PRICE DROP!! 2 Handle Fileteuse + 2mm Creasing and #10 2.7mm European Style Pricking Irons

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So I'm selling a fileteuse machine, it's actually Janik wood burner but I believe it's just a rebranded regad unit to sell in a different market as it has all the same specs and temps as a Regad's even made in France and accepts two handles and accepts Regad handles! Here's the kicker I'm even throwing in a brand new F3 tip! price is $ the pictures I've attached creases it made on ostrich and chevre sully with my FN2 tip

Also! I'm selling a brand new set of European style pricking irons that make slanted marks, these along with a daimond awl will give you the beautiful iconic zigzag saddle stitch price is $100

These are great prices and firm! Just these two tools alone will step up your leather work by leaps and bounds! I can send more pics via a message, I have pics of the electric specs and where it says made in France right on it, I can send pics of my beautiful work I've done with these tools too...I just bought a new different unit and selling this to buy more regad tips and I just had custom pricking irons made that don't require an awl so I'm selling these.Screenshot_20170106-193243.jpg

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Do you have pictures of the pricking irons?

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