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  1. Nice! - JLS does have great patterns and resources. I didn't know he did kits, I will have to check that out. Great looking holster.
  2. Very unique and beautifully done. Thanks for posting this. Very nice braiding and I like your color choices.
  3. I sew first, then insert the clip
  4. I'd round the pointy end at the bottom. It's the only sharp edge on the pouch. Maybe make the curve match the pouch more. Ask for opinions and you'll get a bunch!
  5. Looks pretty in the pictures! Great work!
  6. Concerning "divots" in the bags. I have some Black and Decker bags that are smooth. If you can't find a smooth bag, insert something else in between the bag and the leather. Just about anything that will stretch and not leave fold lines works. A piece of thin foam, thin scrap leather, etc. Nice looking work! The lines flow very cleanly the way you have it. My only concern would be in a quick grab, if you pulled forward on the gun, could the rear sight snag the mag? In the position shown, it looks like it will be OK, but I would probably either move the mag down or forward just a skeench. Thanks for posting!
  7. Good luck with your enterprise!
  8. Thank you HBAR. I might try something like that for my next attempt.
  9. So I jumped in and drew the design, made it first from 1/8" craft foam to get an idea how it would look, then made my first holster. A bunch of firsts - first totally scratch pattern, following JLS tutorial - Thanks!!! First time mixing colors to get "black cherry" as found on other areas on this site. First time using an airbrush. I'm happy with the holster, but jeez I need to work on the stitching. (machine stitched, but I need lots of practice there). Thanks for the tips and the encouragement to do this. But I spent hours drawing it, cutting it out, coloring it, putting it together, and so forth. I just don't understand how those folks on YouTube can make one in three and a half minutes!
  10. Thank you all for walking me through the why of the reinforcement strap. I have been following your work for some time, and that has encouraged me to tackle this project. JLS, I have read your holster pattern design tutorial over and over, and hopefully I'm beginning to understand it. Boriqua, thanks for the pictures. Dwight, I really respect your experience and your opinion here. In this instance the Taurus is fairly compact, but I will pay special attention to the opening (I will add the reinforcement) and making sure the belt loop is substantial. I'll let you know how it works out. Thanks, Mike
  11. My son wants a holster for his birthday. I haven't made a holster before and don't want him shooting himself because of a poor holster. I have settled on an avenger style holster for his Taurus 709 slim. I have pored over this site and much more. JLS, your patterns always come to the top. So on to my question . . .. I have a basic pattern made, but I am not satisfied with the belt channel/reinforcing piece. Perhaps since the gun is small, but everything I try looks clunky to me on the front side of the holster. So now I am wondering is there a need for the reinforcing patch to wrap around or is it mainly for style? I have done a LOT of searching and if there are avenger style holsters without the belt channel wrapping around to the front, I haven't seen them. Any thoughts from you holster experts on stitching a belt loop to the back side of the holster without wrapping it around to the front? Thanks!
  12. Wanted to share a positive experience. I was having trouble with an Iwata airbrush. As far as I could tell, there was nothing wrong with the airbrush, but I could not get the nozzle to screw on & thus it would not work. I called their hotline for some ideas, and.Kirk at tech support advised against me trying to fix it myself (probably wise because I am old & shaky & my eyesight ain't what it was!). He gave me an authorization number and address to send it to. His phone support was superb, I returned it to Iwata, and a few days later received another nice phone message saying it had been repaired and was on its way back to me. Even though it was out of warranty, Iwata repaired it as a courtesy. I don't usually post about these experiences, because every one is different, but this such good customer support and standing behind a product I thought I would pass it along. Mike
  13. Good strop! Add a piece of round braid and you can strop your bevelers, too.
  14. Nice! Your work is very clean and finished. How is the key ring attached to the flap?
  15. You didn't specify what style burnisher you are using in your drill press. If you are not using a "yo-yo" style or something similar, that may be a reason you are getting uneven results. I can achieve an edge burnish I am happy with using the cheap nylon Tandy disk burnisher in my drill press. I use the dowel style burnishers for curves and tight spots, but not for anything like a belt. I also have a disk style burnisher on a sewing machine motor screwed to the edge of my bench. It's really handy for small items and touch up when I'm too lazy to go to the drill press. That said, there are many, many threads on burnishing here on the forums. One variable that is sometimes overlooked is the leather itself. Some burnishes almost effortlessly, others not so much. BTW, I also like Atom Wax.