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  1. gum tragacanth

    I’ve never used the powder, but I would guess you can be fairly ‘loose’ with the recipe. Start with not much water and add until you get the consistency that seems right.
  2. Looking for colour suggestions

    Hey @Teleweezel, how did it turn out? Would love to see some more pics.
  3. Piping question

    I have nothing constructive to add to this conversation, just wanted to say... he’s not wrong!
  4. Book Trunk

    Looks great! I love seeing stuff like this that reminds me that there’s so much more that can be done with leather.
  5. Wet molding experiment

    Very cool, @LederRudi! What do you plan to make with it?
  6. Do you consider yourself an artist?

    I guess this is where I’ll agree to disagree. I tend to think those lines are a lot more blurred than you’re making them out to be, with much crossover. Thanks for the conversation!
  7. Do you consider yourself an artist?

    Hmmm. If what you’re saying is that one is art and the other isn’t based on what it sells for, I definitely can’t get on board with that. Some artists are better than others - that’s undeniable. But Keane and Rembrandt are both artists in my book. I heard many years ago the phrase “learning to draw is not a matter of learning to draw - learning to draw is a matter of learning to see.” This, to me, is one of the things at the heart of art. In its various forms, it is created by those who have learned to truly see, and have taken the time to do so. This skill and mindset can be applied to leatherwork as much as to oil paints.
  8. Do you consider yourself an artist?

    This is a fun discussion. In many ways I think ‘artist’ may be more about mindset than output. I consider myself to be both an artist and a craftsman. I’m still fairly new to leather but this is who I am, and these are the mindsets I can apply to whatever I’m working on. In leatherworking as in other pursuits I draw on both of those skill sets to varying degrees project by project.
  9. Am I the only one?

    I do this sometimes too. Has definitely saved me more than once!
  10. Am I the only one?

    Oh man - I was definitely at school that day too. I feel your pain!
  11. Marking my leather tools

    Wow! Quite the operation you have going. I would think heat shrink on the ends of the handles like @Rockoboy suggested could be a great option. Several colors are available, or white would let you sharpie colors or stripes onto it. Should be fairly sturdy too. Applying it to all those tools will take a minute though!
  12. Now that’s just cruel - two dozen replies of people gushing over his work and no pics to look at!
  13. Valet Tray -- Traditional Hawaiian Design

    That is sweet. I really like the decorative cuts in the woven looking part at the top - great texture and depth.
  14. Thanks guys. Warming it up is a good idea, I’ll try that. I didn’t notice any smell, and it seemed to rub in fine. This morning the piece of scrap looked nice. Maybe it doesn’t make a difference.
  15. Hi all, I bought some EcoFlo carnauba creme several months ago. Used it a time or two and forgot about it. Just pulled it out to try again and it’s completely separated, looks like curdled milk. No amount of shaking the bottle seems to make any difference. It’s been stored indoors, hasn’t come anywhere near freezing. Is this normal? It had some tiny white chunks when I first used it, but nothing like this. I just rubbed some in on a piece of scrap to see how it handles, it seemed to rub in fine.