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  1. Does anyone have a pattern for a Model 1917 holster. I believe this holster held the Colt and Smith & Wesson Model 1917 .45 ACP Hand Ejector. Thanks! Keith
  2. Very nice work Frank! I would be forever in your debt if you could share your secret on how you inserted that Susan B. Anthony dollar into that case. My next project is a holster for my brother's new Colt SAA. I wanted to do the same thing only with an old silver dollar that belonged to our great grandmother. Thanks! Keith
  3. Book: Handmade Leather Bags & Accessories

    Thank you bikermutt07!
  4. Bought this book at my local Tandy Store. I probably wouldn't have picked it up only my wife was with me. I had made her a tote bag and she took an interest in several of the bag projects depicted in the book. I liked the fact that the book contained separate patterns for each of the bag projects. Only when I got home did I discover that there are a lot of "gaps" in this book. This is not meant to be a ranting negative review of this book. My biggest criticism is that the author never gives the recommended leather thickness for any of the projects. Also there seems to be a lot of information left out of the step-by-step instructions. I consider myself an intermediate leather worker (I'm in my 5th year of the craft) but I would still like to know the weight of leather to be used for a project. I was just wondering if anyone out there has used this book and would be willing to share their opinions, particularly on how they worked around any of these issues. Keith
  5. Well done Rohn! Can you tell me how much you diluted your dye (ratio dye/thinner)? Also what type of thinner did you use. I have trouble getting the right shade of brown using Fiebing's dyes. Thanks Keith
  6. I was planning on building a tote bag using a pattern from Leodis Leather. In his instructions Ian recommends 3-4.5 oz. pre-dyed full grain vegetable tanned leather. I was wondering if someone could make a supplier recommendation in the USA. Thanks. Keith
  7. Manicure Case

    Thank you Clive, very much! I have Volume 1 but not 2. I'll get it. Thanks again. Keith
  8. Manicure Case

    Was wondering if anyone has ever made a leather manicure case. My SIL has one that is falling apart and asked me if I could make one for her. After studying the one she has I concluded it would be too difficult to clone. Any help would be greatly appreciated, particularly if you already have a pattern. Keith
  9. Hello from Alabama

    Welcome to the forum from another Alabamian. If there's anything I can do to help you just shout out! Keith
  10. I used Fiebings black 50/50 on a tote bag for my wife. Applied it with a sponge. Got very good results.
  11. Dwight, Do you mind if I ask how you achieved that color? I've been trying to get that color but all my holsters come out too dark. I'm using various Fiebing's brown (light brown, British tan, tan) with no luck. Thanks, Keith
  12. Very, very elegant. I like it. Can I ask what thickness leather you used. Thanks for posting. Keith
  13. Very nice job! You must be proud. Haven't done any lacing yet but I'll get there! Thanks for sharing Rohn.
  14. Simple Holster

    Bryan, thanks for sharing this with the forum. It's unique and I've never seen one like it. BTW, if the holster works for you that's all you need to be concerned with. Take care. Keith