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  1. Mahogany spots

  2. Understood @Northmount Thanks for you very complet explanation. Thanks to all.
  3. Thanks. I have this pdf's. No, I mean an catalog with demonstration of every stamp in use and for what that is use normally, like the Pic I attached.
  4. Hi! I'm searching on Internet (unsuccessfully) for a complete or very extensive guide to the samples of stamp impressions on the leather and its reference code or number; I enclose a photo of what I'm looking for so that they understand me. So, does it exist, is there an extensive guide? Thank you.
  5. Thanks! I put a pic whitout being sewing, I fix It.
  6. I show how to sew a falconry hood

    Yes, it is not usual to have him in a chair, it was last summer, I had to take him to the vet and in that house in Madrid I have not prepared his most advisable site, but I had to save the main feathers of the two wings of an edema that it came out.
  7. I show how to sew a falconry hood

    I do not remember sharing it. Sorry for the duplicate publication and thanks for your words.
  8. Hi. I found this forum looking for ideas and solutions for the preparation of falconry hoods, leather type consultation etc, I think I have a small debt that I have with all of you since I have learned a lot in these last months or year, I would like to contribute with a video that I had in an old youtube channel that uses for 2 videos, I was able to recover the account and as a small payment to have learned a lot in this forum I show you how to sew a hood of falconry. In case someone dares to make some one, the more difficult what else is to create the pattern or shape to cut because of what there is on the internet none of adapts well to the different types and sexes of birds of falconry, I think to have in Madrid the pattern of this, when I talk with my sister I ask her and send it to me, it's for a male hawk of the brookey suespecie (the mediterranean or Spain) ... Ok ok, inside video Sewing hood falconry Thanks for all yours helps and ideas.
  9. Hi leatherworkers , me again. Could someone explain to me how to put these buckles for rifle leash? Better if you know of a video where can see it because of my short understanding of English. Attached picture Thank you!!