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  1. Here is a basket weave stamped belt purse I´ve done this days. Made of 7-8 oz. leather lined with 2-4 oz. shoulder.
  2. Is there a difference when using baking soda to neutralize acid from vingaroon if the leather ist whet or dry? I ever used it immediately after the blackening process when the leather is always wet from the Vingaoon. But can I do the neutralizing later, with a drying period between?
  3. 60" Medieval Belt

    That´s right! Anyone should do this!
  4. Tippmann Boss

    Oh, this (my) answer comes a little late... . Ok, I have my Boss since End of May 2012. And I´m just in the learning courve. I´m sewing not too thick leathers, most 4 - 8 oz. After adjusting the bobbin tension and the top tensions it worket very well until jet. At the moment I´m taking the thread that was delivered with the Boss. And I´m looking for a Dealer here in Germany to by my threads. So well, for the beginning an the end of the stich line i use two methods, once is to leave enough thread to stich back by hand or the second method is to do it like in the Tippmann Video. greets
  5. Tippmann Boss

    It has a learning curve! I´m in this curve! But I like these machine. This hand operatet iron monster is exatly what I wantet!
  6. The colour ist Fiebing´s med. brown.
  7. 60" Medieval Belt

    ya, this is the Problem with this threat, the Headline is historical reenactment. In fact it is for reenactment and fantasy items. That´s not really a good thing (Johanna? Divide it?)
  8. This is a 19th century hunting bag. Bags like this one were worn by hunters for carrying ammo or a lunch. This one is for an natural scientist who observes ants...
  9. Here´s a little purse I´ve made. There are two solid brass rings sewn on the back to attach a shoulder strap or anything to carry the pouch.
  10. Here´s a archer´s arm guard I´ve done a time ago. Lucky that this was not for a customer, I´ve made a little mistake...
  11. New Sax Sheath

    Here´s another Sax Sheat from early medieval age (600 p.C.). It´s for a frankish soldier but could also worn by alamanni, bajuvarians or langobards
  12. Tiw Anglo Saxon God Of War

    No Problem! I´ve doing early medieval Reenactment since 15 years. If you have any questions, just ask me. Greets
  13. The Boss - Wich Presser Foot?

    Today my new center presser foot arrived. And, what should I say, thank you for the Tip, this is just what I wanted! Thank´s!