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  1. A hardware store like Lowes that has assortments of hard to find items. Usually found in display boxes stocked by the nuts, bolts, and assorted metal stuff. Some of the faucet washers may also work.
  2. I made one of these for my Ruger Commander. Very comfortable carry holster. Getting to where I don't even think about the carry gun being there. If I catch another cow, I'll give the Avenger style a try. Thank you for the pattern.
  3. It's a hand made work of art. What you, the maker, call a mistake is actually a feature making it unique. Just don't point it out to everybody as a mistake.
  4. Everybody here has a box or drawer filled with practice holsters they really don't want the world to see. You don't know what its going to look like until you try. I have a dozen or so, and have given a few as gifts, and I don't feel comfortable showing my attempts. But I can see almost every flaw in my holsters. Next one will always be better.
  5. It's a feature, not a mistake. Works for Microsoft.
  6. I didn't know rattlesnake was common in Sweden. Beautiful work. The stitching is really nice.
  7. Beautiful holster. A shame to wrap it around a Glock.
  8. This makes real sense. You may also consider using a camera to record the condition of the weapon, and a lockable secure storage area. It's what can be proved in court that counts.(I was going to make a comment about conservatives and justice vs volume, but that made as much sense as the comment about Democrats)
  9. The leather is beautiful. I don't know how to describe the Damascus blade without drooling.
  10. Nice piece of steel-very impressive. The leather is beautiful.