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Getting out of doing shows....LOTS of Pouches and such

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I have a LOAD of handmade leather stock. I had a booth at TX Ren Faire and I was doing many shows but life is now different and I can't leave the farm to do shows like I was! I want to sell all my stock to someone who does shows. I will only be doing my customs and such that I can do without leaving home!  If you are interested I have over 100 pouches that normally retail from 50 to 150(tooled and painted OOAK) and many other pieces.Far too many to list. I also have hand made flogs,cats and collars as well. Contact me 


I tried to put up pictures and it would not allow it so contact me    dancethellano  @  hotmail dot com      if you wish to see pictures.  Serious inquiries PLEASE! Price will depend on how much you want!


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