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  1. Help-Drawing Your Own Patterns

    I tried buy his Leatherwork book from Double K they said his items had been discontinued.
  2. Howdy everyone, I need some instruction as to how to descale a rattlesnake skin without damaging it. I have searched the forums, but there really isn't any info. One fella talks about using his air compressor but doesn't really go into any detail. Any help would be appreciated, Mike
  3. I agree 100%. It only takes one bad piece to make people think you make crap. Don't take the chance.
  4. That is great! May it be the first of many successes for you!
  5. Tuff Cote is water based. As we know oil and water don't mix. Either go to a spirit based dye and you shouldn't have any issues.
  6. Thanks for the heads up. I will look for it.
  7. Well I have been asking in several forums and sites. What glue is best for filigree and stone setting with leather? For which, I received no great or consistent answer. So I took the glues mentioned most often (except Master's Contact only because I didn't have it and no local supplier as well) Super Glue Future Gel, E6000, Barge & Leathercraft. The first test was glue two 11mm Paula Shell stones with each glue to 5oz vegtan. Then allow 24 hours of dry time. I then determined a series of tests: flex, fold, roll & impact. -Flex was simple twisting of the leather end to end. -Fold was folding the leather both vertical and horizontal along the entire piece of leather. -Roll was rolling the leather end to end, both vertically and horizontally. impact was literally slapping the leather against my work table both stones down and stones up. All of these were repeated many times. The Results: Super Glue Future Gel - was applied to stone back then pressed into leather. Failed the very first test which was the flex test. They popped off like little rockets. E6000 - was applied to stone back. Then pressed to leather. This glue worked well. Had a little stone lifting, but they felt secure and couldn't be easily pulled off with fingers. Fume exposure can cause kidney damage Barge - was applied to both leather and stone backing. Allowed to dry for 10 mins and then applied to each other. Barge did great was some minor edge lifting to stones. Stones felt secure and could not be easily pulled off leather with fingers. Leather craft - was applied to stone back and pressed into leather. There was significant edge lifting to stones. They still felt secure and could not be easily pulled from leather with fingers. Personally I would pick Barge or E6000. Both did equally well with slight stone edge seperation, but secure hold. Sorry for any grammar sentence weirdness. I added this from my phone. Mike
  8. Filagree Glue?

    Hmm...not seeing any consistent answer. I guess that leaves it to personal taste. I just want a piece that is going to hold up to daily use.
  9. Filagree Glue?

    So no votes for any glue besides Barge?
  10. Filagree Glue?

    Howdy folks, I want to start doing some filagree work on wallets backed with snake or alligator. I'm not sure as to which glue to use though. Barge is a two part glue (glue goes on both pieces till dry. Then pressed together.) So that probably won't work so great. So I would love to hear suggestions and or previous success stories. Thanks Mike
  11. What's Happend With Barry King Tools?

    It's all good. I sent him an email. I have a lot of Barry's tools and the quality is impeccable for a decent price. If I have to wait a bit it is ok. I probably just ordered some odd balls he didn't have any stock in. I'm in Florida by the way.
  12. What's Happend With Barry King Tools?

    I placed an order with him on the 13th I haven't heard hide nor hair from him. I paid with PayPall too, money already transferred. I just figured the holidays, but now you got me worried.
  13. Like New Luberto's Classic

    Hey Ken why you getting rid of this if I may ask?