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  1. That was really helpful. It taught me something about the kinds of leathers I don't normally use. Thanks for posting!
  2. I wish there was a book out there that showed all the different styles and talked about the different elements of each. I've never found one nor have I found much written about what defines a particular style. I've tried to collect bits and pieces about what defines the various styles but much beyond Sheridan and Northwest, I can't tell you much. Most of what I know seems pretty subjective, and there really doesn't seem to be hard and fast rules. As others have said, within each style there were individual traits of the person carving, so it comes down to how much of you goes into your carving style.
  3. You're right, there isn't a whole lot out there that I know of that just talks about how they draw the flowers or leaves. I picked up a lot of it just by studying the work of other artists and trying to draw flowers they use. There is one book out there that does cover some basics on drawing flowers, and I learned a lot from it. Leather Wranglers (yes, the swivel knife company) sells it. Part of the book covers a floral design class that the author, Billy Wootres gave when he was alive. the link is below. Also, I highly recommend the Sheridan Style carving book. That is one of my favorites for learning floral carving. Bob
  4. My first thought when I saw the stamp in your post was the movie Frozen. It looked like a snowflake to me at first. I'm guessing there isn't a market out there for Frozen themed holsters...
  5. Another possibility is a filigree blade for your swivel knife. I have a narrow blade for my Leatherwrangler's swivel knife that they make. It gives me very good control of the blade and I feel a lot more comfortable using this than a scalpel or Xacto knife.
  6. Thank you for posting these!
  7. I would recommend contacting the people at Bee Natural Leather products. I know they have several different leather cleaners and conditioners depending on the type of leather you have. My guess is that is probably a chrome tan leather but they would be able to look at your pictures and make a recommendation. Their products are very good but I doubt they will be able to remove that stain. But, you never know till you try.
  8. Really nice Chief! It looks great!
  9. I like it, especially the edges. The stitching looks nice too.
  10. Acrylic paint certainly could work for this since it's for the wedding and it only needs to look perfect the first time. I've had really good luck using acrylics on veg tan leather and having them hold up well. I've even had a small wallet with a acrylic butterfly painted on it survive going through the washer not once but twice! For a dog collar where there will be moisture and wear, I would think the paint would work off eventually but it will still look fine for next weekend. Just make sure your leather is well cleaned before applying the paint. If you oil your collars make sure the oil has plenty of time to soak in (at least 24 hours) before trying to paint. NOTE: If you normally use Latigo or some other type of leather that comes with lots of oil or fats already in it, I don't know how well the paint will bond to it. I just don't have any experience with those. Hope this helps, Bob
  11. Looks very nice inside and out. You've got that basket stamp running perfectly straight! Bob
  12. Hello Tommo, I oiled the leather using Neatsfoot oil (and yes Kelperts, it did get a really nice color from it) and then I applied Wyosheen (formerly from Sheridan Leather Outfitters but now distributed by Barry King) as a resist. I then antiqued it with Tandy Eco-Flo Tan. thanks, Bob
  13. I think it turned out really nice. I like the final color of the bag. Nice job on the stitching too.