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  1. Book Covers

    They look good.
  2. Question on blotch antique dye

    If you are not using a resist like Resolene or any of the lacquer type products, the leather may be absorbing more antique is some spots just based on differences in the firmness of the grain at those spots. When that happens it's penetrating the leather so much that I doubt there is much you could do to remove it. If you are using a resist, you likely had a spot where there wasn't enough of the resist and the antique penetrated it. I've had this problem on several occasions and I recommend using a damp sponge to wipe the project after you've applied the resist. If there are any gaps the leather will darken and you'll know you need another coat.
  3. how to do a liner on this box purse?

    I'm curious to see how this turns out too. I've wanted to do this but I'm not sure how to attach the liner either.
  4. I think it looks great!
  5. Flipflops

    There was also an article in the Leather Crafters and Saddlers Journal just recently. I think it was the Jan/Feb issue but I'm not certain.
  6. Edge braiding a bag with fringe

    I do a lot of edge braiding but I've never tried to incorporate fringe. I try to help though. Do you have any pictures of the look you want to achieve? Also, how did you attach the fringe in this picture?
  7. Leather Jewelry With Stone Inlay

    Hello and welcome to the forum! These look like conchos, particularly the second one. A concho would be either riveted or attached with a screw to the leather. Whenever I see a metal bezel on the stone it means it's probably mechanically attached with a screw or rivet. For the first one, the three stones may be attached to a metal plate that is being held in place by the four round silver knobs between the stones.
  8. Advice wanted for leather on outer garments.

    My wife has a veg tan wallet with Liquitex acrylic paints on it's tooling that has accidentally been through the washing machine twice now. No damage to the painted tooling at all.
  9. Tuco

    This is fantastic Rudi! Doing any human portrait is hard because we're all very familiar with what a persons features should look like and anything out of proportion looks off. Your looks great! Bob
  10. Question on process

    Nice idea! Personally I would do two steps differently. I would dye first and then apply the Neatsfoot oil to help set the dye pigments in the leather better and to replace some of the oils that dyeing seems to break down. Dyeing seems to dry out the leather so in my mind oiling afterwards helps restore the leather. Second, I would do hand stitching before finishing the edges, but that's just me. Good luck, you'll have to post your hand stitched version. Bob
  11. Geometric Stamped Wrist Cuffs

    Looks very clean Mike!
  12. Hobbles

    Nice work on the stamping.
  13. Hi Nick, My notebooks typically have a pigskin lining across the entire tooled outer part. On smaller notebooks I just cut a slot in the lining that the notepad can slide into, and that part of the lining doesn't get glued to the tooled outer cover so the cardboard backing of the notepad can slide into it. I've done the same thing for these bigger 8.5 x 11 notepads and it worked OK but that's a lot of weight to hang off the pigskin. So for these bigger notebooks I prefer to build a separate pocket out of 2/3 oz veg tan leather, cut the slot in that and let that hold the notepad. It gives more support that way. I believe this notebook came from a hide from American Leather Direct. It's the first hide I've gotten from them but it tooled really well. It was a very light veg tan leather, but I've got the same basic light color in tooling leather I've received from Herman Oak and Wicket and Craig. The antiqing actually darkened this quite a bit to a more tan color. Hope that helps! Bob
  14. Tony- I apologize I didn't see your post until now. That is a stamp. It is called a Geer Braid and it's made by Barry King and is available on his website. It makes a great impression of being some kind of sewing or braiding and it worked really well in combination with the lacing. I really should be using it more. Thanks all for the compliments!
  15. That is very elegant! I'm going to try making one too. Thanks for posting!