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  1. That was done with a machine that sews what is called a "chain stitch". IMHO it really isn't a very strong stitch. I make a lot of those handles, along with the handles I make specifically for Carr Amps, and I would advise using the saddle stitch you are learning. I would also try and pick up some new leather to make a whole new handle. Usually, if the stitching is falling apart, the leather isn't far behind. Good luck with your project.
  2. Before you spend hundreds on leather, it would be better to buy belt blanks from Zack White, Springfield Leather, Tandy, etc. "How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice,practice,practice"... I'm not sure why you want the lace stock, but for belts, suspenders, shields, cases, straps, you will probably need vegetable tanned hides, at various thicknesses...a big investment. Big plans require small steps at first.
  3. Just go back to that page and click on his/her gallery pix. There's several "possible" bags. I forgot which one started this topic, but they are still cool.
  4. My cynical self would normally agree with this, and have experienced just what you are talking about... but after looking at their Facebook page, the style and names comport. If this person is really looking for a mfg, they might try and interact with these comments, and give out a little more information. Most of us are not tooled up for mass producing but, I'm sure there maybe a few of us who are. With too much cynicism, an opportunity might be lost for someone.
  5. Welcome! Chatham County, here. Don't forget that everyone here loves Pix!.
  6. Sometimes, we have to remind our friends that they are the treasure, not the stuff they do.
  7. Welcome VanRhodes. Glad to have you here. It sounds like you could contribute a great deal to the knowledge base of LW. There's plenty of nerdy sewing machines talks here, so get into one of your rigs and jump in.
  8. With all the switching between threads and leathers that I do, I have become quite proficient at adjusting my 3000's timing. I have never really had to adjust anything else on the machine. Not the check spring, not the needlebar, nothing. It always comes down to the timing. Now that could be just me, so pay attention to others advice, but in your manual, there should be a pretty good description, along with photos and measurements explaining the timing.
  9. or...you could just use the LW's PM messaging system.
  10. Could I get a picture of them by themselves, not installed? How much for small quantities...say, a dozen or two?
  11. This place will not seem right without you.
  12. I can't say for the newer ones (mine is over 40 yrs old), but as winterbear said, sharpen the thing first. Secondly, the adjustment of the roller bar is critical. Experiment with how close or far you make it. Thirdly, the leather has to enter the blade straight. Holding the strap (for instance) up as you feed it will wreck the cut. Sort of hold the leather out on a plane level with the blade.
  13. Pretty cool! Let us know when you're in NC again. You might even consider a small town pub gig at the City Tap in Pittsboro.
  14. In NC there is Zack White's selling Cobra and Artisan. This is probably the closest shipping or drive down to.
  15. I bought these through Zack White's.