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  1. Thanks to all. Weaver is it. And I have samples on the way. Ya gotta love this site!!!
  2. Thanks. I'm checking to see if those have the hole or the loop. But they are the right size and LOOK like the right weight. I have spent literally 6 hours searching for solid brass that are not outrageously expensive. No luck! Fingers crossed
  3. I need a good source of 30 - 35mm sleigh bells. Looking for brass or brass plated, medium weight.. I need the type that have the hole for mounting and not the raised strap. I've done my searching here and everything I've found is outdated. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  4. Can you tell us the setting you used? I have a 40W as well and wanted to do the same. %power, speed, etc. Thanks
  5. Looking for one. I'm in the Atlanta area. Thanks Tom
  6. Contact cement the edges together and sew inside of the cement line. Check out Arthur Porter on YouTube
  7. I'm interested in getting these. I'll even pay for shipping <g> Tom
  8. But... It's more FUN to bitch
  9. Hey Grumpy, Toss some Resolene in your morning coffee and all will be well in the world. I haven't seen the catalog yet, but I'll take a look in a sec. You have my curiousity peaked. MY only gripe, and it's petty, is the user who asks questions and obviously has not bothered to do even a rudimentary search to see that it has been asked and answered 100 times. But, life's too short to let stuff like that really bother me
  10. Thanks Max. I'll check into that
  11. I seem to recall they said to wet them with saddle soap and do what you said. I'm trying to figure out how long a strap I can get out of a side and minimize my waste.
  12. 5/8" to 3/4"
  13. Some time back, I found a method of cutting long, continuous straps from Latigo. It involved rounding the corners on a side and cutting non-stop around the perimeter. But I don't remember the details such as how to straighten the curves, limits to the curved portions, etc. Anyone have the info? I've searched here for over an hour with no luck.
  14. That's what I'm thinkin But I'm trying to figure out why it got out. This machine is only about T months old and has only infrequent use so far... about 125 of these straps and some.lighter weight stuff. Guess i'll have to do some searching for the procedure to adjust it.
  15. I need some advise on a problem I've developed. I was sewing the edges of some hand hold straps and things sort of went to hell all of a sudden. These are 6oz, folded in half to form a loop and then the opposite end folded back through a snap swivel, and sewn down. That's 3 layers. Those ends are skived down to about 4oz.. may a bit less. The stitch length suddenly started getting short at the thick end. Then, the needle began hitting something under the strap. I found the tip was getting dinged. If I took the strap out and ran the machine without thread, no hitting. Looking at the hook and needle, it looks like in have almost no clearance between the hook and needle. It I put the strap in place and move the needle down with the handwheel, the hook catches in the eye of the needle. I've tried new needles. Usually 138 thread, size 22 needles. Any ideas how I can fix this? Thanks