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  1. Juki 1541S Inconsistent Tension

    Any chance of showing the thread path from the spool of thread to the bobbin tension discs onto the bobbin winder. kgg
  2. Durkopp Adler 767

    I agree with R8R for the money I would look at a new machine. Not one that in the worst case was hammered to death in a factory environment unless the price was really, really good and you could do the repairs yourself. I would look at a new machine not necessarily with all the fancy do da's but a machine that would do the job plus a little bit for future. My thought is the more computer controlled features the more expensive the maintenance / repairs down the road and parts are going to be expensive.
  3. I think all you need to do is make sure the needle is at its highest point and hand wheel it a touch more. With some machines you will hear a slight click of the thread being let go. To get the tension right on your bobbin thread in a flatbed machine and I am sure it would probably be similar in a cylinder machine what I do is: with the bobbin in the case but before it is placed in the machine. Pull out about 6 inches and hold the end of the tread and let the bobbin / case rest flat in your other hand. If the bobbin spins easily in the case tighten the thread tension spring screw. If you can lift the bobbin and case off your hand with no thread coming off the bobbin then loosen the thread tension spring screw on the case. I like the bobbin case to stand up and the bobbin spin sightly not spin easily in the case. Also only thread the bobbin to about 80 percent and make sure it is inserted in the case so the thread comes off the bobbin in the right direction. kgg
  4. I wonder does the tariff apply just to sewing machines made in China that are shipped directly to the US verses machines made in China shipped to Canada branded by a seller and then shipped to the US. kgg
  5. Website Critique

    Overall very nice, clean to the point, price right there under each item and pages load fast. My threshold is under 3 seconds load-time or I'm gone. I would suggest: 1. Providing contact info like address and phone number. 2. Reduce information about the type of leather used. If you use "Wickett & Craig full-grain leather" put it on the front page rather then in each item unless you use something different.
  6. Juki 1541S Inconsistent Tension

    In my last posts I said ' (where there are two threads) " it should have said (the large guide just below where there are two threads in the guide). kgg
  7. Juki 1541S Inconsistent Tension

    In your last photo there is a thread retaining screw, spring and flat plate that is missing in the last large guide before the needle (where there are two threads). This holds the thread flat against the guide before the thread goes through the guide hole just above the needle. I think this is to keep the thread in a consistent position during up and down stroke of the needle so it don't flap around.
  8. Juki 1541S Inconsistent Tension

    Just to add to my previous post. How I check the tension on my Juki 1541S is with the bobbin in the case I pull out about 6 inches and hold the end of the tread and let the bobbin / case rest flat in my other hand. I then try to lift the works up by the thread. If the bobbin case and bobbin doesn't stand up vertically and the works remain flat in my hand with the bobbin spinning easily I tighten the thread tension spring screw. If it lifts off my hand with no thread coming off the bobbin, I loosen the thread tension spring screw. I like the bobbin case to stand up and the bobbin spin with a little resistance in the case. I only thread the bobbin to about 80 percent. kgg
  9. Juki 1541S Inconsistent Tension

    Could be as simple as a bad spool of thread with the thread on the spool temporarily binding or uneven unravelling from spool. I think the size of needle may also being playing a factor, 18 or 20 g depending on thickness of material). I have had the problem when I over loaded the bobbin combined with incorrectly threading the bobbin. I needed to adjust the stop on the bobbin winder and re thread a fresh bobbin correctly ( in through the hole of the bobbin disc bracket from the spool, around the disc, out through the same hole then to the bobbin case on the winder. A couple photos of your top threading may help to spot something.
  10. Upholstered Motorcycle Seat

    looks nice kgg
  11. All joking aside, I do think that you are going to have a uphill struggle with a lot of work to try and make the table as well as the table top look acceptable, properly balance the weight of the machine (I think would be in the 80 lb plus range) and must importantly work properly / safely. Unless you have the equipment and skill to make the necessary changes I would return it to the seller and wait the double of weeks for the proper one that will safely fit your machine. kgg
  12. Na if it was made in Canada probably boy scout, blunt pocket knife, a bottle of Red Bull in one hand and a toke in the other. kgg
  13. I would as Jimi said talk to the seller as from the photo's the flatbed attachment is of poor workmanship, looks like someone's first rough cut. Also I don't think the main table is the correct table for that machine as it looks as if the front of the base is slightly over hanging the edge. Overall it looks like someone had a regular flatbed K frame sewing table that they hacked out the middle and tried to reuse the scrap. What machine is this, I think it is a clone of the Juki LS 1341. kgg
  14. I think if you haven't changed the threading path of the thread from the photo the problem is when you threaded the top post tension pin in the second hole then going back up to the first hole before you then threaded the thread into the second hole of the second guide then went directly in the little circular tension guide just before the main thread tensioner. When you threaded through the small circular guide did the thread click in place? Is there a large amount of tension on the thread after the thread passes through the small circular guide? I think you may have a top thread tension issue contributed to by the thread path before your main tensioner which may explain why there doesn't seem to be enough slack in the thread so the top thread is lifting the material to get slack. kgg
  15. Holes in old vest etc

    You could maybe sew a patch over or behind the hole with similar leather and put a false pocket flap over it to match the other pocket flap. kgg