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  1. What all of the previous posters said. There is a TON of information on this subject here. Not sure why you didn;t find much. What you will find is there are a number of ways to finish. You should try several on test pieces and use whichever one suits you best. Personally, I almost never use NFO. Maybe I should but I go a different route. I case and do my impressions/stamping. Then I apply resist if needed. Then I dye. Next I apply Leather Balm with Atom Wax. Followed by Antiquing gel if needed. Finally, a coat or 2 of Resolene or Acrylic Floor Wax, diluted 50/50 with water. Works for me.
  2. Cleaning Shearling

    Does anyone have any tips on how to clean shearling that has gotten wet and possibly developed mildew or mold? Thanks
  3. Looking for a BlueGrass edger

    I am interested in one of the Bluegrass edgers. If you have one for sale at a reasonable price, please let me know. Thanks
  4. New "stamping" technique

    Funny. I've done something similar. I have a pebbled stepping stone I use and after I wet it, I aly it on and put a board on top. then I walk on it and bounce a couple of times. Similar result. Good use of the Res and dye though. I like it..
  5. 111W155

    If not, check They have a good stock of the needles, bobbins, and parts
  6. Latigo Strap

    Did the strap have some curvy spots? that's what you usually get when you cut on a curve. Someone told me that they thought the Amish craftsmen had a way to drag it over a ceiling joist or door and straighten them out to a degree.
  7. Latigo Strap

    Oh.. Those supplying super log straps are either cutting a side in an oblong or oval, or bevelling and splicing
  8. Latigo Strap

    I have a new customer that I make custom service leads for. He requires 80", finished, and the design requires 95"+ strap lengths. I have to find leather suppliers who will do some measuring and hand selecting for me. It is a challenge. Good luck
  9. Mixing paint to make gold

    I've used the acrylics from Hobby Lobby and Michael's with very good results. My wife used the $1 a bottle stuff on a key fob 3nyears ago and it has not faded or chipped despite being knocked around in my pocket for over 3 years.
  10. Saddle skirting question

    Take it back to them and make them replace it. I had to do that with a piece of Latigo a while back. It had a strip of rawhide about 2 wide that ran from belly to backbone. I literally had to saw through it. I had no problem exchanging it.
  11. Laser engraving stained/painted leather

    If you are trying to engrave a design that you can paint, you'd want to cover the leather with blue painters tape and engrave through that. Then, lightly wipe it to get any soot off and paint over the tape. You are essentially using it as a mask. Let it dry thoroughly and peel off.
  12. Laser engraving stained/painted leather

    I've made stuff that is laser engraved. Electron and Jersey are both right. The laser burns the leather. The laser should have what is called an Air Assist that directs a stream of air at the surface where the beam is hitting. The laser also has a good fume/smoke exhaust system that is sucking the stuff out the rear of the engraver. As long as the user is not using too much power and generating excessive smoke and soot, all is well. I use Leather Balm with Atom wax as a sealer.
  13. Need Sleigh Bells

    Thanks to all. Weaver is it. And I have samples on the way. Ya gotta love this site!!!
  14. Need Sleigh Bells

    Thanks. I'm checking to see if those have the hole or the loop. But they are the right size and LOOK like the right weight. I have spent literally 6 hours searching for solid brass that are not outrageously expensive. No luck! Fingers crossed
  15. I need a good source of 30 - 35mm sleigh bells. Looking for brass or brass plated, medium weight.. I need the type that have the hole for mounting and not the raised strap. I've done my searching here and everything I've found is outdated. Can anyone point me in the right direction?