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  1. @Foiler, I think Gregg was referring to the part in this photo when he said 'bobbin case opening lever'. Not the latch on the bobbin case itself.
  2. It looks like I am acquiring an Ideal Clicking Machine Model C, made by United Shoe Machinery Corp. I know there are some parts missing in the photos, but they are in a box that is included with the clicker. The motor is 220 volt single phase. I am told it is working, but I need to straighten out the wiring, clean it up and lubricate it. I found a parts list online but I do not have an instruction or service manual. Any help with those will be appreciated. Does anyone on this forum have any experience with these? Is it a practical machine to use for leather and fabric or is it a boat anchor? Any tips on setting it up or using it? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  3. @Anubis78, I have looked at that same binder on aliexpress. I looks to me like it is just a standard inexpensive binder attached to one of the mounts for the accessory plate. You can get one cheap on ebay for under $20 to experiment with. Here is a link to the first one that came up, but you can search for others. https://www.ebay.com/itm/391158258476
  4. Carnauba wax will provide a good luster and protect the paint and decals. It is also less likely to attract dust.
  5. Thanks @shoepatcher, I called and they are sending out a catalog.
  6. I found all the Juki parts I need at MJ Foley. Now looking for quality feet and needle plates. Some of needle plates I found on various websites looked kind of crude. Are there any suggestions for nicely made needle plates? Also, how so the after market bobbins compare to genuine Juki?
  7. It took some persistence and an 800+ mile round trip but I scored a beautiful machine yesterday. The full story is a long one and I won't go into it here except to say this machine was listed online for 2 years. Figuring it was already gone I tried to make contact and it paid off. I am very excited to get this machine stitching again. I think I got an incredible deal at $900 plus a Pfaff 138 that I had to throw in. I had less than $200 in the Pfaff. The machine appears to be in pretty good shape, but is missing all the needle plates, feed dogs and feet except for the ones mounted on the machine. It turns smoothly. It has a clutch motor with a cast aluminum pulley type of speed reducer. For some reason, a previous owner removed the main tension assembly. What are people thinking! Anyway I have some questions that maybe some of the members here can help me with. I also need to find missing parts so maybe the machine dealers can advise me about that. What do you recommend for a replacement tension assembly. I have a Juki parts list and the diagram looks different from what I see here. Should I buy genuine Juki parts or clone parts? I read somewhere on this forum that the clone needle plates are a different size from genuine Juki. Can someone confirm that? I want to buy both a blanket feed dog and a smooth feed dog with appropriate throat plate. I also want to get the holster and stirrup needle plates. I also read that the Cobra and Cowboy feet are a different height than the Juki 441 feet. Can I adjust for that? The plate that extends over the cylinder next to the needle plate does not look like others I have seen. Is this a homemade part? The lube pot is different than the ones I normally see. Does anyone know what the 2 fittings sticking out of the lube pot are for? Any observations or comments or recommendations you may have will be greatly appreciated. I plan to start making holsters, sheaths and bags.
  8. I expect this machine would use the most common domestic class 15 bobbins, cases and needles. Here is a link to some info on the Singer 15k. http://www.singersewinginfo.co.uk/15/
  9. You are right, it is a Japanese copy of a Singer. It is a hand crank copy of a domestic Singer model 15-91.
  10. Uwe to the rescue!

    I enjoy watching Uwe's videos. Informative and kind of calming too. He has a unique style that is all his own. I have relied on them several times.
  11. What Landis is this?

    I talked to the person selling it. He is the son of the man who used it. I'll talk to him again tomorrow when he is at the machine. I have him looking for shuttles and bobbins. I don't have any room for this thing but maybe I can help someone who is interested in buying it.
  12. I am not connected to this CL listing in any way. I stumbled on this machine this morning. It is $500 and located near Salem, Oregon. I don't know anything about these big stitchers, but I know some are wanted by members here. https://salem.craigslist.org/atq/d/leather-sewing-machine/6755422647.html
  13. Durkopp Adler 767

    Vertical hook refers to the axis of the hook or bobbin. A vertical axis hook.