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  1. slim jim holster

    Something kind of like this. Just a very rough draft...
  2. slim jim holster

    Or perhaps a full skirt with a sheath stitched to it at an angle? Not sure how that would look or work. Knife would actually be between the skirt and the holster. Or perhaps behind the skirt with the handle coming up behind the pistol butt.
  3. Did something kinda similar, on purpose no less, LOL
  4. California Slim Jim

    I made a meander stamp for that sort of border, takes a bit of practice and starting on the sharpest corner to get the right spacing. Beautiful holster! I need to make one for my Blackhawk, I've actually made one for it in the 40 years I have owned it, LOL!
  5. I get mine from Tractor Supply in the horse care section.
  6. Another Heritage Set

    Very nice indeed!
  7. I pretty much stopped making buscadero belts, I just make 2 to 2 1/2 inch slightly curved belts. Easier and more historically accurate. But, buscadero belts look a whole lot better.
  8. Rifle cuff sliding

    Here's one I made for my '94 Marlin Cowboy.
  9. Well, you could turn it around, no tooling and call it lizard! Seriously, though, real nice job! Don't really see a need for another stitch line.
  10. Nice! Really like the stitching. I came up with a similar style holster and made a 'Josey' style buckle from a close out buckle I got dirt cheap, wish I had bought more!
  11. making my own Stamps

    I've been making tools out of old 'T' bolts where I work. Once the threads are shot, we were throwing them away. They are high carbon steel, so rust can be a problem, but I have made special bevels, backgrounders and a few 3D stamps.
  12. Tandy Euro Bend

    My experience with Tandy is not so good either.
  13. I have that same pistol and a matching 1860 Army. I really like the holster, it compliments the pistol nicely.
  14. Dragoon Holsters

    Besides, I like Jim's better! I got smart (for a change) and copied it down onto poster board and saved if I can just find it...
  15. Isn't that the 'Anderson Walk and Cry' model?
  16. Very nice indeed, I have used those same roses on a couple of Cheyenne style rigs.
  17. The U.S. stamping, from what I understand, depended of the manufacturer. Some did it, some did not. The oval part supposedly did not come along until the Indian War period. Once again, it depended on the contractor, kinda like now, LOL.
  18. Carving Lesson 101

    I've been doing leather for more than 30 years, yet I learned a lot from this. Funny how little things get away from you. A wise man once told me that the intelligent man never stops learning.
  19. The picture of the EA-6s brings back some memories, LOL
  20. Dragoon Holsters

    I got lucky once and upsized a Navy holster approximately 33% and made a Dragoon holster. Worked okay, just forgot the exact increase.
  21. Chuck Burrows

    Just heard this, been off of CAS for a while, I learned a lot from him myself. RIP Chuck.
  22. Dual Rig Holster

    Very cool!
  23. I carry a percussion pistol on a cartridge belt, personally, because I also carry a 1894 Winchester Trapper when I'm working out on the land. Looks a little weird, but serves the purpose.
  24. I like it! The slight fade adds character to it, not in your face, just a bit more subtle.
  25. I just got a stamp myself, saves a LOT of time, lol.