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  1. Cracking leather

    The leather likely stretched as you bent it. So now you have extra leather with no place to go but out leaving you with the wrinkles you have.
  2. Cracking leather

    Did you bend the belt while the leather was still moist? That could be from oiling or, dying, glueing or wetting.
  3. Second attempt at a holster

    For punching two layers try punching your outside panel before attatching it to the inside panel. Then after they are attatched you will find it very easy to punch thru the second layer. Also the surface that you are punching on should be solid. Too much give or softness below your project will absorb some of the impact and reduce the effectiveness of your blows. GumTrag is for getting fibers to lay down and stay down. It will do nothing for the seam that you are asking about. You need to get both panels to be even whether thru slicingshaving or sanding.
  4. Second attempt at a holster

    I do none of what alpha mentioned yet I get very nice edges without a seem. The glue that you use though could cause this issue like alpha mentioned. I use Tandy's Bond contact cement and brush it until it is wet leather so there is no extra glue. After letting the glue set up I put the two panels together and run my hands over the glued area to make sure they make full contact. But I do not add weight, clamp, or hammer the panels together. After that I use a razor blade to trim any hang over of one panel over the other. I make sure that both panels are now exactly the same before moving forward. When beveling the edges I again make sure that the panels are even by running the beveler over the edge seem after beveling. After dying and burninshing I will run some 320 or 400 grit sandpaper over the edge then redye as needed. Then burnish again and then sand again if necessary. Repeat if necessary. Once satisfied I then apply my finish. When the finish is dry I burnish again. All my burnishing is by hand but I only have to spend a couple minutes each time to get good results. The prep work of making sure the panels are even and smooth really cuts down on the rest of the work. Oh I should add that I dye my edges, I do not use edge cote. This first pic here the holster is lined so it is 4 layers of leather. If you look at the flash lit area you can kind of make out one of the seems.
  5. Second attempt at a holster

    Gap? can you provide more info and pics of the issue?
  6. Line 24 snap,cap only

    You are welcome.
  7. Line 24 snap,cap only

    Dot fasteners sells all parts separately. I use these caps with pull the dot one way snaps. They have other colors and post lengths. They also have actual marked pull the dot caps on another page. Look around the site. They probably have what you need.
  8. Snap fasteners

    I am not quite sure what snap fastener rivots are but these guys might have what you are lokking for. They have each part and you can buy just the items you want. these are their Durabell caps but if you search the site you will find many other items
  9. Ostrich skin question

    While the plates are the desired part of the leg, I can't imagine wearing a watch with a band wide enough for the plates. I personally would utilize the wrinkly sections at the start of the plates for a small item like this. As for weither the plates would stay down or lift I can't say. They stay down on the holsters I have used them on. I have ran the perpendicular to the gun on flat backed holsters where they go up over and down and they stay flat. But these do not get flexed and bent like a watch band does.
  10. Elephant edges

    It will burnish exactly the same.
  11. Flat backed for a GP-100

    Looks good Josh. Fiebings tans and browns do that to me too. I have had it happen regardless of dying before or after. I dip dye and the color looks perfect until I get it wet for forming or from applying the finish. Some only have a few darkish spots and some will be marbled all over.
  12. Sig p938 Holsters

    Thank you guys. Yes that is elephant.
  13. Sig p938 Holsters

    Thank you Matt.
  14. Made some new holsters for my p938 Sig. Both are smooth lined inside. Leather is Hermann Oak with inside and outside leather combined to be 3.6oz - 3.8oz. Cant on both is 25* and the ride height is mid-lo. I love how thin this gun is.