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  1. This had me puzzled. I have used Tandy's double cap rivets for years now and never experienced that problem. I believe they use the same caps as the rapid rivets. I set a few in a strap and rubbed the hell out of them on my desktop, a formica embroidery table top, a cutting board and my granite slab. I rub hard, like I was doing a rough cut when sharpening a knife. The only one that showed the base metal was the slab. I'm not sure what's going on with yours. Any way for you to post photos? I am getting ready to switch to the solid brass rivets and may switch to OTB for them if Tandy is having quality issues now. I can see them cutting down on the plating thickness to save money. Tom
  2. Hi Wiz, Thanks,,, Yep. Already did the decision on a bottom price. I always do that anyway . Don't think I put FIRM on it though.... I just got in from vacation, so will check that tomorrow . I haven't had to battle the Nigerians lately, but I've had a few "official" Microsoft support folks form Manila call to tell me my PC was in serious trouble and the could fix it. I couple of them even held on while I "had the FBI start a phone trace on the call". Talk about being faithful to a script. Hmm ... I wonder how long they held on after I hung up? Thanks Tom
  3. Thanks for the input, Floyd. I've had a few inquiries locally but they were from people who wanted it for next to nothing. I don't really mind shipping, but was not up to speed on ways and costs. I have a much better handle on it now. Thanks to all Tom
  4. Thanks to all. Guess I'll just keep my listing as local Too much expense for this old singer 155 Tom
  5. What is the best way and approx cost to ship, say, a Consew 206 and table? I know it depends on distance and weight, but just looking for a ballpark Thanks
  6. If you get a pair of flush cutting nippers, and if you can reach the riet post between the layers, you can cut them out with almost no sign of it. Depending on the leather and such. I have on occasion, been able to use them to gently get under the cap and cut or pry it loose. Tandy does carry a nickle plated brass that may hold up better, but I've never used them, so can't attest to that. Tom
  7. Hi BigMatt. I am finally getting around to mounting the binding foot I bought. I meant to ask you.... Did you have to replace the feed dogs and needle plate or did the ones that came with the machine work OK? If you replaced them what did you use? Thanks
  8. NE of Atlanta, GA
  9. Found it. Thanks. Yeah.. He's proud of his stuff.. But in all fairness, a lot of those items take a LOT of work... And the hardware is probably a bit steep. Let me know how the hat goes. I won't spend that much on a pattern unless I KNOW I'm going to make one <g>....
  10. Where did you find the pattern? I did an internet search and tried the URL on the photo and can't find it.
  11. It's called a overstitcher or a stitching wheel
  12. Still have this machine for sale. Reduced to $625
  13. I saw some of these at a Ren-Faire a while back and found them intriguing. How is the leather secured/stiffened and how is the eye secured? I assume some form of glue. I'm thinking of making one for my grandson since he's gotten into Harry Potter lately Thanks
  14. What did you use for the end caps?
  15. They hire unexperienced people and expect them to sell products they do not understand. This is all wel and good IF they allow the manager and other staff to train the people. And this would require crafting leather. It's a cost of doing business if you want to hire people who have no experience. It's up to the manager to control when they do this - during downtime I can understand them not wanting them to do "side job" stuff at work, but a blanket ban is ridiculous.