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  1. Thanks for the words of wisdom Ray. While I don't do this full time I do try to run it as a business. I don't have tons of orders but I do always have something going on. With a full time job and young children I always have other demands on my time, so it's always a struggle to balance work, family and leather work.
  2. The color you are dyeing could be part of the problem. Darker colors tend to make carving and stamping details disappear just because they absorb so much light. Dyeing black will hide much detail in the leather. Alpha2 may have had the best solution for you. Antiquing adds color but also highlights the detail in your carving, adding depth.
  3. Nice work Rohn! I think in just a couple of weeks you exceeded my entire production capability for the year! Bob
  4. This was a custom order I finished up recently for the wife of a coworker. He had a very specific design in mind with wild roses in the foreground and a mountain scene in the background. He also wanted the roses to have some color but the rest of the scene to retain the natural leather color. Both he and his wife were thrilled with how it turned out, and since I've known both of them for over 20 years it was important to do a spectacular job. The flowers were colored with acrylics and the overall notebook was antiqued. For some reason I didn't think to take pictures of the interior, but it holds a 8.5 x 11 refillable notepad.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion fredk, hadn't thought of trying a stretchy leather like that. I'll give that a shot. I agree about the Velcro.
  6. Thanks Michelle, I agree with you on the elastic. I used it here because I didn't know the diameters of the dart barrels in this case, and since the top is open and the darts could potentially just slide out of the case, I didn't want to take the chance of having leather loops that were too big. It's one of the design concerns I have about this case and if I make a second one I think I will make it zippered so everything is contained if it gets loose inside. I agree on the Velcro too. I've used it when I can't come up with a good way to use a snap.
  7. It looks great, very good use of color.
  8. This stamp is made by Wayne Jueschke in Elco, NV. He makes some of the best geometrics in the business, IMO.
  9. Sorry Mike, I didn't think to take any with the darts and flights in it.
  10. Thanks! I'm always working on new skills and techniques.
  11. I've used common Liquitex acrylics (available in almost any craft or art supply store) with good results. My wife once made a wallet for herself with a carved and painted butterfly on the front. It's been through the washing machine twice and the paint is still holding up very well, not showing much wear and is completely useable. Bob
  12. I haven't posted anything I made for a while. This goes back to my Christmas orders and it's the first time I've tried making a case for darts. There are some things I'll do differently on the next one and I see lots of room for improvement, but overall I'm happy with it and the customer's boyfriend loved it. The outer part was 3/4 oz. vegtan. The interior was made with a 2 oz. vegtan and a pigskin liner. The top part of the interior in this picture (which is actually the left side) holds the flights (the fins on the back of the dart) and has a pocket at the bottom which can hold the dart points, both of which can be removed from the darts. The right hand side has elastic loops to hold the barrels of three darts with a open pocket at the bottom to enclose the points if they are still attached to the barrels. Like I said, plenty of room for improvement especially with the stitching (which was all done by hand) but not bad for a first for me. Bob
  13. Looking good!