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  1. Best value for leather

    Used to buy Tandy leather when starting out because price was low. However, I found it tooled and dyed poorly and inconsistently. Now I use only Herman Oak. I buy mostly from Hide House. You can get a wholesale account. I just bought a side of HO 11/13 skirting from Panhandle leather for $195 + $10 shipping. Best price I have found. Not seen it yet. --John
  2. Saddle Soap Application Methods

    Use Fiebings saddle soap bar, not paste. Water, soap, canvas, rub stick is what I do. Then, when dry I usually burnish beeswax rub w canvas --John
  3. I get no response from Dennis Lane about who currently makes trees from his pattern system. I know Bowden makes them, and I got some names from Big Sioux in another forum. Anyone else?--John
  4. Cobra 4 keep stitching?

    I had a similar problem. I talked with a Leather Machine tech at the Pendleton show and he showed me how to adjust a little piece inside the servo motor case. Fixed it easily. Give them a call or send a message to Cobra Steve. -- John
  5. Stirrup frame suppliers?

    Try Weaver Leather Supply. Not sure they have plastic (or metal?) as in photo, but have others. --John
  6. Thoughts on Precision Saddle trees

    Big Sioux, do you know who makes trees from Dennis Lane measurements? I have three trees by Bowden made from DL measurements. For the last one I contacted DL about other tree makers in the US - I didn't see such a list on their website. Never got a reply, so went with Bowden again. Decent trees that fit well and priced much lower than what a high-end (like Nikkel) would cost. --John
  7. I'm lacing stirrup covers. Leather is still damp after molding around stirrup. The lacing awl leaves a slight metal stain. Any way to avoid the stain? A coating on the awl? Also, any tips on avoiding marks/impression from awl made while in setting and pulling lace?---John
  8. How is Teneria skirting now?

    Thanks , Ken. I looked up Panhandle and they have great prices. I'll look into them next I buy leather. I found a Weaver stirrup leather in my leather pile, so was able to do the repair wo/ new purchases. Panhandle looked to be a great deal for leathers. --John
  9. How's the quality of Teneria skirting these days? Some old discussion threads gave it OK ratings. I normally use HO for saddles, but someone wants me to replace stirrup leathers, so I figured Teneria might work well and is quite a bit cheaper than HO or WC at Hide House. Any other skirting brand suggestions? I've bought cut stirrup leathers from Weaver in the past, but I lost my wholesale pricing by not meeting the purchase threshold last year. Retail price for a pair is about $80 so I figured I might just buy a side and cut my own. --John
  10. Plans for a leather splitter?

    Mutt has it right. I spent the money for a Heritage splitter and I find it one of my most used tools. It helps get the most value from your leather. For example, I can match the leather and use scraps to make straps for a saddle or accessories by splitting skirting vs cutting straps from separate side --John
  11. Rex Riveter for sale

    I looked on Tandy site and didn't see #12 rivets, but their tubular rivet is like a 104. Go to the Weaver site and check them out. Splash anvil spreads end in star shape. I use caps. --John
  12. Rex Riveter for sale

    Great! I suspect it will be available Friday --John
  13. Rex Riveter for sale

    Ok, no one was interested. Price change to $30 plus shipping. --John
  14. Tandy craftsman oak

    Stick with high quality Herman Oak or Wicket and Craig leather (my experience) and you won't be disappointed. My experience with Tandy leather is that quality is inconsistent to say the least. I know the price is right, but you'll get frustrated enough with poor results (tooling, dying, finish) and wasted time that you will gladly pay for premium leather. There are lots of threads on this site discussing Tandy leather. - John
  15. Tooling Letters

    All great info! One question: After you trace the lettering from the pattern, do you first cut the letter outline w a swivel knife, then proceed w bevelers? Or, are you using bevelers or modeling tools to outline letters? --John