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  1. That's the deal. That's his pride and joy. Keeps in his truck. (Cost too much for me to do that). He works on pipeline and when he does come home it's only for a day or two and his wife keeps him lined out on honey dos.
  2. Make it look so easy!! That'll be a happy fellow without that bulging in his hip bone. Know that took time out of your busy day to do that tutorial and it's greatly appreciated!!
  3. I like bottom pic. That's some incredible tooling!! Guess I won't be stamping that anymore. Don't have blue guns and definitely not using real. I can understand why those saddles used to be so expensive after getting trying to do a little leatherwork.
  4. I did wet vacuum form with a foodsaver after stamping. Ran it under warm water for a 45 sec to a min then inserted gun and vacuumed. That may be a completely wrong way of doing it but worked pretty good. Just about had to cut the holster open to get the gun out. Had extreme detail on the inside
  5. Thanks Brian. Yep. Seeing here I didn't stamp hard enough.
  6. That's the only stamp I have and I the flared edges?? On the weave makes its harder to control. Yea got that a pattern from a nut up north. He seems like a decent feller. :D It looks better no doubt but just getting started and don't have a swivel knife. Assume that what one would use to create a border line.
  7. Shoot it to me straight. What all wrong with it? I can name several...
  8. When you get it let me know. I've searched the world wide interweb and zilch. Guess they haven't found a cow that big yet to get that much leather
  9. I have. Said he doesn't have one yet. I've used one of his patterns before and I'll tell ya the man knows what he's doing. Gun fits like a glove. It's for a good friend of mine and I'm reluctant to do it but he's helped me in the past and I'm sure it'll take a side of leather for that missile launcher.
  10. Probably crazy to ask but does anyone have a pattern for a magnum research desert eagle(44 if it matters)? Willing to pay for the pattern.
  11. A Appreciate that! It's kinda growing on me and for the first one, I can accept it. Really not looking to sell anything. Have sold a couple western holsters that were not molded or stitched but laced. If I am to sell a few things that would help with the cost of materials. Wife already says I have too many hobbies. And she might be right but don't let her know I said that.
  12. Update. I ran it over with another coat. I'd definitely recommend staining before stitching. Causes the stitches to swell. Don't know why. And stain before the use of neatsfoot oil. If any wax from the thread gets on the leather it doesn't want to take the stain well. Can also see where the stain soaked in more at the edges. But everything has a learning process and you never succeed without first learning what doesn't work. This one is going in the scrap bin. On the other hand, it does kinda old when done like that.
  13. Used a min wax stain late last night. It's mid morning and still hasn't dried completely. The color isn't quiet as dark as I was hoping for by I could always try to run another coat across it. will try to he a picture up. And that's the first holster I've made that required contact cement edge burnishing or forming.
  14. Appreciate it. I'm gonna give it a go and hopefully achieve lighter and darker areas. Might just have a leather paper weight when finished.
  15. Anyone ever used wood stain to achieve a color on leather? I've searched forums and can't seem to find it anywhere. Asking because I have plenty of wood stain from various projects but no dye for leather. Wondering if it will dry enough to coat with leather sheen or resolene, or would it be too gummy. May just try some on a piece of scrap but was hoping someone knew before I went through the trouble.