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  1. $1/sf! Leather for sale, all types and colors!

    Got any 4/5 oz veg tan?
  2. Would anyone have a pattern for a mark ii competition bull barrel? 5.5 inch barrel but any barrel length would work. I can modify that. Thanks in advance
  3. Holster Pattern Or Instructions

    Got asked to make a holster for this gun earlier this week. Anyone have the pattern yet?
  4. Okay, I'm not getting it

    Well now... I have opinions, you have opinions, we all have opinions. I will NOT hold my tongue when something is 100% wrong regardless if it gets me banned from here or not. Still fairly new here so it's no big deal. If I know there's a feller in the same restroom with the REAL girls of my family I'm going in after them bottom line! I will agree it is all political. Political correctness has ruined this country. Everyone scared they will hurt someone's feelings. Well that BS don't cut it with me. And since God was brought into this, did He make a mistake by letting a female be born with male parts? I THINK NOT!
  5. Okay, I'm not getting it

    it's just fertilize. A little ammonia never hurt a tree
  6. Okay, I'm not getting it

    Do most everyday! Joys of living in the backwoods of rural America!!
  7. Okay, I'm not getting it

    Agree with all this! There's two genders in this world. Make and female with the rare exception of hermephadite. However you spell it. All this trouble started when a lot of these crazy asylums started closing down. Idc if it's s male police officer going in ladies restroom where my sister mother or wife is,and he better be ready to draw his pistola. I respect officers with the utmost respect so don't mistake that, jus sayin i dun care who it is going in there as long as they're all female. Even Bruce Jenner couldn't outrun me if he went in.
  8. Rjf Leather

    Last time I ordered from him he does not. He does accept PayPal. He's a real likable fellow. Guess I got the bad end of the deal twice. Both double shoulders. One had scratches all in it and the other had so many wrinkles I could only use about a third of it.
  9. Did you cut the belt in half? I've seen advertised with steel between the two layers in the belt. Still new at this but as much as I can tell makers do double up leather to make belts. Never heard of slide belts before so just did a quick look. My opinion is, and I may be the only one that thinks this, the plastic teeth wouldn't hold up over time. I could be wrong but I don't want anything plastic trying to hold my britches.
  10. Free is always good

    Did the same thing here. A monument and countertop company rents a building from the family so I went in and asked did they have anything. Literally piles of cutouts for sinks in different dimensions. Almost any color. I picked a few pieces. They're just over a 1 1/8" thick. The biggest piece was 2' x 3'. Smaller two are average sink size.
  11. Howdy from Fort Worth

    Welcome to forum. I've learned a good bit from good folks here. For the most part everyone seems eager to help if you have a question.
  12. No problem at all, cat. Have fun.
  13. boots

    Love the work boot color! And the craftsmanship looks like pure excellence! Great job sir!
  14. I gotta see it when it's done! My dad wants one for a 22 revolver he has. Back troubles so a belt pulls on him.
  15. Try it out and if it doesn't print full scale just shoot me a message with email and I'll send you the pdf