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  1. It looks like you have a 100% markup, not 50% from importer to distributor on your tariff calculation. So it should be $266 pre-tariff increases to $332 with tariff.
  2. Mahogany spots

    Very nice work. I like the combination color, stitching and leather tooling.
  3. Here is top only for $125 including shipping. (80 + 45) https://www.ebay.com/itm/Juki-241-1541-Industrial-Sewing-Machine-Table-Top-High-Quality-made-in-Canada/283216053711?hash=item41f0fe05cf:g:BFcAAOSwYXBbRBsK:rk:3:pf:1&frcectupt=true
  4. Parts for this machine are nearly impossible to buy from suppliers. I have two of these machines, a 6mm and a 4.5mm zigzag. Both were running machines when I bought them. I needed a few parts and was successful getting them at reasonable prices from a guy on Ebay (Germany) who parts out old sewing machines. I really think you will be better off finding a working Pfaff 138 in much better condition. I bought mine off Craigslist at or under $200 each with table and clutch motor. I see them often in the $600 to $800 range.
  5. Consew 206rb1

    Probably more like 1990. Look at the serial number, the first 2 digits should be the year.
  6. jh-saddle-27.jpg

    This saddle was a collaboration between two men, Bill Burman, a self taught saddle maker, and Jim Harman the silversmith. Jim designed, fitted and hand made each of the 51 silver pieces specifically for this saddle. This is truly a one-of-a-kind saddle. Bill passed away in 2011 at the age of 76. Jim is a friend of mine and lives very close to me here in Southern Oregon. The saddle has never been rode or mounted. Jim is asking me to help him sell the saddle. I posted the photos here because I thought LW members might enjoy seeing it.
  7. Bill Burman - Jim Harman - Texas Star Saddle

    These are some photos I took for a friend and client of mine, Jim Harman, who did the silversmith work on this beautiful show saddle. In addition to being an exceptional silversmith, Jim is also a jewelry designer, bronze sculptor, and a designer cabochon cutter. Jim hand made 51 custom silver pieces for this saddle, all designed and fitted to the contours and cut of this astounding saddle. The leather work on this saddle was done by Bill Burman who is now deceased. His legacy will live on through the skill and love of leather work shown in his creations.
  8. Sewing Kydex?

    @Wizcrafts, will upholstery class machines sew Kydex? If so, what is the maximum thickness and minimum needle size?
  9. These are all bottom feed machines I am referring to here but I do not think you need a walking foot for what you are planning to use it for. Machines to look for include a Singer 20U, Pfaff 138 or 238, Consew 99 or a Bernina 217. Also consider that an old Kenmore domestic machine (all metal) might do what you want for around $50. That is what I would try first.
  10. I'm selling my Juki 562 sewing machine with table, bobbin winder and clutch motor. Also included are 10 new bobbins and 10 needles. I just replaced the face plate, upper tension assembly, throat plate and feed dog with new parts from SouthStar Supply. It sews great with a full 1/4" maximum stitch (6.3mm) and an equal sized reverse stitch. It has a clutch motor, you might want to put a servo on it. I need to thin the herd to make some space. I am selling it for $750. I am located in Grants Pass, Oregon about an hour North of the California border. I am really hoping for a local pick-up but can drive up to 60 miles to meet you.
  11. Juki 1341 questions

    Interesting. They call this a Cowbow CB6500 medium to heavy sewing machine. It looks exactly like a Juki LS-1341. That binder is not synchronized, just bolted to a metal plate. I looked at the specs and they list maximum thread as 277 but the needle range is 20-24. I think a 277 thread needs a 25-28 needle, doesn't it? I don't have any personal experience in this range of thread. It must be fairly new as Cowboysew posted the video 3 days ago. Maybe one of the Cowboy dealers can comment here.
  12. You scored! That Consew is a solid machine that has tons of parts and accessories available for it. If it were me, I would sell the Rex unless you want it for working on non-leather materials that won't get marred by the teeth on the foot. You may never be 'officially done' buying machines though. It is hard to pass up a nice machine when the price is right. It is always handy to have an extra machine set up for a specific task like binding.
  13. Juki 1341 questions

    @R8R, I am curious about your experience with the Techsew 2600. You said you were not happy with it, not enough umph. The specs show maximum thread as 138. You are considering a Juki DSC-246 and from my searching is limited to 92 thread. What range of capacities are you looking for. I ask because I am looking for a binder for my Juki 1341.