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  1. I make exercise saddle trees. Give me a call. John 952-380-8081

  2. Leather for Journals

    Hi You could try ERICKO distributers I believe they are in Red Deer Alberta LJS
  3. This internet has got to be one of the handiest inventions since the indoor camod!! I have spent months and months trying to dig up old contacts in " my little book " to find that no one is still around, and in the less than a week this site has given me so much hope as to finally get my shop up and running again. Thanks again. Bondo Bob PS If you have any questions or would like to share any info re: the Bob Ross I will be happy to give you my findings and experience. I was a jockey for 15 years throughout Canada and the US. I also did alot of repairs and built some race equipment, I still have a pretty good following on the west coast. Don't know if I can help or not but am willing to if I can. Just PM me .
  4. Hay Clay Just looked at your web site, pretty good life if you ask me, I was a jockey for 15 years, thats were the racing comes in. If you can find the jockey trees I would love to take a look at them and get a price, I really only need a few as I am just going to make a couple for old friends still in the game. I would like to do a few exercise saddles in the Bob Ross style. As I have a couple of his saddles and always admired his workmanship. You can PM me or let me know, no rush but would be great to have.
  5. Excellent I checked them out the are in England but its a start!! ALL info is WELCOME!!
  6. custom head knife

    Wow Awsome Knife!! Are these stillavailable?? LJS
  7. Hi New to the site, stumble on it and love it! Tools have been in and out of storage for 25 years......BUT finally built a shop and they are out to stay. I used to make jockey saddles and have lost my old suppliers for the trees. ANY chance someone can help me locate a maker?? Thanks for your help. LJS