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Hey sewing machine experts,

I have some questions about a GA5.

I'm a novice when it comes to the stitching machines.  I am interested in purchasing a GA5 because it is some what close.  This would be my first stitching machine.

I would be stitching everything from thin leather to several 8 oz pieces.

Is this a good machine?

How are parts availability?

Do you know how much it will stitch through?

Can you multiple thread sizes?

Would this be a good machine to start out with?

Any and all info you guys might have I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you !


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Most of the questions are answered here.

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If you're sewing thin/soft leather you'll have issues with this type of machine since the feeding mechanism can be quite aggressive and tends to leave foot marks on the bottom side of the leather. It is a good starter machine that can handle thick leather - we have lots of customers using our 3650HD for belts, holsters and harnesses with size #277 thread and #25 needles. Parts are pretty easily available. If you're looking for an affordable heavy duty machine it'd be a good option but if you plan on sewing anything less than 6-7oz leather you may be better off with a walking foot machine.


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