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  1. Did you thread the thread through the hole just above the needle in the needle drive shaft before threading the eye of the needle? kgg
  2. Have you checked the way the bobbin is installed? The bobbin thread needs to be coming off the bobbin in a counter clockwise fashion otherwise weird stuff can happen to do a quick check hold the bobbin case in your right hand between your thumb and index finger, grab the thread with your left hand and pull the bobbin must rotate counter clockwise. kgg
  3. Some of your problem also be that you are using an oversized needle for your thread size. Try a size 18 needle. kgg
  4. On the surface the Tandy machine made by Sailrite seems to be a version of the LS-1 put in a small table with a Sailrite servo motor. The price would deter me. In Ontario for about the same dollars you can buy a industrial Juki 1541S c/w full size table and servo motor. Am I missing something? kgg
  5. I do have experience of owing / using the Reliable Barracuda 200ZW and really had no problems with it but understanding it wasn't a industrial machine. It preformed the tasks I asked however I would recommend that you purchase a heavier flywheel (Monster) kit. If you think the Sailrite portable could do the job then the Baracuda will probably do it as well just easier on the pocket book. As far as budget goes new it would run you about $500 US. If you are looking at attachments like a binder for the machine the two mounting holes in the base will have to be tapped to accept the hold down screws. kgg
  6. Actually the machine looks like an older Merrow 3 thread overlock crochet blanket machine like a model A-3d w3. kgg
  7. Cutting table top material?

    Did you check this place. kgg
  8. Maybe ok for a collector not a machine I would consider usable. kgg
  9. Consew 229 help

    I did see a post bed machine once with a removal table attachment that the person had mounted a binder attachment similar to the swing away type that Sailrite sells which can be had elsewhere like ebay. As far as a slowly it down more a servo motor I think would be the best method and you can check with some of the vendors on the forum who should be able to suggest the best wattage and accessories for your needs. kgg
  10. Out of curiosity have you tried not to raise the needle the 1/4 " before lifting the feet but having the needle buried deeper so you can just clear the material. The reason I ask is that with so materials, the bottom layer of material can sometimes be sucked/pushed down under the feet dog slightly depending on the material, how aggressive the feed dog is, how high the feed dog is set and how much pressure the foot is applying to the material. This with the material being twisted may cause the thread to catch slightly. An example of this would be thick ripstop on top and say a terry type material on the bottom. The terry will definitely get sucked in slightly.
  11. First question to answer would be have you decided whether you are planning on hand stitching or machine stitching your items that you plan on making. kgg
  12. I am not familiar with the thread you are using as it compares to "V" size but since you are using a #18 needle I am going to assume it's V69 or max V92 equivalent. If it thicker you will need to go up to the correct needle size. What I found best for my Juki 1541s was to have the needle on the upstroke, stop the machine raise the foot off the material using the knee lift and carefully turn the material 90 degrees so as not to bend/deflect the needle also will I keep my bobbin tension normally a little more on the high side of tight. kgg
  13. Cuz taxes didn't suck enough ...

    Two things you can't get way from Taxes and Death, that's right they have a tax on that to. kgg
  14. Try Chris at Japan Sewing in Richmond Hill Ontario CA (905) 764-0100. kgg