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    Digital and film photography, Leather working, Computers and IT work, Motorcycling, fishing and Bible study.

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    Just getting started. I made a nice holster for a 38 and 357 Snub nose revolver.
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  1. EMS Radio strap

    I like it just the way it is: Big and strong like me Sam
  2. Messenger bag

    Very nice! Sam
  3. First post

    WOW Sam
  4. Recently finished knife sheath.

    This is a double lined Holster for a hunting knife. The tip is 'armored' inside. It is finished in dark brown leather dye, highly buffed and treated with Resolene to retain the luster. It is lightly tooled with my favorite stamps, Barbed wire. The Holster is 3 inches wide and 7 inches long. The vacuum formed interior keeps the knife held snugly. Sam:)
  5. Holster and Gun Belt

    Looks like you have taken a quantum leap in your art and craft:) I have nothing but accolades for your absolutely fine work:) I wish I had your talent---and a sewing machine! Sam
  6. Pancake sheath for folding knife

    Very nice work Sam
  7. Latest Holster

    My latest Holster is for a 4 inch, 38 cal wheel gun. Many coats of black dye, highly buffed. It is tooled but the designs are hard to see, unless up close. Sam:)
  8. What did they do at SLC?

    I am a 'hands on' type of consumer: I want to see stuff in 3D, feel the texture, compare like products and ask questions to a REAL person! I rarely buy Leathercraft stuff at Amazon, although sometimes we buy maybe 50 thousand a month on various Computer and IT components and products. I have bought dyes and some crafting tools from them but I like to actually see what I may buy. LEATHER is something I will never buy online! Even in a retail store, we all know that QUALITY can really vary even in the same stack of hides. As far as prices go, you get what you pay for. If we continue to use online shopping then it's only a matter of time before 'Brick and Mortar,' storefront businesses disappear. Sam:)
  9. Carrying case

    I've got some 'D' rings too, if I ever need to replace the 'O' rings Sam
  10. First motorcycle tank cover

    Nice work and the cover will keep the tank from getting scratched up like they all do! Sam:)
  11. iPad case

    Very nice! Apparently you haven't forgotten much of your hobby:) Sam
  12. A couple of petroglyph arm guards

    Very nice work and thanks for the pattern! Only those that have used a normal or compound bow realize how important that guard is----OUCH! Sam:)
  13. Concealed carry purse/ holster and matching belt.

    Apparently not that interesting: 97 views and no comments whatsoever except yours---Oh well:) All of the 'holes' are just decorative. According to my Facebook responses this carrier would sell like Hotcakes if I decided to mass produce and market it. Women have especially liked it because it's harder for them to conceal carry with their tighter fitting clothing. When I finally get a heavy duty leather sewing machine I will start to sell my stuff:) Sam
  14. Concealed carry purse/ holster and matching belt.

    I forgot to mention that the inside is lined with soft and supple Pig skin:) Sam:)
  15. harder than it looks

    It took me 4 hours to design and tool a name once. Looking back it seems impossible but it was so. In between my larger products I will spy a piece of nice looking scrap laying around and just decide to fool around with maybe a floral design and some tooling, burnishing and several coats of dyes after buffing to achieve an Antique look and DAYS later that quick little fun LABOR INTENSIVE, off the wall project of 6 by 6 inches, ends up sitting under a dripping coffee cup! Oh the humanity:) I like your work there RagingStallion:) Sam