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  1. The ideas on different feet make total sense now. Brian, thanks for the tip to keep from making needle marks. I totally would have missed that. Since it is a jump foot machine, I still might have an issue with the foot climbing up the edge. I will keep that in mind and do a follow up on this thread once I have made up some alternate feet.
  2. Thanks - that is probably the best overall solution. I really was just wondering if I was missing something or doing something wrong. it is certainly not beyond my capability to make a new foot, I just need to get out there and do it. Appreciating all the responses and encouragement. Love this forum!
  3. Unfortunately, my model predates that one. I checked with him and it would be cost prohibitive (for me) to modify it. It would have to be shipped to him to make the mods. Thanks, John. That is an interesting idea that had not occurred to me. I may give it a try. One of the great things about this forum is getting ideas that you had not considered yourself.
  4. Thanks, Matt. For better or worse, I have a No. 9 stitcher. A beast of a machine, but probably not for this type of work. I have considered trying to come up with another foot, but there is nothing standard that I know of to fit it. I can find very little info on this machine. I have talked to the manufacturer-they are extremely nice, but all parts appear to be handmade (expensive and long lead time). It might be more economical long term to trade machines.
  5. Because of arthritis and other hand issues, I am somewhat limited to machine sewing. I would like to get the stitch line closer to the raised portion of molded pouches. Anyone have suggestions? Or is this going to be the best I can do using a machine? Thanks!!
  6. newbie

    +1 on sandpaper. I use wet/dry sandpaper up to 2000 grit (from auto supply store, although the big W now carries it). I use a glass plate scavenged from an old refrigerator shelf. I spritz a little WD-40 on the glass, and lay the sandpaper on it. Keeps the paper in place. Then another spritz on the sandpaper and sharpen away. Once you sharpen a tool, you should only need to hone it regularly to keep it surgically sharp. Here is a good source for this sharpening method. Good luck!
  7. Do some deep diving on this forum. You can use a google search: site:leatherworker.net wallet pattern or whatever wallet terms you are looking for. Look through the purses, wallets, and belts section for ideas. Check out JLS - he has tutorials on pattern making and has a few wallets. This site has literally thousands of posts that will get you to what you are looking for. And when you make your wallet, post it and you will receive expert reviews on your work. Good luck with your wallets!
  8. Nice, Sanch! I really like the "Cat Daddy" lettering - well done.
  9. Excellent job on the logo. I use screwdrivers for everything that they are not designed for, but that's a new one! Nice job on the sheath.
  10. Nice! - JLS does have great patterns and resources. I didn't know he did kits, I will have to check that out. Great looking holster.
  11. Very unique and beautifully done. Thanks for posting this. Very nice braiding and I like your color choices.
  12. I'd round the pointy end at the bottom. It's the only sharp edge on the pouch. Maybe make the curve match the pouch more. Ask for opinions and you'll get a bunch!
  13. Looks pretty in the pictures! Great work!
  14. Concerning "divots" in the bags. I have some Black and Decker bags that are smooth. If you can't find a smooth bag, insert something else in between the bag and the leather. Just about anything that will stretch and not leave fold lines works. A piece of thin foam, thin scrap leather, etc. Nice looking work! The lines flow very cleanly the way you have it. My only concern would be in a quick grab, if you pulled forward on the gun, could the rear sight snag the mag? In the position shown, it looks like it will be OK, but I would probably either move the mag down or forward just a skeench. Thanks for posting!