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  1. Progress between sheaths

    Great progress between the two products. Was the leather pre-dyed or did you dye it yourself?
  2. The God of Wine

    Wow! Hey Mike, this is so good you can give up your day job! This ain't 'leather work'. It's leather art!
  3. Log Cabin

    Aaaah! A leather project that doesn't require burnished edges... The cabin is cool. The baby grand is way... grand, cool! Great art, this.
  4. Oh truth, how funny though art....

    Brilliant! I'm going to save this graphic and use in the near future...
  5. Tactical stick cover -viking stylee

    Man, that's classy! And invoking Mjölnir might entice the real @Mjolnir to come a-peekin'... Just saying!
  6. New guy

    Welcome here - says a greenhorn. It's a friendly place, this. And a place for learning. You seem to like hitting stuff? Good - you'll be right at home here!
  7. Working hard this week... wish me luck!

    Luck, eh, great luck! Although with products like that, you can bank some of that luck for a rainy day because the products will sell themselves...
  8. Portfolio

    The eyes don't bother me as much as the thin neck... With the size of that head, no wonder the little chap is bending over backwards... But you did a fabulous job replicating the logo and lettering, really! The value of such a once off piece, especially as a gift, is surely... priceless!
  9. I value my mistakes. It's the only things I can truly call my own. Point is, if you can recognise it as a mistake, you can work at correcting it.
  10. Boney dragon

    That's one raggedly looking dragon dude there! Is he sitting pretty atop a portfolio or will he be guarding a stash of cash as a wallet cover?
  11. Moneyclip Wallet

    Best looking square corners I've seen in some time! Two pieces of feedback, but this in no way detracts from the overall product's appearance or quality. 1) the section that wraps around the centre pin will look great if it's skived down a little bit. 2.) the card slot's edge appears 'raw' in comparison to nicely painted edges. Still, a fine piece of work.
  12. 10 Types of Cash & Card Holder

    That. Sentiment seconded.
  13. Portfolio

    Great looking portfolio! That little man sure looks relieved to be free from the chains, eyes and all... The letter work is a real classy piece of work - is it stamped with a stamp set, or carved?
  14. another belt measuring question

    Jeff, thanks for this great resource! Ought to be pinned in this forum, methinks. Clear reasoning, practical advice. Saved to my "canonical resources" folder.
  15. Business card holder.

    So when she hands out a business card people are going to say "Where did you get that?" Great way of advertising!