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  1. I would like the scan to bruce, those frames look outstanding. Keith
  2. Outstanding work!!! That's one nice case.
  3. Looks good, can't wait to see it finished
  4. Looks Good Freak, Great Eastwood Siloute.
  5. Good looking wallet Don you done a great job as always
  6. Clay, i'm plannning on attending, i'll let you know how it turned out. Keith
  7. Looks good.
  8. Welcome Yaklady,Love your work so life like. Trees ND ain't got any of them, at least not the part i was based in while in the service. Must have been his and her's praire dog holes (dac rat's). Keith
  9. Will do Pete, thanks for the invite, because this old boy needs all the help he can get.
  10. Pete, i'm located in Malvern about an hour south of Little Rock. Where are you located
  11. First off let me say a big thank you for all you great artists whose work I admired in this group for the last year, as a beginner leatherworker I amazes me at some of the projects and help I see on this board, I hope someday to be as good as the rest of ya’ll. Here is a couple of bible covers I made this past week.