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  1. Police Citation Book Clip

    MM2 I have a box of 20 spring clips used for your express purpose, left over from fabrication of Citation Book covers some years ago. They are 3" Long, 1/2" wide and are perforated for being riveted to the base. Sorry, no manufacturer name or logo, but they are bright chrome or nickel finish and it lasts longer than the bearer. I will part with one or all at $4.00 each. That will include postage if you are in the continental USA You can reach me at: <> ( Portland, Oregon)
  2. Wtb: Craftool B262, 263, 264 & Neva Clog Stapler

    Wiz It sounds like what you are trying to find Is: No. B-3/8 G staples. The box says they fit Neva-Clog models: B-100, DT-30 and B-65 pliers and the staples were manufactured in Germany. Sorry to say I just have the one pliers and a partial box of staples which I wouldn't part with for anything. Hope the correct nomenclature helps. The width of staple is just over 3/8" (.445) leg length 1/4". Good Luck! Grumpy1
  3. UK Ray: Here is one more variation for the use of Fiebing Antique Stains. I have been using this method for about 40 years and have yet to find anything better. Start by diluting the heavy bodied stain with a 50/50 mix with Fiebing Bag Kote, this will give you a liquid about the consistancy of dairy cream. The resin based Bag Kote will make the antique stains WATER SOLUABLE, to a degree. I apply it with a small cheapie soldering brush, without the benefit of rubber gloves, brushing well down into the design impressions, doing the entire belt, wallet, checkbook, holster, item, in one five minute session. Put on ONE rubber glove, on whichever hand you will be rubbing with, and begin wiping with a dampened cotton cloth, until you get the desired contrast and color penetration. If desired you can take an old tooth brush and brush some of the deposits inside the stamp patterns and knife cuts to the surface where it can also be wiped away. The rubber glove will prevent the fingers from being stained from color that penetrates the cloth. Bag Kote is compatible with all finishes that I have lever use, including Lac-Kote,Tan-Kote and acrylics. Happy Toning! Grumpy1
  4. UKRay: Since no one else has stepped forward to show you a machine that was made right in your back yard, I will put this one up. A Pearson 6 HM, by British United Shoe Machine. I have owned and used it since about 1960. Was fortunate enough to get all needed replacement parts while Samco-Strong was still manufacturing and stocking parts. It sews as good as it looks, on a variety of leathers from 2-3 ounce to 1/2 inch. Grumpy1
  5. Gary: I attempted to reply and upload a photo copy of a possible match to your saddle. Because of the data loss I could not find your post. I believe from your photos, your saddle is the #550, which in later years was sold as the #919. My catalog was published after the death of George Lawrence Sr. in 1922, and was dedicated to him. The makers mark on the cantle was a registered Trade Mark of the George Lawrence Co. Grumpy1