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  1. Still have this machine for sale. Reduced to $625
  2. I saw some of these at a Ren-Faire a while back and found them intriguing. How is the leather secured/stiffened and how is the eye secured? I assume some form of glue. I'm thinking of making one for my grandson since he's gotten into Harry Potter lately Thanks
  3. What did you use for the end caps?
  4. They hire unexperienced people and expect them to sell products they do not understand. This is all wel and good IF they allow the manager and other staff to train the people. And this would require crafting leather. It's a cost of doing business if you want to hire people who have no experience. It's up to the manager to control when they do this - during downtime I can understand them not wanting them to do "side job" stuff at work, but a blanket ban is ridiculous.
  5. I'm in Tandy frequently and they've shown me their work. Maybe they did it at home and brought it in. I thought they did it there. I'll have e to ask next trip. But I agree. They should be allowed to tool leather. As long as the store and customer is not neglected. Ad that should be a manager call Tom
  6. First, I believe you are talking about a side, not skin. Second, 18 sq ft is not a usable number. There will be unusable leather on that side. Too much fat, too many flaws, too much stretch, short pieces, etc. Third, if you're going to line them, you might want to use thick leather for the strap and thin or splits for the lining. Sounds like you are just doubling up. About the best you can hope for is to measure the side as if cut into a rectangle and hope you get to use 75% - 80% of it. It will vary by the actual piece
  7. Yeah.. I'm not a prude by any means, but i don't think that's appropriate for this type of forum. And especially not on the main page. If it was a "biker" site, it might be expected, but I think most of the ladies.. and all of the kids.. don't need that.
  8. I haven't seen the page(s) you are referring to. But, IMHO, skulls in the mix of leathercraft are fine with me. I've done them, but don't "focus" on them at all. But I agree with biker. We have an Adult section that questionable "art" and discussion belongs in. And honestly, I feel that you can be "adult" without all the profanity. What's that saying? Profanity is the sign of a small mind? Or something like that.. See. I just wrote 10+ sentences and not a single swear word !!!! Yea Me.. Bwhahahahahaha.
  9. Has anyone used this to support soft leather when sewing bags? I saw it on a Leather Bag Tutorial I bought. It is supposed to stop stretching as you sew. I only found one place that carries it and shipping is more than the roll of tape. Any idea of if it's worth it or if there is a more readily available substitute? Thanks
  10. Google "how to install a zipper" for more info than you can handle. Did you sew it in last? You usually want to sew the zipper in first and then sew the leather together with grain sides facing. Than turn it right-side out. That light leather should be sewable with a home machine and size 18 needles if you go slow.
  11. Thanks. I kind of feared those would be the answers. I guess I'll just keep using my stainless strap to scrape them and maybe put a set on the other end for browns and such.
  12. I have one of the Harbor Freight buffers. Great tool for cheap. I have stacked 2 or 3 of the firm pads to one side and mainly use it to buff straps that I have dip dyed black. It does a great job of removing the loose dyestuffs from the flesh and grain sides of the leather. After that, I finish with Black Leather Balm with Atom Wax and get virtually no ruboff.. After I buff, I use a piece of stainless strap and push the end of it into the wheel to try and knock the dyestuffs out of the wheel. I'd like to use it to buff other color straps, but not with those wheels, I think. Is there a way to clean them on the machine to use on other colors so I don't have to constantly swap out wheels? Thanks
  13. Try this and scroll to the top
  14. Even better, do a search here for Sandal Patterns. I seem to recall seeing a pretty good tutorial on making them a while back. I'll look as well.
  15. Still.. the main point is that with a dog collar, the ring should have the leather going through it and then folded back around to hold it in place. Or a keeper strap riveted in place. Just like the keeper loop on a belt. And never, ever, ever put an economy, non-welded D-ring on a collar. Later