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  1. Germany Locations

    I don't know where to post this, but I have finally change duty stations to Ansbach Germany. I am still having trouble finding stores around my local area. Does anyone have any resources?
  2. So, I have been window-shopping outside a standard generic store brand sewing machine for some time now. I was just curious how many users have either the Cobra class 17 and 18? And how are you guys enjoying them. I have been trying to email the company for sometime now with no success. I still have an interest in making tactical gear, and I am aware that this is more guided for leather. I have searched other forums with the same desire hobby with little help/ guidance to help me in sewing machines. Does anyone know if I can use a double needle setup? Or have a binder attachment capability. Of the two which one would be good for thick canvas type material (like mil spec Cordura Nylon 1000 denier) and nylon webbing up to ¼ inch thick material without pushing the machine too hard?
  3. Thank you for some guidance. I am still overwhelm buy all these choices out their. I am still window shopping and still trying to learn as much as I can and to make things more interesting is that I am moving to Germany soon. So, with different machines over their and their European power requirements is making things odd.
  4. I know this isn't leather but I am changing my interest into doing military quality work (aviation knee boards, bags, pouches, molle gear and such) and making nylon webbing equipment for dog in a upcoming non profit organization that I am trying to form. I am not new to the sewing concept ideas, but I am new at buying something bigger than your typical store bought machines. I attach three images to give a small idea on what I like to do. I have no clue how to compair machines but generally a good to great machine that could do straight, reverse, adjustable stitches (where you can embed the needle and turn the material to create a uniform stitch), maybe one that could zig zag (mainly the kind that secure molle webbing for pouches), and maybe one that could attach for doing bias binder stitches. I am just looking for guidance on a sewing or a better suitable forums. If anyone know good links or companies that sells military grade materials, snaps, and things. Thanks for taking the time to help a newbie.
  5. I hope this is appropriate to post this comment since it's not leather but nylon fabric. I just wish I had more to invest into leather crafting tools but I have to know my limits and hopefully I could made some money and reinvest into leather. Anyways. I came across this interesting kneeboard concept at this website: http://www.cpgear.com/store/np/pilots_kneeboard.htm . I am wondering if anyone know a good whole seller to buy mil-spec cordura nylon 1000 denier, decorative edging, good Velcro, mesh material, and military quality fabric or equivalent of that nature to make one of this?
  6. I haven't thought about going that route yet. It was really about makers, stores, websites to buy goods from.
  7. For some reason I can't attach a word document to this forum, Sorry. Below is my general list that I have been slowly making b/c I can't find a well one source information sheet and I thought this could be useful to other people. I am looking for help in finding additional information, help me correct some errors in the below document, and comments on this effort. Thanks for reading and the help. -Graham- Current Tool Maker(s) · Barry King: Stamp Tools (http://www.barrykingtools.com/) · Buce Johnson: Vintage Tools (http://brucejohnsonleather.com/content/) · Clay Miller: Stamp Tools (PDF Order: cdmiller4@msn.com or http://www.facebook.com/pages/Leather-Stamps-by-Clay-Miller/120176791368237) · Chuck Smith: Stamp Tools (http://chucksmithleathertools.com/ or http://www.facebook.com/pages/Leather-Stamps-by-Clay-Miller/120176791368237) · Elton Jooristy: Stamp Tools · Gomph-Hackbarth: Stamp Tools & Great 15 Basic Stamp Kit $145.00(Hackbarthtools@hotmail.com) · Jeff Cook: Round Knifes (http://www.jcookblades.com/index.htm) · Robert Beard/ Bob Beard: Pro Series Tools (http://www.robertbeardtools.com/) No Picture for illustration. · Terry Knipschield: Round Knifes and Fancy Knifes (http://www.knipknives.com/landing.php) · Wayne Jueschke: Stamp Tools · Vintage Tool Makers and Company (Last, First name) · Barnsley · Blanchard and later Vergez-Blanchard · Dixon tools · Dodd, William · Eberly, Frank (Stamp Tools) · Fay, Walt (Stamp Tools) · Gomph, Henry · Hackbarth, Ray (Stamp Tools) · Harrington (knives) · Huber · King, Don (Stamp Tools) · Lyle · McMillen (Stamp Toos) · CS Osborne · HF Osborne · Rose, William · Sauerbier, Henry · Wiss · Woodruff, Bill (Stamp Tools) Websites · Tandyleatherfactory.com (Wholesaler- Al Stohlman select brands & Craftool) · leathercraftlibrary.com (Books & more) · Springfieldleather.com (Wholesaler- Osborne) · Leatherwranglers.com (Sk3 Swivel knifes and Hand-Crafted Skivers and Round Knives) · Proleathercarvers.com (Tooling Company unknown quality) · Leatherburnishers.com (Leather Burnishers for Drills or Dermal & Stands) · Blackriverlaser.com (Leather Templates, Custom Request, Leather Oz Sizer) o Ebay: http://stores.ebay.com/BLACK-RIVER-LASER · Usedleathertools.com (Used leather Tools) · Campbell-randall.com (Wholesaler) · Ohiotravelbag.com (Hardware –A lot of em) · Leathermachineco.com (Cobra Machine) Books, Pamphlets, Journals, and Novels (must have) ·
  8. Man, I swear I have tried all types of common words to find a similar thread before posting this with very little results. All nuts.
  9. I hope nothing like this was posted before. I just like to see how different craft artist have their setup in organization, benches, or workshop to help me or possibly other people get an idea or different forms.
  10. Thank you for taking the time to help me out. I am still doing research since I am still learning more and more from this site. I know the major of my beginner tools are going to come from os bourne from springfield and pick up some templetes from black river laser.
  11. Hello, I am very new to the world of leather crafting. The things I would like to do mainly is dog collars and guitar straps for my non profit company. I would like some input in companies so I can get some quality leather tools. I was looking for something in between from poor quality and professional quality. From what I am hearing craftool is a hit and miss, I am just looking for good mallet, round knifes, slickers, stitch groovers, strap cutter (draw gauge), edge bevelers, pretty much all good wooden hand tools and any good books to point me in the right direction. On this forum, I came across some good articles of stamps artist and their quality. I just want a good basic stamp set so I can then build from. Any ideas?
  12. Greetings From Ft. Rucker, Al.

    Hello everyone. My name is Graham, and I would like to be a leather enthusiast. Yep, I caught that leather bug that every leather craftsman or craftswomen talking about. I truly think leather craft is a dying artwork, and I would like to cherish it. In short, I was inspired by a company that makes remarkable dog collars; I would like to create some creations of my own and branch out with guitar straps for my father-in law. With this bit turning into an infection, I would love to create a non-profitable organization to help law enforcement by providing their k9s with bullet proof vest, medical units with oxygen mask for dogs, and help out any neighboring animal shelters with material donations. I am glad I found this website because I thought Tandy Leather Factor was the only leather supplier and now I see there is many more. With that being said, is there list of all good/great makers/artist tools? Any recommendation on a basic tooling set, Books, etc. ? Oh, I forgot to mention that I am in the military and expected to move to Germany in a couple of months. Does anyone know companies over there?