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    Patcher machines

    I tell them that today I bought a brand new patch machine Typical, in the end the Taking mark of 2000 dollars was the same. On Friday they deliver it to me! I'll tell you later how it works or ask them for help if I have a problem! Apologies for my English!
  2. Gusta1

    Patcher machines

    Hello, I tell you that I am going to buy a patch machine and I needed your help! I live in Argentina and I have different options, the Tank or Typical 2971 machines that cost US $ 1,000. And then I have the other option that is Taking 2971 brand but it costs $ 2000. The difference is that they tell me that one machine is armed in China and the other in Taiwan. In theory, Taiwan's is of superior quality. Of exterior appearance the machines are exactly the same, that's why I'm confused.