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On 3/29/2017 at 3:43 PM, JLSleather said:

Since re-locating to MN, my mail box is EVEN MORE full of CRAP. While folks in MN seem quite friendly, they do like to sell you what they can.  And seriously -- it's a bit like stalking.

For anyone who didn't know that, the sale of a house is generally widely available information.  Even if it doesn't show in public records, it does show on realty sites 'n' such.

And apparently, these predators watch for the sale of homes for people to "market" their crap to.  I've received "stuff" from everyone from landscapers to siding installers, carpet people and curtain people, gyms and satellite providers, assorted restaurants and misc crap ... blahblah...

Get a grip, folks.. the roof and siding are relatively new.  The lawn is fine.  I have a phone, so if I need something I'll call and ask.  Filling my mail box with junk is probably the NUMBER 1 way to ensure that I will never buy anything from you.  The kids' dogs got new license, but NOT from the animal place that stuffed my mail box.

So, here's teh amusing part.  I put an ad on craigslist -- wanted: info on how to call off these idiots who all want to "help" me.  And I'm getting some fairly quick and thoughtful responses :rofl: 

They do seem quite proud of "vets" around here.  Not that that's "bad", but it was a vet who broke into my front porch and stole $1000 worth of fishing tackle a while back, so being a vet does not BY ITSELF mean anything at all at my house.

Loads of junk mail aside, welcome to MN from over here in the Twin Cities ;)

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21 minutes ago, Beret said:

welcome to MN from over here in the Twin Cities

Thanks!  For the 'welcome' AND for not stuffing my mail box :rofl:


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