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  1. Floral Carved Lanyard

    Thanks YinTx, it just takes a steady hand, a good eye (or eyeglasses) and practice! It's funny what we are drawn to when we look at these things. Thank you very much! Thank you too Sam!
  2. Non-Traditional leather Carving/Tooling

    I've done quite a few things that would not be traditional floral carvings. I made several leather crests for people who make their own armor but didn't want to try their hand at carving the leather. These were all based off their original designs.
  3. Feeling humbled!

    I'd love too but I'm not sure I could get Crystal on a plane for that long! She is not a big fan of flying.
  4. Floral Carved Lanyard

    This was a custom order from a customer. She wanted a lanyard to hold her ID and have floral carving on it. It was my first time making something like this but it turned out to be a fun little project and she loved the final result. Going to need to make a few more of these to have in stock.
  5. Feeling humbled!

    What a cool group of people! Nice carving too!
  6. The Great Wave off Kanagawa

    Nice bag and awesome artwork!
  7. Great tip Dwight, thank you! Kind of common sense but I've never thought to do it that way.
  8. Sourcing Leather For 6' Leads

    Hello Airedale1, The part of the hide you want is the back section which was located along the spine of the animal. It's the part usually used for quality belts because it's firmer and less prone to stretching than other parts (like the belly.) If a hide is big enough you could probably get some strips from the back up to 80 inches, but it would have to be the right sized hide. I recommend talking to a leather supplier that will work with you and explain what you are after. Some suppliers will sell just back pieces for belt makers and they could select ones that are long enough for your needs. Springfield Leather (they are a sponsor here) will cut leather to your needs so if they don't carry backs they probably would cut that part from a full side of leather and just sell you what you need. Good luck! Bob
  9. Trimming leather

    Welcome to the forum! There are several types of knives that can do this kind of job including round knives and special skiving knives. The one that Rodney mentioned above is probably one of the safer ones to use. Two things to keep in mind 1) whatever you use needs to be extremely sharp to work properly and 2) always make sure your fingers are never in front of the blade. It's really easy for the knife to slip when doing this kind of work and if its sharp enough to skive leather it will certainly cut into your hand.
  10. Jill of All Trades - Greetings from 78666

    Welcome, nice work! Look forward to seeing more.
  11. Not too much more work Jeff. It's one of the bigger geometric stamps I have and the work goes really quick. I don't have to be super precise like with a basket weave stamp either. Thank you very much Chris.
  12. Thanks all for the kind words. To answer the questions by @LederRudi and @garypl I start stamping at the bottom and work my way up. I do a row of the shell stamps across the bottom and them stamp a row above it working my way to the top. I keep a ruler handy so I can check the rows periodically to make sure they are staying even. Also, the shell stamp and the filler inside it (it's actually two stamps used together) come from Barry King. The leather was 6 oz. leather from American Leather Direct. I've really liked the side I bought from them and will buy from them again.
  13. This was a project I made earlier this year. I was contacted by a woman that wanted a 5x8 notebook with a floral carving that matched the sunflower designs on her saddle. After she sent me some pictures this is what I came up with and she loved it. She chose the shell design for the back because she thought that just looked cool.
  14. Very nice looking belt. Making a oak leaf belt is on my list of things to do someday. Yours looks great.
  15. Stamp makers

    I recommend Grey Ghost Graphics. Jeff Mosby is very responsive and good to work with. His stamps are laser cut Delrin and he can get terrific detail on even small stamps. They hold up to use well (I have two different sizes and they are both several years old) but you can't heat them for use on chrome tan leathers. But that is the only drawback about them.