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  1. Extra Blue Gun

    Jboss I messaged you.
  2. Because of a snafu I now have a duplicate Rings Springfield micro compact 1911 (3" 1911). This thing is brand new never been used. I would love to trade this to somebody, anybody need one of these?
  3. Neat, For A Glock.

    Eagle What maul has helped you so much? Not sure how you keep the tooling from washing out during forming, I have gone to putting tooling on a separate panel because mine washout so bad. Looks great as usual.
  4. Holsters In Demand

    I'm not judging anybody because they can't afford a high quality holster. I'm a working man with a large family so I know about the value of things. I've just had a couple of rude potential customers lately. Example: I engage in a lengthy correspondence with a customer about a very customized holster requiring a magazine pouch integrated into the holster. So I figure the price of a holster and the price of a mag pouch, knock $20 dollars of that. After sending the price message never hear from the customer again. That just rude. At least tell me "no I can't afford that thanks, I'm going to have to stick with my uncle mikes". He could have even negotiated with me, he might have told me he was vet in which case I would have given him a substantial discount.
  5. Holsters In Demand

    I scare a lot of people off with price. I really don't know why some one would even want a cheap leather holster? I won't sell a holster for less than $80 and that sends the cheap skates running. With $20+/- of leather $5000 worth of dedicated tools in the shop you are still basically giving a holster away at $80. Sorry ranting had a couple of annoying cheap skates this week.
  6. What Is The Name

    The correct terminology I believe for that style would be a 'wallet holster'. This is a pocket holster:
  7. 5 5/16" long x 7/8" wide, wholes drilled 3/8 from end and 5/8 from end respectively. That's how I do it. I used to make them a bit shorter but those were not compatible with heavy gun belts. I agree 7/8 is a little heavy.
  8. I like your use of negative contours(I don't know what else to call them) very unique and very cool!
  9. I agree with Jake 100% on this. Less than 20° for sure, I like to start my duty sized patterns at 15°. I really dislike the "dislocate your shoulder" awkwardness of the extreme canted holster.
  10. Should fit Gen 3 holsters perfectly. The only dimensional change is in the blackstrap.
  11. As usual your fit & finish is exceptional! Love the color too.
  12. Horse Shoulder Holster

    Fair enough Lobo. I'm not going to argue with a guy who's been in the business since before I was born. I was asked by Josh to state my opinion and I did. Let me change my statement to this: in my own situation I know that I can make a vastly superior holster using cow hide than i can using horse. Also maybe an up charge is necessary because many of the horse butts you buy will not be suitable for holsters.
  13. Horse Shoulder Holster

    Josh I was not insinuating that you were doing anything wrong. Far from it, I think that your shoulder holster looks great and at $120 you are practically giving it away. I was speaking generally about the use of horse in holster making, not you. I just think up charging $10 to make a standard holster in horse is silly. Just my opinion. You were correct I have had bad experiences with horse, SLC horse butt same as you.
  14. Horse Shoulder Holster

    I dislike it so much that it would be easier for me to just say that I feel cow hide is superior in every point of comparison. The absolute worst feature of horse in my experience is that it does not hold its rigidity after formed and dried, like say a month down the road your retention is massively degraded. I find it silly that some holster makers are promoting horse as a premium product. They are up charging customers for materials that cost less, I find that a little bit disingenuous to put it nicely.
  15. Horse Shoulder Holster

    I don't like horse but I got to admit that you really made that look nice.