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  1. I have that same pistol and a matching 1860 Army. I really like the holster, it compliments the pistol nicely.
  2. Besides, I like Jim's better! I got smart (for a change) and copied it down onto poster board and saved if I can just find it...
  3. Isn't that the 'Anderson Walk and Cry' model?
  4. Very nice indeed, I have used those same roses on a couple of Cheyenne style rigs.
  5. The U.S. stamping, from what I understand, depended of the manufacturer. Some did it, some did not. The oval part supposedly did not come along until the Indian War period. Once again, it depended on the contractor, kinda like now, LOL.
  6. I've been doing leather for more than 30 years, yet I learned a lot from this. Funny how little things get away from you. A wise man once told me that the intelligent man never stops learning.
  7. The picture of the EA-6s brings back some memories, LOL
  8. I got lucky once and upsized a Navy holster approximately 33% and made a Dragoon holster. Worked okay, just forgot the exact increase.
  9. Just heard this, been off of CAS for a while, I learned a lot from him myself. RIP Chuck.
  10. Very cool!
  11. I carry a percussion pistol on a cartridge belt, personally, because I also carry a 1894 Winchester Trapper when I'm working out on the land. Looks a little weird, but serves the purpose.
  12. I like it! The slight fade adds character to it, not in your face, just a bit more subtle.
  13. I just got a stamp myself, saves a LOT of time, lol.
  14. I know what you mean, been trying to find the Cheyenne holster pattern. Try his site. It's listed there at $40.00 USD.
  15. JLS, Been meaning to send a big Thank You for the Slim Jim, 1863, California patterns, etc. The carving patterns are great also! Been trying to get into gear and get some built and pics up here, hopefully soon I will.
  16. On the count of three, we draw young'uns, one....two...
  17. Really like your patterns. The California carving patterns are beautiful and not overly complicated.
  18. I made one a few (no, wait, twenty) years ago based on the one in the book. Mine is completely round. I use it to store my SASS gear.
  19. Thanks, extremely helpful, quite generous indeed!
  20. Probably the best instruction I have seen on basketweave! I've done quite a bit and the most taxing was on a Buscadero with a drop in the top edge of the belt. Essentially, the belt is a constant width. Complex curves and basket weave don't really get along very well! LOL
  21. I have noticed how so many CW patterns have CS in the oval. From my understanding, the South didn't mark them this way, but it still looks good. There were also a lot of different designs the Confederacy used, there wasn't much of a 'standard' design.
  22. Nice rig and nice Open Tops! I plan on making at least one for my 1860 Army or Leech Rigdon.
  23. My first floral belt was, in a word, hideous. Never can seem to keep the cuts even, or even finish the same as I started. So, I cheated and got a Craftool. Geometric, inverted even figures I don't have much problem with at all, just floral. I love Sheridan, just can't seem to get the knack. I also have arthritis which hampers me a lot, hands just get too tired. Therein lies the main part of the problem. Starting...stopping...starting again...stopping again. Continuity is my major failing.