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    Just getting started. I made a nice holster for a 38 and 357 Snub nose revolver.
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  1. My latest Knife Scabbard.

    Tanks my Friends Sam
  2. My latest Knife Scabbard.

    Sam I just finished this Hunting knife scabbard for a good Friend today so I thought I'd showcase it. Besides the built in 'welt's,' the rivet's are precisely placed to keep the blade from thrusting through the sheath in an accidental fall! This was the first time I used my new Cobra class 3 sewing machine on other than a test piece.
  3. Working hard this week... wish me luck!

    Yin, all of your items look fantastic but I'm not so sure the average person buys "Fantastic," as most are just too cheap and only want "Cheap." My observations come from 25 years of retail sales in different businesses and although new to this Leather endeavor, I still see it: "I don't want to spend a lot of money!" Before they even know the price:) We all tend to over do it with our fancy style, tooling, Antiquing, beautiful stitching and all of that art work and physical effort naturally makes us think that our stuff is worth a lot because no one knows how labor intensive these creations are and good hide, fittings and finishes are expensive too. I have made several very nice laptop computer cases and believe me, it's a major job, due to the innate drive to make them a 'work of art,' I was at a best buy not long ago with my Family and saw an entire lineup of very nice and feature packed computer carrying cases in beautiful and supple leather and very nicely made.-------The nicest and most expensive one, was $79.99! If I MADE something that looked that good I would want $300 for it! A very Famous person that a lot of us know that sells sewing machines told me that there is no money in CUSTOM (Labor intensive) products because very few people will buy them and retailers won't buy them in quantity from us at a price that they can't sell them for quickly. Make the most generic holster you can, not fancy at all, in quantity and you will sell lots of them if the price is low enough for the market.They can be produced on an assembly line basis and done quickly. Sam:)
  4. Log Cabin

    The sailboat is approx 15 inches long and 5 inches wide. It is on display in my Showroom, in My Computer Business:)
  5. Log Cabin

    Too many almost identical leather bags in the world Creative art, no matter the media should be non-compliant with all the rest and be new and refreshing. Your wood detail and texture is amazing. I can't wait to see more! I created a 'Sailboat' entirely out of leather, including the sails, other than the main mast and boom made from Chinese chop sticks. The lines are heavy waxed thread:) Sam
  6. Cool way to sharpen bevelers!

    Fantastic! I had wondered how to sharpen my Beveler's so I'll give this a try! Sam:)
  7. Really?@!

    99.9% of your personal data is easily obtainable. Don't ask me how I know. Sam
  8. A Cobra got me today!

    Thanks HS, so far-so good:) I fitted the edge guide tool today and it made it very easy to sew a straight line! A straight line is still relatively easy without the edge guide at slow speeds. Starting where and when I want to and finishing right where I want to is a challenge but practice makes perfect. 90 degree turns take some time to learn. Curves and ellipses are very easy. Threading the Bobbin and the 'needle' must be done very precisely so take your time. Take care! Sam
  9. A Cobra got me today!

    Thanks everybody! I just finished mounting the head unit, thread stand,fitting the belt, etc-etc. I can see that all of my scrap will get a workout, just so I won't ruin my good work pieces. Sam:)
  10. DIY edge guide.

    I like it! Necessity is the Mother of invention-OUI ? Sam
  11. A Cobra got me today!

    Well, finally I bought my first HD Leather sewing machine today! I got the Cobra Class 3 'Premium package' @ Springfield Leather Company, in Springfield, Missouri, a nice 70 mile drive from my home:) As usual, my experience there was first class and my Sales associate, Mike walked me through just about everything from nuts to bolts, assembly, disassembly, threading, sewing and the whole Tamale:) He spent maybe 2 hours with me and I sure appreciated it. I even got to meet the FAMOUS Kevin, the YouTube movie star and he's as nice in person as can be! He even waited on me and sold me some more stuff that I needed. Although I don't make a lot of product as I do leather more as a hobby right now, I sure look forward to a lot less hand sewing:) Thanks SLC Sam Porter
  12. Belt loop Wallet

    I think this turned out nicely. It is striking in person. So much so that it sold in about 10 minutes from the time it was displayed:) Sam
  13. Coffee Cup Coaster for a Friend

    I removed the silver rivets and replaced them with the smaller jeweled ones. It now proudly sits on my Friends desk at work. Sam
  14. Good work! Your stitches are so precise it is amazing:) Sam
  15. There is nothing more tasty than a good sandwich:) The open carry Holster's that I make actually fit a large Banana too:) Sam