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  1. Center Line On Edges

    This works for me too. You just have to put in the time both in prep work before edging and then when finishing the edges. By putting in the little bit of extra time you can make 4 layers of leather have no visible line.
  2. Tandy Craftool Pro Diamond Stitching Chisels

    I use the black pro line Tandy tools. I think they are 4mm spacing. Here is an example of what I get with them. This is with 1.0mm Tigre thread. This is a test holster I had made. This is the backside. This is the front side of that same part of the holster. I had tried some other diamond tools but ended up back with these. Now I just stick with them. It is good to know that if I were to do smaller items with thinner stitching I can get smaller Tandy irons.
  3. The optic is a non issue. Look at how it lines up just a smidge behind the trigger guard, roughly in line with the magazine release. The leather does not need to go higher than that. For the light you can build up some leather or foam on the trigger guard to match the width of the light. Yes you will not be able to add any retention in the forward portion of the trigger guard but I see two other viable spots. One is the recesses on both sides of the frame for the slide release levers. The second is on the light itself where it necks down between the bulb and the body. I would just do it lightly on the sides and the bottom of the light. I would leave the gap between the odd non threaded extended barrel and the light alone. In other words I would not try to mold to the shape inbetween them but rather smooth the leather like ther was no gap there but instead like the slide continued to the end of the barrel.
  4. Saddle Stitching - Looks Good on the Backside

    I punch all the way thru. I do not use an awl. My holes are full thickness all the way thru. The size of your holes is only the problem if the smaller holes are the cause. I noticed it mentioned to pull straight. I personally pull the threads in the direction I want them to lay. If the thread is the lower thread I pull it down and the upper thread gets pulled up. I pull these at about a 45* angle to the work piece. I am thinking that your issue is the way you are laying your thread in relation to the angle of the holes. This is a test holster I had made. This is the backside. This is the front side of that same part of the holster.
  5. Saddle Stitching - Looks Good on the Backside

    Are you using a groover to cut out stitch lines? If so then stop. By grooving you are creating a narrow channel that will force the stitches towards the center of the groove. I mark the lines by creating a very shallow line on the surface of the leather. This lets the tread stay at the ends of the holes and gives the zigzag you already have in the back. As for stitching/placement I have the front of the item on the right side not the left.
  6. Recent Builds

    Those are some beauties for sure.
  7. Leather Splitting

    It does not sound like thickness is the actual issue. It sounds like you need to apply or apply more netsfoot oil on the leather. Especially if you are thinking your dye with alcohol.
  8. Is this dye type or method dependent?
  9. Latest belt

    Very nce.
  10. Flap Holster

    That is top notch for sure.
  11. Dragon figure carving

    I have to second the all I got is WOW.
  12. That looks great. Thanks for sharing.
  13. dies 'n' stuff

    YinTx was referring to this post of yours. Not HO making thread.
  14. FN 40 snap on holster set

    Thank you. I have been making holsters off and on since mid 2014. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 or so holsters during that time.
  15. Latest holster

    I used a ruler and lined it up with the exposed portion of the gun mold. Then made the line down the holster front.