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    Of course leather work, fishing, fly tying, prospecting.

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    no specialty yet
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    everything, would like to do leather fly boxes and fly rod case.
  1. Just finished knife sheath

    looks real nice to me.
  2. I just wanted to tell you I enjoyed your article on the coffee tote in the journal. 

    1. immiketoo


      Thank you sir!  It is a fun, easy project that I use almost daily!

  3. Feeling humbled!

    that is nice work. nice group photo too
  4. My latest belt

    oh I forgot to ask what you used to color the flower centers? very vivid. I have seen some of Don's patterns and they seem to lend themselves well to vivid colors and the dark background.
  5. Working hard this week... wish me luck!

    I think this statement nails it. I think many folks believe this but there are still plenty of folks out there who look for quality hand crafted items.
  6. My latest belt

    you should be proud. great job on all of it. I love the pattern too.
  7. Log Cabin

    that is so very cool. I imagine a great deal of thought goes into each individual piece of leather used.
  8. Working hard this week... wish me luck!

    very nice, i wish you the best at the sale.
  9. New guy

    welcome to the forum. to me watching a blacksmith is fascinating.
  10. More Hawaiian Tooling

    very nice. I cant say i have ever seen a design like that.
  11. carved boots

    very impressive. boot making fascinates me but I am more than a bit intimidated by the process.
  12. Custom Tooled Shoes

    wow, those are impressive
  13. Custom Belt

    I really like it, not overstated and it like the color combo. the color looks like Turquoise to me. I am partial to Turquoise
  14. Ladies long zipper purse

    looks very nice to me. i esp like the interior.
  15. very nice holsters. i esp like the last two.