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  1. “Raised” Effect/Beveling

    I’m no expert, but from what little experience I have I’d say that look requires thick leather, well-cased. Post a pic here of the results you’re getting and you’ll get good constructive feedback I’m sure.
  2. Maths equation circle and stamps

    A couple of caveats to add: - Your stamp looks more like 12 than 13 to me, per your picture. - You have to decide whether you’re putting the inside, outside, or middle of the impression on the circumference line, and adjust accordingly. If you stamp outside the line all the way around they will line up nicely, but the tops of your impressions won’t be touching - so some further adjustment / trial may be needed if you really want it to be perfect.
  3. Maths equation circle and stamps

    @HondoMan, let’s try as @Northmount suggested with the circle from your image above. I’m going to guess those grid squares are 0.5 cm (5mm) apart. If so, your circle is app. 73 mm diameter. So, 73*3.14=229.22 for your circle’s circumference as drawn. Now divide circumference by stamp size: 229.22/13=17.63 - so you’re halfway between 17 stamp impressions and 18. Pick which you prefer - we’ll say 18 here - and multiply that number by stamp size to get a circumference that will work. 18*13=234 . Now take that circumference and divide by 3.14 to get your diameter: 234/3.14=74.52 . To set your compass you need the radius, so divide by 2: 74.52/2=37.26mm. Does that make sense?
  4. How did you get into leather work?

    Thanks for the fun thread, @Rolandranch. Like so many, I had a brief taste of stamping and lacing from a Tandy kit as a kid (in the 80s). I don’t remember much but I think I did some coasters, etc. I'm not much into cowboy/western stuff so didn’t pay any attention to leather goods for years, I had only that association in mind. Ran across a (crappy) tutorial online a couple of years ago for a leather wallet and it got me interested again. Wife bought me a Tandy starter set in 2016 and I dove in. First project was a simple journal cover. Of course that was immediately followed by more covers, coin purses, keychains, knife sheath, etc, just finished a dog collar and working on my first belt. Love it! And now of course I have a huge appreciation for all that beautiful Sheridan & floral work I thought I didn’t like. Trying to figure out now how to begin selling some stuff to pay for more leather and tools. Not interested in making a living from it, just can’t afford to keep buying leather!
  5. New member from PA

    Really nice work, @CCHoward! Welcome aboard. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.
  6. Man in the garage.

    Really nice work, scrapyarddog! Are you lining the inside?
  7. Gday from Western Australia

    Welcome aboard, noobleather! Your tri-wing is looking pretty good for just starting out, that’s not an easy stamp to align. Would love to see these on the Show Off sub when you finish them up.
  8. Been a while :)

    I really like the contrasting thread and edges on the lighter one. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Been a while :)

    Those look great! I’d love to see the other side too.
  10. Leather valet tray design

    I kinda hate to say it, but... Pinterest.
  11. Bible Cover started last October

    Looks great, Yin! Any extra pockets on the inside?
  12. Belt holes...size

    That makes sense. Thanks for the info.
  13. Belt holes...size

    I’ve seen several mentions here of oval belt holes. What’s the advantage?
  14. Second business name?

    +1 to this. Gets you what you need but keeps it simple.
  15. Has anyone seen a waist belt like this before?

    No info, but I like it.