looks good. Sometimes folks don’t realize what it takes and what leather products costs. They think a good wallet will be 10 or 15 bucks. If I were you I wouldn’t worry it about too much. Keep your head high. You do some amazing work!
  2. Really?@!

    You still ain’t said what page on that face page. There’s several like that. Think it has to do with admins wanting to control who comes in and stays out. Kinda like a treehouse club. What amazes me is how folks gets behind a keypad and all of sudden they’re 6’6” 230 pounds of lean muscle.
  3. Decisions, decisions ...

    I discount and call them seconds. Sell about 10 to 15 cheaper than the so called “good” ones I make. There’s always that bargain hunter that don’t wanna pay full price and thinks he’s getting a heck of deal when he gets a seconds. Ifn you sell it for 10-15 less than usual, you’re still getting reimbursed for the material used to make the prototype. And maybe a dollar or two for ya time. That one looks better n them 28.95 rigs I’ve seen on eBay. But I ain’t getting into that can o worms.
  4. Guestbook cover

    Looks nice to me!
  5. Really?@!

    Well spill the beans... whats the name of the group?
  6. Double mag holster/pouch

    Thanks chief. It can be done that way. Also could taper the last couple of inches at bottom of pouch to eleminate it. Or to make it form better. If I flare at top I would lose some retention. Which is NOT a bad thing since these mags were 8” long. They’re not tight but they will not slide out on their own. On shorter mags, a tapered stitch line the whole way would be ideal. Appreciate the feedback!
  7. Hello from Florida

    Welcome aboard! There’s some good folks round these parts. Learned a lot from em just by reading old posts.
  8. moulding triple mag pouch

    Replied to question in other topic. You’re gonna need 3 forms. If you try to use one you’ll end up collapsing the other pocket you just formed. And I leave the form in as it dries so it doesn’t shrink past the point of not usable. Had that happen a time or three. Good luck!
  9. Double mag holster/pouch

    Since they’re so long, I didn’t mold and form a real tight fit. I wanted him to be able to pull the mags when needed. But it’s basically the same as molding a single. Just more to mold. And thanks for the compliment!
  10. Talk to me about rough out leather

    Tandy has a book. Well it’s sll the stohlman books combined. It runs around 170 bucks. Might be worth looking into. As for making rough out less fuzzy, I have no idea.
  11. I like it. Is there a reason you didn’t camouflage the basket stamp?
  12. Barry King dot so-what

    Name.... same goes for tractors. Just get quotes on different brands and look at the difference. Same size tractor 4 wheel drive loader etc. Now somebody here seemed to get mad cause Jeff didn’t want the knife... why? Was the knife sent to you? No it wasn’t. I sent it to Jeff. If Jeff wants to keep it, good. If not, good. It’s his decision. I’m not here to bad mouth anyone but I can see the point Jeff has made. I’m not a carver. Had some extra money and wanted to try improve my skills. Bought me a knife. Works same as the el cheapo. I sent Jeff one to show appreciation for the help he’s given me. With that being said.. I have a Barry King knife for sale with a 1/2” barrel with 3/8” straight blade. $60 I cover shipping. Keep on keeping on Jeff! Your work speaks for itself. I ain’t offended by it. I got my big boy britches on today!
  13. misc work

    Was thinking the same thing! I really like that eagle!
  14. Looks great! Only problem I’d have is I’d shoot my rifle with my pistol thinking a snake has crawled in my shooting house with me.
  15. Last order from WC was one side. Matter of fact it was chestnut. Here’s an invoice to give and idea. Granted this is the highest their shipping has ever been. It’s usually right around 30 bucks