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  1. I like leatherworker.net. Really like that I can find all the truly extraordinary talent and willingness to share and help at every level right here.
  2. Welcome from Manchester. There is an active guild that meets monthly in the Hermitage area. I went a couple of times, but it's a 3 hour round-trip for me and so I can't regularly attend. Their website is http://www.sclcg.net/joomla/ If you want to PM me, I will send you the direct e-mail for the current president. Cheers, Mike
  3. beautiful crisp and deep impressions! I wish mine would look that clean.
  4. Absolutely gorgeous! As Tugadude said above, heirloom quality. Or, as Darth Vader would say, "Impressive." Thanks for showing it.
  5. Fine looking work. The little glimpse of the board is a teaser - I just bet the board is of the same caliber workmanship. I'm totally jealous of your friend. I, too, like the offset flap. Thanks for showing it. Beautiful molding.
  6. I have some projects in mind that need a really nice image transfer. Although others do it, I am concerned about using acetone on leather. I have heard of using mod-podge and if you look up Billy 2-shews you will find a link to his video. He is a master at this and uses a product called "Picture This." https://www.plaidonline.com/picture-this-transfer-medium/95/product.htm I hope you find a good solution, and that you will post back your success!
  7. Indiana, To be honest, it doesn't look that far off to me. Maybe the colors are just too bright for a tattered flag. I believe if you make the white more yellow, brown or gray and mute the red and blue with a little white you will be much closer to the final effect you are looking for, and as you wash the colors out you may feel a little better about it. Good luck with it and my bet is you will be much more critical of the final product than your customer. The basic work is good.
  8. Machine collecting can become a hobby in itself. I have a Pfaff 332 that is the spitting image of yours. Welcome to the forum!
  9. Art, When I first started leatherwork, I attended a class where I was totally embarrassed that my best sharpening efforts were very poor. I quickly learned that leather tools need to be surgically sharp. I now sharpen blades on glass with wet/dry paper. Once my blades are sharp, I keep them honed, and I'm one of the guys that hones my razor knifes and scalpel blades. I'm of the belief that keeping a properly sharpened blade honed/polished is all that is needed and that resharpening is almost never required unless it is damaged or nicked. I would like your take on that. Another question -- head knives. Is there any way to set up a jig for sharpening a curved blade? I have one that has a true circular blade and have thought of drilling a hole at the radius & using a bolt to maintain a constant angle for sharpening -- I just haven't built up the courage to drill a hole in a really nice head knife. My others are not truly round or the curve is too large to do this. So what is the best way to get a perfect uniform angle? I am looking forward to this forum! Thanks, Mike
  10. Sweet! Nice and clean. Thanks for the photo.
  11. Can you show a picture of the back? Interested in how the stitching is run. Thanks!
  12. LW, What a great tribute. Are ticket books a standard size everywhere? I can see this as a great community project. Thanks for posting.
  13. Merry Christmas! You are blessed to have such talent - thank you for posting such excellent craftsmanship!
  14. Thank you Kiwican and Tinker Tailor. I have really been dreading this project. I appreciate the thoughts on how to make it doable. Nice pix, Tinker Tailor