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  1. Hi. I use new seatbelt webbing for the straps. I just made a couple of leather tubes (28cm) to enclose the webbing and some foam padding. V. simple.
  2. A 34 year old French made (Furygan) leather racing suit gets a new life as a contemporary style 20 litre rucksack. This was a collaborative design with my facebook followers.
  3. Anyone want to chime in about Mustang paste on coated leather?
  4. I know I can't be the only person doing this. So who do you know who is? I'd like to ask about treating the leather. The material I get is finished leather (kinda plastic). I contacted the makers and they suggested expensive Mustang paste. Does that sound right?
  5. About a hundred US dollars. Possibly about a tenth of the original price, I don't really know. Yes, I gave my followers a choice of suits and this is the one they chose. I plan to make another one soon, a smaller one. Thank you for dropping by. Jim
  6. Should anyone have any questions or comments, I'd love to hear from you. Peace.
  7. Excellent. I hope you have a great success.
  8. Hi Jim, yeah, it's common practice to just trim off what you don't want. I also glue down any fuzzy ends. I always used to try and buy the exact length I needed but it seems it is not totally necessary.
  9. Well, I live in Japan so it certainly is 'Japanese style'; yes, the floating style is Japanese I think.
  10. Hey thanks. I'm encouraged by your words. I will check out tboyce's pattern too.
  11. Couldn't find resources I was looking for so I made my own and thought I'd share it. Hope it helps someone. Long Wallet Templates.pdf
  12. OK. So I just slid the cover off and I see these screws. Before I do something I might regret, do you suppose I could adjust the height of the dogs? Thanks.
  13. Excellent information, thank you. I will check out those links and think on. What would be required to grind the teeth? I have a dremel I guess I'd have to do some dismantling. Anyone got a pic how smooth I should be aiming for?
  14. I am new to sewing machines and I recently got a Seiko LCW-8BL. It is great! But I was wondering if it is possible to reduce the marking of the (veg tan) leather on the underside? Here is a phone cover I just made. Thank you. Jim