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  1. Thanks, I did that, just didn't know the correct sizes. Great for staged photos. Love the belt.
  2. An odd question, but, where can I find reproduction paper money from the period? I can find reproduction double eagles, but no paper money.
  3. Book recommendation for beginner

    I have seen Leather Secrets on Ebay priced from 125.00 to 325.00. I vacillated on it until I decided against it. I am still debating on if that was a good idea.
  4. It was many years ago when I saw it, so I could very easily be mistaken. It does look like the toe is holding it's shape very well for not having a plug, so there must be one.
  5. Dirty deeds done with sheep? I have a bunch of New Zealand sheep skin that I plan on making into vests. (A couple a la Clint)
  6. Nice! Like the stamping. Cool use of basketweave stamps!
  7. I have seen the original (or a direct copy of it) in the museum on board the USS Theodore Roosevelt and as I recall, this was better than twenty years ago, it was stitching for the lining and not a toe plug. They had one of his Winchesters and a Peacemaker on display also. I was ships company and went there every chance I got. It was only open when we were in port and special occasions.
  8. Sling/Cuff combo

    I had the '94 in .357 and I now have one in .45 LC but the '95 would have been awesome.
  9. All the photos I have seen of originals the carving wasn't very deep, not even the Meana's but still pretty intricate and apparently not many tools used either.
  10. I used Oxblood one time to stain a set of pistol grips. They came out...interesting. After about two months they darkened but still looked bright. It also seems that they changed the formula since the early 80's. I understood at the time that there were carcinogens in the original formula. The newer formula seems to be a bit brighter. I preferred the darker. Could just be my imagination.
  11. Does anyone know of a U.S. distributor of these dyes? The colors are extremely vibrant.
  12. I have a quart bottle of Resolene that I bought years ago...I have yet to use any, LOL. I am a creature of habit, I finish with EVOO and neutral shoe polish. I prefer a muted luster instead of a shine. I used Super Sheen for years as well as Neat Lac. I stopped after one bad experience, my own fault, I turned a gunbelt over before the Neat Lac had dried and ruined the finish. That was thirty plus years ago. Still have the belt and I still see the spot...
  13. Many years ago when I first started leatherworking, I made a holster and dyed it with a antique stain. The thing is, it came out a dark wine/purple shade. I have yet to find this shade again in 35 years. I have a feeling the gent in the shop where I first started, (the base hobby shop at NATTC Memphis, TN) may have mixed several partial containers of antique stain as a cost cutting measure. I have come fairly close by mixing Oxblood dye to Mahogany antique finish. Kind of odd, but it worked.
  14. I have made both walnut and vinegaroon . Fortunately black walnut trees line the roads here so that isn't a problem. I reduced my dye each time I make a batch, then combine and reduce again. I get a nice, even medium brown when brushed and a bit darker when immersed.
  15. Never even thought about this. Will have to try it.
  16. Did the opposite thing once. Had a buddy who was left handed that wanted a holster for himself, so, naturally I made it left handed. Turned out he wanted a right handed one to off set a left handed I had made him years before. He loved it, but I let him have it because it wasn't what he originally wanted. Made him a right hand matching. He paid for this one and wound up wearing them together.
  17. Here's one I made about 30 years ago for a Colt Pocket Navy. Very similar except for the toe. It's been around the block a few times, it was my carry holster when I worked on the property. .
  18. Did the same thing on a holster for an 1860 Army. This one takes a separate loop. I have some elk that I had left over from some trousers I made...25 years ago...that I will glue over the flesh side and make a custom holster. Yeah, I hang on to scraps forever, LOL.
  19. slim jim holster

    Something kind of like this. Just a very rough draft...
  20. slim jim holster

    Or perhaps a full skirt with a sheath stitched to it at an angle? Not sure how that would look or work. Knife would actually be between the skirt and the holster. Or perhaps behind the skirt with the handle coming up behind the pistol butt.
  21. Did something kinda similar, on purpose no less, LOL
  22. California Slim Jim

    I made a meander stamp for that sort of border, takes a bit of practice and starting on the sharpest corner to get the right spacing. Beautiful holster! I need to make one for my Blackhawk, I've actually made one for it in the 40 years I have owned it, LOL!
  23. I get mine from Tractor Supply in the horse care section.
  24. Another Heritage Set

    Very nice indeed!
  25. I pretty much stopped making buscadero belts, I just make 2 to 2 1/2 inch slightly curved belts. Easier and more historically accurate. But, buscadero belts look a whole lot better.