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  1. Orders to ship

    These look great. I really like show brown, keep up the great work.
  2. What’s your opinion of the edge?

    I see more fibers than I would want to see. If it were mine I would sand the edges with some 400 grit then burnish then sand with 600 grit and burnish again. The sanding should be quick. For a wallet it should take about 1 or 2 minutes to go around the whole thing.
  3. Your example of 30cm (12") even at 17 cents per inch would only be $2.04 us. That would not be much at all here in the states. If that is a lot where your at then it could be worth it to you, It would not be worth it to me that is for sure. I would be more inclined to mirror chrisash's suggestion above.
  4. I say this a while ago on 1911forum. It is hard to read the last digit of the year. It looks like it says 12/05/2018 but obviously that is not possible unless the camera system has the incorrect date. She certainly did a good job.
  5. A few recent orders

    I like all of your items from both threads. I really like the spine piece on your notepad portfolio. You are already doing good work. If you can get your stitching and edges smoother flowing/straighter and their spacing to be even it will take your work up another notch. Keep up the good work.
  6. Glue on edges squeeze out, won't burnish well

    It sounds like you are applying too much glue. As well as not letting it dry to a tacky state like Stetson mentioned. When you apply the glue brush the glue onto the leather then keep brushing until the glue is flat and thin. If you can get it to a point were it looks like the leather is wet with nothing on top of it. Then let both sides dry to a tacky feel.
  7. Custom Knife sheath for customer.

    I like it. Is that a leg tie down at the tip?
  8. Contrasting color thread

    Not sure if it is as easy as just letting the dye dry completely or the type of dye making the difference but I do not have issues using crème aka off white thread in black, brown, cordovan etc dyed leather. I use oil dye at full strength and it does not seem to matter if I dip dye long enough to soak the dye into the entire thickness of leather, just brushing on and everything in between. This example is cordovan dyed elephant on top of 3 layers of black dyed, by me not drum dyed at the tannery, veg tan. The color of this thread is called crème.
  9. Dye job?

    I can't answer your question. But I have to say I really like the way the leather looks. I really like the entire holster.
  10. Most are for show? That is funny. I carry 3-4 days a week. I cant carry at work but I do when off work. Mine get used is what I am getting at. Anyways, if you look at the pic.of the 1911s that you posted you can see that the stitch line follows the trigger guard. This is what prevents the gun from going any further no matter how soft the leather gets over time.
  11. It's been awhile....

    That is some great work. Those costumes look awesome.
  12. Motorcycle bag

    Looks very good Matt. The saying happy wife, happy life tends to be true..