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  1. Hide House has just about any kind of leather you need and great service and prices. --John
  2. Pigskin is thin, tough, and flexible. Nice pattern look. Tandy often has it on sale. I think their "glazed" lining is not the best - they seem to have changed products since I last bought. Not sure if it is cheaper. I also use it to line phone cases. I have not dyed it, but it takes neatsfoot oil and Resolene. --John
  3. I've used thin veg tan and pigskin for backs. Both are 2/3 oz. Could use thicker veg tan, depending on how thick a belt you want. --John
  4. Tandy sells nice templates with a half dozen strap sizes in one - round and tapered. I use them too with a knife. --John
  5. I put the two lower points of the punch on the cutting board, then pivot forward to place the tip in the center. That helps but is not perfect all the time. Might do a couple times to make sure of even distance between strap and bottom end of punch before hitting the punch. Or might reverse order - point first then bottom. --John
  6. I can't machine stitch for more than a 4-5 inches before the repetitive movement nearly hypnotizes me! I have to stop and refocus for a few seconds before proceeding, or else my stitch line wanders. Does this happen to you? Any way to avoid it without stopping to refocus? I wonder if a different light would help? --John
  7. Hey I was interested to find out what you thought about the panhandle leather hermann oak side you said you were buying. I am about to purchase a side from them but wanted to get some input before I did

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    2. Jason046


      Hey, just giving you an update. Bought a side from them yesterday and the charge was $205 with shipping. Paid with card and later that night got an email saying they modified it and now they charged me 221$. Wondering if they have done this to you?

    3. Squilchuck


      No.  Ordering was no problem. What was their reason?


    4. Jason046


      Haven't had the chance to call them yet

  8. Modifying round punches to make scalloped border?

    I use ground-down round punches to make rosettes. I used a wavy blade for a rotary knife to make a scalloped edge for chap fringe. They make zig zag blades too. Go to the quilting section of a fabric store. Quick and easy with good results. I'll post a photo when I get to my main computer. --John
  9. Best value for leather

    Used to buy Tandy leather when starting out because price was low. However, I found it tooled and dyed poorly and inconsistently. Now I use only Herman Oak. I buy mostly from Hide House. You can get a wholesale account. I just bought a side of HO 11/13 skirting from Panhandle leather for $195 + $10 shipping. Best price I have found. Not seen it yet. --John
  10. Saddle Soap Application Methods

    Use Fiebings saddle soap bar, not paste. Water, soap, canvas, rub stick is what I do. Then, when dry I usually burnish beeswax rub w canvas --John
  11. I get no response from Dennis Lane about who currently makes trees from his pattern system. I know Bowden makes them, and I got some names from Big Sioux in another forum. Anyone else?--John
  12. Cobra 4 keep stitching?

    I had a similar problem. I talked with a Leather Machine tech at the Pendleton show and he showed me how to adjust a little piece inside the servo motor case. Fixed it easily. Give them a call or send a message to Cobra Steve. -- John
  13. Stirrup frame suppliers?

    Try Weaver Leather Supply. Not sure they have plastic (or metal?) as in photo, but have others. --John
  14. Thoughts on Precision Saddle trees

    Big Sioux, do you know who makes trees from Dennis Lane measurements? I have three trees by Bowden made from DL measurements. For the last one I contacted DL about other tree makers in the US - I didn't see such a list on their website. Never got a reply, so went with Bowden again. Decent trees that fit well and priced much lower than what a high-end (like Nikkel) would cost. --John
  15. I'm lacing stirrup covers. Leather is still damp after molding around stirrup. The lacing awl leaves a slight metal stain. Any way to avoid the stain? A coating on the awl? Also, any tips on avoiding marks/impression from awl made while in setting and pulling lace?---John