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  1. Manicure Case

    Thank you Clive, very much! I have Volume 1 but not 2. I'll get it. Thanks again. Keith
  2. Manicure Case

    Was wondering if anyone has ever made a leather manicure case. My SIL has one that is falling apart and asked me if I could make one for her. After studying the one she has I concluded it would be too difficult to clone. Any help would be greatly appreciated, particularly if you already have a pattern. Keith
  3. Hello from Alabama

    Welcome to the forum from another Alabamian. If there's anything I can do to help you just shout out! Keith
  4. I used Fiebings black 50/50 on a tote bag for my wife. Applied it with a sponge. Got very good results.
  5. Dwight, Do you mind if I ask how you achieved that color? I've been trying to get that color but all my holsters come out too dark. I'm using various Fiebing's brown (light brown, British tan, tan) with no luck. Thanks, Keith
  6. Very, very elegant. I like it. Can I ask what thickness leather you used. Thanks for posting. Keith
  7. Very nice job! You must be proud. Haven't done any lacing yet but I'll get there! Thanks for sharing Rohn.
  8. Simple Holster

    Bryan, thanks for sharing this with the forum. It's unique and I've never seen one like it. BTW, if the holster works for you that's all you need to be concerned with. Take care. Keith
  9. Yes, the 1917 3/4 flap holster, that's it! Thank you. Keith
  10. Does anybody know where I could find a pattern for the US 1917 holster? I saw one at a gun show this past weekend. I would have bought it if it weren't priced at $250. It's a neat holster and I have a gun that could use it but I'd rather make my own. Thanks. Keith
  11. I was attempting to stitch through a very thick welt when it occurred to me that is I were to wet the leather I might have an easier time getting the needle thru the welt. Well it worked but the water left these ugly stains on the leather. I'm more concerned about the front of holster but I would like to get rid of them altogether. Has anyone run across this problem? My wife said that it was the background paint on the carving that ran but that's not true. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would have posted pictures but it said the file was too big to upload. Keith
  12. Two new sheaths.

    Nicely done! Keep up the good work. I like you're philosophy.
  13. I want to thank you for all your good advice. I'll post pics when the project is completed. Thanks again! Keith
  14. I'm about to dye my second holster project. This is a flap holster and have decided to use Fiebing's on the recommendation of my local Tandy Leather store. For my first holster I went with a Tandy product (Eco-something). It wasn't bad but since this flap holster will see hard use in the field Fiebing's was recommended since it's an oil based dye and would penetrate the leather more than the Eco-whatever. My question is this: I've been reading various posts here and it seems that everyone has there own process when it comes to dyeing. Some holster makers are using applications of oil (neatsfoot oil?) at some point in their process. I was simply going to use a swab and apply two coats of the Fiebing's according to the directions on the container. I just want the finished holster to look good and the finish stand up to hunting in the field. Can you tell me what products you use and your process please. Thanks in advance. Keith
  15. It's not that bad. Certainly serviceable. Put it in the bargain basement.