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Hello i recently came across, a few of my Grandfathers old leather working patterns. Theses are the old Craftaid Plastic rub in designs with patterns included. So im excited to use these to make some of the various belts handbags, and wallets. I did notice though that i have a double of Craftaide No. 2985. http://s29.photobuck...G_3764.jpg.html


This is a Rose pattern plastic rub on, carving design, with complete pattern for making a vintage Ladies handbag. I was hoping to come across someone that might want for there collection, that is willing to do a straight trade for one of there patterns.

The craftaide patterns that i have and am there for not interested in are the following.

Craftaide No.











I also have two other plastic tracing rub ons but do not know the numbers as they have no paper with em, one is a belt with cowboys & steers in the desert with cactus's around. The other is wallet rub on design on one side has horse surrounded by floral pattern, and on other side has same horse with fowl surrounded by same floral design. So please post here if the is any interest in this template/pattern.

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How much so you want for those 2?

I'm interested if the price is right

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Do you have any of tegus craft aides left? I would be interested if you do

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