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  1. Motorcycle bag

    Looks very good Matt. The saying happy wife, happy life tends to be true..
  2. First Tooling - Dragonfly

    Very good job. Dragonflies are my girlfriends favorite insect as well. I had a custom set of grips made for her with a dragonfly on them.
  3. What did they do at SLC?

    Like mutt, I have not had issues with them on any of my small qty of orders. When they offer them, their Hippo and Elephant are top notch and cheaper the the other sellers.
  4. Bolt's holsters

  5. Holster rig I recently finished

    Very nice work.
  6. Gun Belt

    Very nice belt.
  7. Edge paint VS Burnished edges showdown!!!

    It wasn't just when dipping. Even when using a dauber. It would blacken the dauber and if that went on the other parts of the holster there would be transfer. I had to either do the front and back then the edges later. Or do the edges and throw out that dauber and use a new one for the rest of the holsters. These were with 4 different acrylic finishes. Other types of finishes may not have the same results. All I know is this does not happen with Pro Oil black dye so I am sticking with that. We gotta use what works for us, right?
  8. Edge paint VS Burnished edges showdown!!!

    I tried edge coat for a bit then went back to dye. It is easy to work with and as you show, the results can be very nice. But what I did not like was that when I went to apply my finish the edge coat would soften back up and sometimes endup on the front or back of the holsters. When I was trying dip finish the bucket of finish would have black swirls on the top of the liquid right after pulling the holster out.
  9. Belt Liner

    I have been wearing one almost every single day since 2014. I am wearing it right now here at work. I cannot carry at work but when I am off I carry 1911s much of the time. I did not build this one though so I cannot comment on type of glue used. But it is a 3 layer belt with elephant hide on top of two layers of cow. Unlike a holster, a belt does not have anything pushing the outer and inner layers apart.
  10. Another 1911 rig

    Very nice. You put a lot of work into that setup and it shows.
  11. Hand Sewn Motorcycle Seat with Pleats?

    Sorry I have no clue what woould be a good choice for the top layer.
  12. Hand Sewn Motorcycle Seat with Pleats?

    I was saying use strips of foam . Stitching only thru leather that is glued together. That way the needle has only one hole to go thru instead of having to feel for the hole in the second piece of leather that is on the other side of foam. So basically your alternate suggestion was what I was trying to say.
  13. Hand Sewn Motorcycle Seat with Pleats?

    Just spit balling here. What about using two pieces of leather and strips of foam or are these already using two pieces of leather? Either way, it looks like you could stitch the leather to the leather at the outer edge then glue your first foam strip then glue and stitch the two leather layers then repeat. Alternatively, you culd glue the strips of foam to one of the two leather layers then glue the other leather layer to them. Then move on to stitching.
  14. Center Line On Edges

    This works for me too. You just have to put in the time both in prep work before edging and then when finishing the edges. By putting in the little bit of extra time you can make 4 layers of leather have no visible line.
  15. Tandy Craftool Pro Diamond Stitching Chisels

    I use the black pro line Tandy tools. I think they are 4mm spacing. Here is an example of what I get with them. This is with 1.0mm Tigre thread. This is a test holster I had made. This is the backside. This is the front side of that same part of the holster. I had tried some other diamond tools but ended up back with these. Now I just stick with them. It is good to know that if I were to do smaller items with thinner stitching I can get smaller Tandy irons.