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  1. fixing leather to a corset

    Something like Evo-stick contact adhesive should do it. Follow the instructions and work in a well ventilated area.
  2. Rivet Setter From Ebay?

    That doesn't sound like any of the rivet dies I have for my machine. Mine are all solid metal, no springs or rubber gaskets.The only ones with gaskets are the snap dies, and both the eyelet and snaps have springs on some.
  3. Leather Unltd Order Issues

    Does anyone know the people at Leather Unltd? http://leatherunltd.com/index.html I placed an order with them (Order Number: 55625) over a month ago and I've had nothing but the automated website response since, despite emailing more than once. I'm in Australia, their work day finished as I got up this morning, so they'd already put the phone on answering machine when I called. If this goes on much longer I'll have to put in a Paypal refund request! All I want is a keyfob mallet die :/
  4. Angelus had a neutral mixer to use instead of the alcohol, I was told by the shop (Lefflers, AU) alcohol didn't work too well so you should always use the neutral to lighten
  5. 3D Printing And Leather

    Good idea I'd probably do the end as an English point instead of round, of you could model it, but yeah, nice idea
  6. I use Aussie Leather Conditioner. Doesn't darken much at all, and water just beads up on it even after the first application
  7. Write On Leather Strap

    That I can't help with, I've only seen the Angelus ones, sorry. Maybe get a pen like that and flood it with dye?
  8. Write On Leather Strap

    Angelus do one like that for their dye, it's in 2 versions, chisel tip and fine tip.
  9. Rear Fender Bibs

    Thanks for this, just got asked to do a fender bib for a lady and this tutorial is perfect
  10. Leather Dye And Bleeding

    What's the inside dyed with? Antique gel? I've only ever used that on the grain side, not the flesh. You'll need a proper sealer I should think, aussie conditioner is not a sealer
  11. I'd say closed off, or you'll have no guide as to where to resist to
  12. Thank you for this, very informative I'm going to try it in the morning I think!
  13. Dye Leaking

    By buffing they mean getting a cloth and rubbing it until no dye comes off. Which is why I don't use those dyes The dye I use needs no buffing to get rid of excess, you just spray'brush it on, seal, and go. Job done.
  14. Dye Leaking

    This is the precise reason I won't use Fiebings oil dyes. I use Cobblestones spirit dyes and I've never had issues with dye bleeding. The only issue I have at all is they are almost impossible to resist against for 2-tone work.