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  1. Nice work. Gun belts great and I really like that first holster
  2. Thank you all for the positive comments. RWP lacing is simple and I enjoy it more than hand stitching. I have made some solo motorcycle seats and a few wallets that I laced so it translates over to the holster quite easily. I do think I could have approached it from a different direction to make a cleaner lacing job. That just means I get to try again and do it better the next go round. Thanks Justin
  3. I dont post here much at all but i figure since ive learned all i know from lurking ill start showing off some of my finished work. I made this rig for my Smith & Wesson model 10 3". It's my first holster. It's retention is nice right now but I think it's gonna loosen up a bit because i made the lace line a tad farther from the gun than i wanted. I decided I wanted an old western look that can conceal easier. I went with a Will Gormley "hand of god" hammer tie down. It helps with the retention too. The floral pattern also sorta resembles that rig. Let me know what ya think. I used a vacuum press to mold it and I lightly boned in the shape of the pistol on the outside. It's lined with a soft pebble grain natural color leather.
  4. I looked at it before I read the story and thought that looks pretty cool. It doesn't look like it was any type of pattern. Just random stamp placement. It works. The dark stain looks great. The knife is kick ass. Great job you and her both.