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    Tandy's New Clicker Press

    Hey Guys, I figured I respond to this post, who better to talk to then the designer himself right... So yes this machine is exactly as strathmoredesigns mentioned. I will be the first one to tell you that swing head clicker presses are by far the best solutions for the vast majority of leather workers. Lasers have their place as do other types of clickers this one being the "other" type. Here at Ivan Leathercraft, we do resell the Lucris MA series 3 It's a great little machine it's just a beast to ship and move. We use the weaver one in our store. It is also a pretty good option to consider but the same problem. Our factory uses Atom industrial clickers. There are a lot of great swing head style clickers out there already. So why in the world design this clicker press?!!? The answer to that is quite simple really. This clicker tandy is selling is really designed for cutting small scrap leather (of any weight) and not too much more. We have also found that there has been a trend towards people buying small A4 sheet leather cuttings for jewelry type stuff wallets etc. That's all good and all but, to be honest, my biggest challenge was the weight and power requirement this machine had to meet. This guy can put down over 6 tons of power before things get dicey from a structural standpoint ( that translates to a person hanging on the end of the handle without feet on the floor). On top of that keep the whole thing below 70lbs packaged. Trust me it not easy. But I am not here to defend the design just letting you serious guys understand the product intent. I do appreciate reading all the comments. I foresaw many of these things from the seasoned leather community but its good to hear none the less. The Tipping machine and the Clicker press share the same dual drive cam design so the power output on both the machines is the same. The Clicker thou uses four stabilizer trunnions to keep the plate level and power delivery across the plate even. If you have any questions let me know. So like Tandy we are dedicated to teaching leathercraft to schools and students of all ages. Some of the machines we have been putting out of late tries to help simplify and speed up some tedious processes on a small scale. Who knows maybe in my spare time I'll revisit the swing head clicker press. Best,