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  1. Looks good. Are you gonna make one with the plates on it?
  2. Ostrich leg Ruger holster

    Thank you gentlemen.
  3. Ostrich leg Ruger holster

    Thank you all.
  4. Ostrich leg Ruger holster

    This is a Ruger lc9/lc9s holster with matching single mag pouch. The holster has a 5 degree can't. The set is smooth lined inside and left natural in color. The accent is brown Ostrich leg. I used some 6/7 and 2/3 Hermann Oak that I had on hand. The holster ended up at roughly 10 For the back and 9.5 for the front. I like this total thickness. I have been debating on getting more 8/9 or moving to 9/10. I think 9/10 will be what I get next.
  5. Delivered one today

    That is very nice Dwight. He should be very happy with it. I know I would be.
  6. First ever bag!

    That is fantastic craftswomanship! You did a great job. I cannot see why he wouldn't, but I will say it anyways. I hope your husband enjoys that bag.
  7. The 17/22/31 are the full length slides while the 19/23/32 are the mid length slides. Only the length of the slides/barrels are different between the two groups. But while a G19 will work in a holster made for a G17, the G17's muzzle will stick out of a holster made specifically to fit the G19.
  8. Booties for Miss Rodeo OK

    Fantastic work for sure.
  9. 4" & 5" 1911 holsters

    I use your second option :). I built myself a couple double layer 1.5" wide belt strip samples. One is a full 1/4" thick and the other is a little thinner.
  10. 4" & 5" 1911 holsters

    Thanks all. Dwight - the leather is 8/9 oz. JLS - you are correct in what you see. Although the elephant color is actually safari grey. But yeah the camera gave it a blue hue.
  11. I just finished these two 1911 holsters. These are 4" and 5" versions of the same pattern. The cant is 25*. They are built using Hermann Oak leather, 1mm Tigre Thread, Fiebing's Pro Oil dyes and finished with Angelus 605 satin finish.
  12. Here is a recent set I made for a customer. It is for a 5" 1911, has a 15* cant and is accented with caiman tail. The caiman started out cognac in color. I applied some Cordovan oil dye on it. I really like the dark and light effects.
  13. They are indentions from molding around the thumb safeties. They are in the cocked and lock position. The guard actually stops at the end of the slide so the beavertail and hammer are past the top of the holster.
  14. When, if ever, can you glue only?

    Hill Country Leather