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well I have to admit this is the most user unfriendly blog system I have tried to use. Yes I am a newbie. I could complain more but I'll just get straight to it. I've just gotten a singer 29k2 and I'm searching for parts. Is there anyone who can help? Also, does anyone know why I can't adjust the stitch length up? I have slid the adjuster to the bottom but it makes no odds. Still, it is a really nice stitch and I mean on saddle skirting too. The thickness of the leather makes no difference whatsoever. It's a lovely old machine. I look forward to learning the proper way to use it. Advice anyone???


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I don't know if this will help for parts. I have gotten some things from (800-343-2202) Also I have gotten Bobbins and a motor and control from O'Baltor & Sons in San Francisco. 650-589-8759 (also a good source for lots of other supplies glue finishes tacks and nails and such. as for why the stitch doesn't adjust I don't know unless something is just plain stuck. Hope this helps a little. Good luck Joe

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If you want more help in any area of leather working go to the forums...I don't pay to much attention to the blog area. Maybe that's the same with everyone else since I don't see much activity. You're sure to get answers in the forums!

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hello again everybody. First off, things are going well and people are starting to ask me to make things for them. It's feeling good. This being creative is a real boost. Sure beats drinking and veging out in front of the boob box. Busy as all getout. Now attention all you guys with parts machines out there, My machine has an end wheel . There is a side hub but no shaft or gear. Do any of you have these parts to sell and make a member happy?

Would be nice, cheers all................................

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