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  1. Thank you. Not many. I have a full time job. This is more of a hobby. Here is one for a railed 5" 1911. And one for commander 1911s.
  2. What ever weight is needed to get you to your desired thickness. For example if you use 8oz then two 4oz pieces glued flesh to flesh will give you 8oz of smooth on both side leather. It could also be a 6oz + a 2oz or a 3oz + a 5oz etc etc.
  3. Same leather as outside or Kangaroo.
  4. But even that changes from chisel/iron manufacture to manufacturer. I have irons from different places that are both labeled as 4mm yet they have different tpi from what I assume is how they are measured to get that number.
  5. Here are the rivets.
  6. This is for black aluminum. The ones markes 3/16 blind are what you are seeking. They have grey as well but it is not gun metal grey.
  7. Try some Renaissance Wax. It stays flexible and is not oily.
  8. Thank you both.
  9. No suggestions guys/gals?????
  10. Hi all, I would like some help from you all in choosing the edge color for this holster. One thought is to just burnish as is and let the burnishing make it a bit darker. I am not sure if this will be a good idea as the edges of the hippo piece has some lighter coloring where I have beveled it. Also, there is a little bit of ink showing from where I marked my glue lines on the inside. Yo can see both of these in the second pic. So if I do dye the edges I can do a light/medium brown, show brown, chocolate brown or black. I have other colors too but I think colors outside the brown family will not look right. I also have saddle brown and british tan but those are so light I wonder if they would even cover the ink spot. Here is the holster. The leather is being left natural with just Neetsfoot oil for darkening and the Hippo is actually the same chocolate brown that the background is in the pic. This pic was taken before the Hippo fully dried from being oiled. Although I suspect that the Hippo is going to look this color after I seal the holster anyways. You can see the ink and the Hippo edge in question in this pic. The ink is on the right side of the muzzle opening. Thanks in advance for your suggestions/help.
  11. How about one more item? Email address to send you confirmation . I do not remember being asked anything else.
  12. Btw Knifekits is a good company to buy from.
  13. That index place may be $45 but they are the most expensive of the group when you add in shipping. At least for me anyways. Business type addresses may be cheaper as well as closer locations. For 1 gun Bluegunstore is the cheapest. After that Knifekits and holstersmith, same place, are the cheapest of the bunch. This is when using their cheapest shipping option and for my location though. This held true for quantities of 2, 6, and 11.