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  1. How Much Oil To Be Applied?

    Nika, I own one of Dwight's belts and he knows what he's talking about. His belt came out very nice and was comfortable to wear from day 1.
  2. I do the same thing. I put it in front of a fan over night for a couple nights. It still has a faint smell but only if you put it up to your nose.
  3. Glock 26

    From the album Holsters

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  4. Glock 26

    From the album Holsters

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  5. Glock 26

    From the album Holsters

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  6. Dwight, I just wanted to say Hi. I've read dozens of your post\comments and learned a lot from you. Never released that you are the guy doing the classes at Tandy. I took a Western Style holster class there with Scott a while back. I'll have to keep my eyes open for you while I'm at Tandy, Lord knows I spend to much time there.


  7. Glad to hear it. What did you do to get it to work?
  8. Looks good and the color came out looking great.
  9. I agree with RobDude30 plus I've had as much problems with store bought dyes as I have had with Vinegaroon and the problems I've had with Vinegaroon was the leather being real old and abused and I was experimenting with it. The one big draw for me with Vinegaroon is it brings another level of homemade/handmade to my projects.
  10. I'm not expert but I have made a couple jars of Vinegaroon and it seems to work well for me. My first jar was as clear as water and my second jar was brown. They both seemed to work well so I mixed them together and so far so good. On one project the leather wasn't turning as black as I wanted, more of a grey black so I gave the leather a bath in strong black coffee and then added the Vinegaroon again. That seemed to help for me. The leather needed more tanis (SP?) for the Vinegaroon to react.
  11. Do yourself a favor and make the belt loop a lot wider then mine. Mine is to narrow and it allows the holster to flop to much. As for the extra loops on the front, that sounds like a good idea. I'm planing on making a clip on ammo holder that will carry 6 extra rounds, I'll post pics if I ever get a chance to make it.
  12. Kel-Tec-10.jpg

    Thanks ShortBBL. This was my first time making an IWB.
  13. Kel-Tec-9.jpg

    From the album Holsters