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  1. Big stitching holes

    alpha2, yes I have other leather. After posting this thread last night, I decided to make a new wallet outed. I agree with you, thats the only way to make a nice wallet. The kit had thin waxed thread. Thanks for your input. Howard
  2. Big stitching holes

    The leather kit holes are soooo big. What size thread would you use so that the holes don't show after stitching? I have aways used an awl with 207 or 277 thread, and they look thin in these holes. I only hand stitch, it helps me to relax. This is my first and last kit I will do. A friend bought the wallet kit and wants me do the carving/tooling, doesn't want it laced. Any ideas would help. I'm going to try some para-cord with scrap leather to see how it would look. Thank, Howard Have a wonderful holidays
  3. Sewing Machine

    Wizcrafts, Yes I can get the info, but in a few days. Its at another persons home. They are off the grid so to speak. No phone. I came across the family while deer hunting. Thanks, Howard
  4. Sewing Machine

    Hi: Its great today, sun, clear skies, 97 degrees. Can you use a parachute sewing machine to sew leather? I plan on buying jest for the table. it sews ok, but just was wondering. Howard
  5. How deep should I cut

    northmount, thanks for your responds. I always wondered about thin/thick because of the (oz.)
  6. How deep should I cut

    Where does thin leather stop and thick leather start?
  7. First post was for fun, but I made one of those for metal detecting. Some people use a screw driver.
  8. Looks like 2 metal rods welded together. LOL
  9. Why coaster leather sealed? I thought coaster were for moisture protection. Howard
  10. Hi, All, How do you cut out patterns? Do you cut on the line, on the inside edge of the line, or on the outside edge of the line? The reason I'm asking, is because sometimes my pattern parts don't match up. Some were on this site I seen this discussed but can't find it again. It had something to do with the width of the pattern line. Thanks, Howard
  11. Leatherworking stump

    Moto, I also like a stump for leather working, but I live in the upper Mojave desert of California. Not many big trees here. I went to our water district and got a cut off of 20" PVC pipe. I made a base and top out of glued 3/4" oak plywood that extended 3" into the pipe Filled the pipe with compacted sand, than installed the top by forcing it into the sand. Screwed the base and top with SS screws. I than attached a strap for my tools. I have used the stump for 3 years now, and really like it. Howard
  12. Good morning all, I have a customer that wants a wallet, gun belt, and holster, all made from oil tanned leather. And, all to be tooled. I have never used oil tanned and can it be dyed and sealed? Any help would be great full. Howard
  13. Good day all, What are some of the things to look for when selecting hides? I won't to go to the store and pick out my leather. I have always ordered over the phone and lately received not bad, but fair leather. The edges are hard and dry, and sometimes a little stiff. This doesn't happen a lot, but don't like sending it back hand having to wait another few weeks for a new delivery. I do understand about bites, cuts, etc., its the quality of the leather its self. I make plain holsters, gun belts and wallets for now. I am teaching myself how to carve, using Billy Hell's post "25 Rounders. Thanks Howard
  14. Leather backing

    Thank you all for your responds. Sorry, it took so long in replying, forgot I had a shooting match at the local range today. I do use painter tape on the inside of belts, that was for protecting it from the dye. Tonight I'll give the carving a go. Thanks again, Howard
  15. Leather backing

    Hi , I have made holsters and belts, but I haven't not stamped or carved any of them. I brought some coast rounds from Springfield Leather and a BK Starter stamp set in order to teach myself. My question is, would I need to put a backing on the rounds? Also, is their a rule of thumb as to when to use backing on leather? Thanks, Howard