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  1. Workshop build

    Looking good! That’ll be a nice space.
  2. How to make ruler more grippy

    I bought one of those triangular profile engineering rulers thinking it would be nice and stiff for shorter cuts on my work table. It’s sturdy alright, but pushing down on it is murder on the hands with it always having a sharp edge pointing up. Not worth it.
  3. My Swiss Army Saddlebag restorations

    What a cool project. Nice idea, nice execution.
  4. Input on Weights for Laptop Bag

    Subscribing to hear others’ feedback too. I know I always tend to mistrust the leather and think it needs to be thicker than it actually does.
  5. New Prototype Belt Key Holder

    This is great. I’ve seen similar on Pinterest and been interested to try one. I wonder if the service life could be extended by making the top strap ‘T’ shaped or triangle shaped to give it a little more room to be held down by stitches. @TheCyberwolfe which seam failed first? I’m assuming the top one.
  6. Get back into it projects

    Others here can stitch circles around me, but it looks to me as though there must be something you’re doing that’s not always the same from stitch to stitch - some little over/under difference or needle through the hole in different relation to the threads, etc. Those last 5 stitches have that nice diagonal look to them. I’d suggest punching a couple of long lines in some scrap and really going at it to get the look you want on both sides and then engrain that exact motion into your memory 100%. I like the phone case, that’s a cool way to get a finger ring and still be able to slip the phone into a pocket.
  7. Skinning Knife Sheath

    Cool! Can we see the blade to go with it too?
  8. Backgammon board

    What a cool project - thanks for sharing.
  9. Messenger bag build

    Cool bag! Thanks for the pics.
  10. Passport cover - stitching practice

    Looks great! Those will definitely serve you well.
  11. Trying my hand at a hat...

    It all makes so much more sense now
  12. Celtic Bag

    Great work! That’s a good looking bag.
  13. A belt just for me

    Beautiful plane! Thanks for the pics.
  14. Trying my hand at a hat...

    Same!! My eyes are confused. Hat looks cool though!
  15. A belt just for me

    Very cool. RV8?