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  1. Hello again

    Lots of fun detail on the messenger bag! Really nice - I bet you'll get lots of interest when carrying that about. Nice!
  2. still rolling the holidays.

    New hat, eh? Picture, or it didn't happen... Seriously though, would love to see it. I sense there's a hat of sorts in my future.
  3. First aid kit cover

    Very apt! I would have carved a picture of a round knife with a severed finger and a pool of blood... Of course, the pool would have been dyed with authentic pigments...
  4. My 3rd go at making a bag

    Without a question! Exceptional work. Excellent idea, those straps. I've used a similar strap - stitched to the top of the gusset leather - as a fix for an older bag where the leather and original stitching started failing
  5. What an eye catching piece! Very nice way to give old leather a new purpose...
  6. It looks like your first post, so welcome to leatherworker.net. The sheath indeed looks serviceable and it certainly should last a long time. While many people may point to this and that as areas you can target for improvement, the more important question is - what would you target for changing / improving on your next project? Knowing what you want to improve on is the best way to work towards a concrete goal. And as @bikermutt07 normally advises: make a couple of the same item. That way, you'll be able to track the improvement over successive items. BTW, it's 'protocol' on LW to show the blade if you show the sheath...
  7. Tools Of A Swiss Sattler

    Wow, wow wow! Fifteen pages of incredible information about the craft and tools. Incredible... I suffer from serious tool envy...
  8. leather knot question

    Those knots look very good! I like the way you shaped the hidden end of the strap into a point.
  9. Bible cover

    Beautiful work! The contrasting stitching really works well here. If I may ask, what stitch length did you use?
  10. Leather basics - understanding

    Coming back to this post - a bit late. What the OP is essentially asking for is a shortcut and the intrinsic, unstated "rules-of-thumb" accomplished leather workers follow when they select leather for a project. Viewed from a different angle, this is a classic knowledge management problem - how to make highly tacit knowledge explicit? Not an easy thing, especially if you consider that very few people can ever tell you what exactly what they know, because knowledge is fragmented and we only know what we need to know when we need to apply that knowledge to a real world problem. Essentially, knowledge can only be volunteered by a craftsman or accomplished performer when s/he needs to solve a real world problem; knowledge cannot be conscripted. Is there an easy answer to the OP's need? Given the complexity of the craft, and the myriad of factoids that a craftsman stitches together to make decisions, the answer is simply: no. There are too many permutations to have a single, simple approach. My late 0.2c
  11. Ancient Greek Armor

    Wow! Ne plus ultra work, Mike! Incredible detail. Have you regrown fingers yet?
  12. Portrait of a Scottish gentleman

    I can even see his accent... Great work!
  13. Excellent design - I like how you fixed the straps for the handle to the sides. Is the handle one long strap? Looks like it. Great bag for a laptop... And as Wreford said - the waxed canvas is just difficult to get hold of, at least locally.
  14. Very interesting piece! Quite creative combination with the strings on a strap - something I've not seen before.
  15. A Collaboration on a Cane

    Watching this one with interest... I have a few walking sticks, but none with a leather handle covering. I'll doubtlessly be so inspired by this thread that it will be one of my summer projects.