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    Just getting started. I made a nice holster for a 38 and 357 Snub nose revolver.
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  1. The first attempt at using a Zipper I found very difficult to do and not only that but the Zipper is tough to open and close! Mink oil helped and maybe the Zipper will wear in a little. The pictures shown are before buffing and an application of Mink oil to bring out the shine:) Sam:)
  2. Kangaroo Clutch Purse - Wuta template

    Very nice work! I just completed my first little 'clutch purse' with a zipper:) Question for you: Is the zipper difficult to open and close???? Mine is and I used identical methods to attach the thing! When I rubbed the purse with Mink oil, the zipper worked better but not by much. I will post a few pictures of my creation in a few minutes:) Beautiful job:) Sam
  3. First trade as a leather worker

    WOW from me Absolutely beautiful work. The Christian stitching is a wonderful testimony Sam
  4. Missouri toothpick Scabbard taking shape.

    If it was pointed back in your woods scenario, (if I didn't have enough sense to stay out of heavy brush) and turned right, it would/ could unsnap and it would still stay in the sheath--Oh My The knife is 12.5 inches overall length and ready for some Canadian Bear skinning:) Sam:)
  5. Missouri toothpick Scabbard taking shape.

    Finished! Sam:)
  6. Missouri toothpick Scabbard taking shape.

    More tomorrow! Sam
  7. Sailboat project in the works:)

    Finished Sam
  8. Missouri toothpick Scabbard taking shape.

    Many more steps to take till completion Sam
  9. Knucklehead seat

    Beautiful work and good luck on your restoration! It is amazing to me that when I 'tool' my projects, I have to make sure that my fingernails are cut very short or those little half-moon markings show up. Below is a good start for a restoration:) Notice that the only thing that looks to have partially survived is part of the real leather seat:) Sam
  10. Medusa themed holster WIP

    What do the 'RUNES' say ? Sam:)
  11. Sheath For My Custom Karambit

    I like it! I am an Amateur and I can still critique even the professionals stuff---if one looks closely. Hiding errors of diverse kinds is a skill I have had to learn but they already know:) Just imagine critiquing Bosch, Picasso or Vincent Willem van Gogh! Truthfully their art looks pathetic but later proved visionary and surrealistic. I think you art is beautiful. Sam")
  12. Gator Journal cover

    I like it and you should be proud! Sam:)
  13. Custom armguard for injury.

    WOW--absolutely WOW Beautiful work! It reminds me of an 'archery' forearm guard, like I've had for 50 years that keeps that bow string from hitting my arm with resultant great pain! I wonder, instead of lace, if 'velcro' straps would be easier to use with one hand. Being old, I believe all of my shoes use velcro straps. Sam:)
  14. Beautiful work and the Heavy Duty construction is period fitting and appropriate for a single action wheel gun:) Non-leather working Folks have no idea how long it takes to make a 'custom' and detailed holster or the many steps it takes till completion! I just finished a 'Revolver holster,' and delivered it to my customer yesterday morning and it sort of hurts to see a 'masterpiece' go:) Take care! Sam:)
  15. Sailboat project in the works:)

    I've visited the USS Constitution and a replica of that made out of Cow flesh may be a little too much:) Biker, it would probably float until the leather go soft, caved in and down it would go:) Sam