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  1. Good morning all, I have a customer that wants a wallet, gun belt, and holster, all made from oil tanned leather. And, all to be tooled. I have never used oil tanned and can it be dyed and sealed? Any help would be great full. Howard
  2. Good day all, What are some of the things to look for when selecting hides? I won't to go to the store and pick out my leather. I have always ordered over the phone and lately received not bad, but fair leather. The edges are hard and dry, and sometimes a little stiff. This doesn't happen a lot, but don't like sending it back hand having to wait another few weeks for a new delivery. I do understand about bites, cuts, etc., its the quality of the leather its self. I make plain holsters, gun belts and wallets for now. I am teaching myself how to carve, using Billy Hell's post "25 Rounders. Thanks Howard
  3. Thank you all for your responds. Sorry, it took so long in replying, forgot I had a shooting match at the local range today. I do use painter tape on the inside of belts, that was for protecting it from the dye. Tonight I'll give the carving a go. Thanks again, Howard
  4. Hi , I have made holsters and belts, but I haven't not stamped or carved any of them. I brought some coast rounds from Springfield Leather and a BK Starter stamp set in order to teach myself. My question is, would I need to put a backing on the rounds? Also, is their a rule of thumb as to when to use backing on leather? Thanks, Howard
  5. I want to start making my own projects and was wondering what weight leathers do you keep on hand? I don't have a lot of storage space. I want to make holsters, belts and wallets. I was thinking on getting 3/4oz, 6/7oz, 8/9 oz., and so lining leather. My reasoning is that, I could double layer if I needed thicker leather or lining holsters. I have been using kits to get a understanding of different construction. Also, I don't plan on doing much tooling, as I am not very good at it. I have good stamps, just bad operator. What do you think about getting a splitter? Any info would be great. Thanks, Howard
  6. Hi. all How long of belt can I get from a double shoulder? I looked for measurements for different hide cuts. Is there a chart for average hide cuts sizes? I have a request for a 56" gun belt. Howard
  7. Thank you all, I live in Ridgecrest, in the upper Mojave Desert of California, and as far as I know their is only one other person here that does leather. I think I'll do what JLS suggested and buy 6/7 oz. and see if I can make some blanks. I was thinking about buying a crank splitter, as I don't have the strength I use to have before retiring in 1998. Thanks again, Howard Have a great holidays
  8. I would like to split a belt blank for a liner on a gun belt. I was wondering how to split its full length. Most all blanks come 8/9 oz. and I'am not ready to start cutting my own blanks at different weights. I made a gun belt using two blanks, and it turned out to thick. Thank, Howard
  9. RockyAussie, Thanks for responding and I am going to try the T shaping tonight. Thanks again. Have a great and safe day. Howard PS, Duty Calls, off and running
  10. I'm trying to make my first and only wallet, using 1-1/2 to 2 oz. goat. The wallet has 4 card pockets and a bill pocket. My problem is, the edges are so thick. What can I do? Any help would be great Thanks, Howard
  11. The same as you. Very Nice
  12. May you all have a Great and Safe Holidays. Enjoy your families Eat, drink, and merry. Live is to short, and time flies by to fast. Howard
  13. I am getting ready to make some belts for the Holidays and opened my order from Black River Laser that I received in Oct 2015. It had a few items, one which was to be a 6 piece 1-1/4" & 1-1/2" belt end template set with tapered & square ends. What I received was a 10 piece set with NO SQUARE ENDS. The receipt said "Upgraded to 10 piece template". This is a great example of "bait and switch", don't have 6 piece set, so throw something in the package and ship it. I paid and received something I didn't order and didn't want. To bad they didn't have a 15 piece set that included the square ends, that would have been a real upgrade. P.S. I would have called Joyce, but Black River Laser knows what they did. Cheat me the first time, your fault Cheat me the second time, my fault With me there is NO second time
  14. Electrathon, Your idea worked great. With girls in the family I'll never run out of polish. Thank you Howard
  15. Billy Hell, That was a great find, and will be a nice work station. Thor's stool looks good for a workstation set also. Thanks for posting.