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    i have many intrests, my main instrest how ever is learning to carve leaves and trying to make them pop, so when some one looks at them they go wow.

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    none yet still have alot to learn
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    color, tools, floral designs, leaves, fabrications
  1. good morning all, hope every one is doing well today. i've found myself in a pickle it seems, i've been looking around for a law enforcement badge pattern pack. now i know there used to be one from some company, i just dont recall which one carried it or even if they still make the packs any more. if any one would happen to recall or know where i could find this pack i would most greatly appreciate it. thaank you all very much. Maddhatter
  2. Pattern For Wallet?

    chuckle, sorry twinoaks
  3. Pattern For Wallet?

    wow thor a little harsh there aint it. didn't get your coffee in yet ??? (chuckle) i mean sure people intro them selves first and ask questions later, but we generally don't try to scare people off on their first post. we were all new to the site once our selves and didn't know what to expect i know i sure didn't and it took me a lot of courage to start talking on here. so to begin with welcome to the site thientran2711 here you can find many patterns for some type of wallet that you can modify with some ease. do a search for tboyce his patterns may or may not be what your looking for but its a start in the right direction.
  4. good work, we all need to start some where
  5. check out ohio travel bag for the lanyard attachments
  6. Japanes Leather Working Books

    i gave tboyce a few patterns to rework and resize a few months ago from those books. and he said that he would put those on site when he was finished reworking them.
  7. thanks for your service and your work is awesome. by the looks of your skills you will have no trouble at all. good luck and welcome home.
  8. 18 Inch Necklace - Ashes To Ashes. Dust To Dust.

    Thanks a lot Brian for the information I've been trying to locate some thing similar for the closures on my bands around here.. thanks to you there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
  9. Making Pouches

    as always excellent information thank you very much
  10. Dopp/toiletry Bag

    i've always called em a ditty bag (shrug)
  11. A Friend Asked Me For This.

    looks like a sweet bag and a fun project. i know i would of loved to have something like that to carry my kids crap in when they were still small keep us posted on how it goes.
  12. Sunglasses Case

    thanks tom as always your patterns rock !!!! and help us out alot. looking forward to more awesome patterns. thanks.
  13. Small Shoulder Bag

    thanks tom, i've got a couple of gal's asking me about small hand bags this will help in giving them an idea