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  1. Acrylic paint certainly could work for this since it's for the wedding and it only needs to look perfect the first time. I've had really good luck using acrylics on veg tan leather and having them hold up well. I've even had a small wallet with a acrylic butterfly painted on it survive going through the washer not once but twice! For a dog collar where there will be moisture and wear, I would think the paint would work off eventually but it will still look fine for next weekend. Just make sure your leather is well cleaned before applying the paint. If you oil your collars make sure the oil has plenty of time to soak in (at least 24 hours) before trying to paint. NOTE: If you normally use Latigo or some other type of leather that comes with lots of oil or fats already in it, I don't know how well the paint will bond to it. I just don't have any experience with those. Hope this helps, Bob
  2. Looks very nice inside and out. You've got that basket stamp running perfectly straight! Bob
  3. Hello Tommo, I oiled the leather using Neatsfoot oil (and yes Kelperts, it did get a really nice color from it) and then I applied Wyosheen (formerly from Sheridan Leather Outfitters but now distributed by Barry King) as a resist. I then antiqued it with Tandy Eco-Flo Tan. thanks, Bob
  4. I think it turned out really nice. I like the final color of the bag. Nice job on the stitching too.
  5. Absolutely Colt, its been my lining of choice pretty much since I started making these.
  6. Tom, I've been impressed with these sorts of journals too and thought about making them. For the middle one I've assumed there are veg tan leather plugs under the brows, cheekbones, nose and lips giving them structure and then the thinner leather skin is glued to it. The others with the finer wrinkles are probably formed similarly. At least that's how I planned on going about making one someday. Haven't tried it yet to see how well my theory works out. Bob
  7. Yes Sir, it's a thin pigskin from Tandy. The outside is a side I picked up from American Leather Direct, and I was pleasantly surprised by it. It tooled very well. I'll probably be purchasing more leather from them in the future. Bob
  8. Here is a custom order I just finished and sent out to it's new owner this past weekend. He wanted a cover to hold a hard bound field notebook with floral designs in the corners and the state of Texas in the center with his initial and a star for where his corporate office is located. It was originally supposed to be basket stamped around the state but after a few unsuccessful tries we ended up using a Robert Beard matting tool that gives an effect like fiberglass, and the final result turned out great, much better that the original basket stamp idea. Finished it off with round braid on the edges, Due to the thickness of the leather it took a long time to lace the whole thing. Just heard from the customer tonight that he received it and he said he "cannot say enough good things about it." That is the best feedback I could hope for.
  9. Nice little case, thanks for sharing!
  10. Welcome to the forum! Good advice above, especially Red's about the step by step carving post. Also, I'd encourage you to post your work here for critique and advice. The people here are very good about providing kind critiques to help you improve. Bob
  11. You did! Let me know if you think the oxblood dye will work. Bob
  12. That looks really cool! Absolutely, I have made similar things in the past. Contact me at 'candbleather at frii dot com ' or via my Etsy shop. I would be honored to make this.
  13. Hello, I believe I can do this. I would like to see the pattern you want on the leather but I would be glad to make this for you. You can see examples of my work in my Etsy shop or gallery entries on this site. Bob Blea