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  1. Ostrich skin question

    While the plates are the desired part of the leg, I can't imagine wearing a watch with a band wide enough for the plates. I personally would utilize the wrinkly sections at the start of the plates for a small item like this. As for weither the plates would stay down or lift I can't say. They stay down on the holsters I have used them on. I have ran the perpendicular to the gun on flat backed holsters where they go up over and down and they stay flat. But these do not get flexed and bent like a watch band does.
  2. Elephant edges

    It will burnish exactly the same.
  3. Vertical Bifold in Gray Elephant

    That looks awesome.
  4. Flat backed for a GP-100

    Looks good Josh. Fiebings tans and browns do that to me too. I have had it happen regardless of dying before or after. I dip dye and the color looks perfect until I get it wet for forming or from applying the finish. Some only have a few darkish spots and some will be marbled all over.
  5. Sig p938 Holsters

    Thank you guys. Yes that is elephant.
  6. Sig p938 Holsters

    Thank you Matt.
  7. Sig p938 Holsters

    Made some new holsters for my p938 Sig. Both are smooth lined inside. Leather is Hermann Oak with inside and outside leather combined to be 3.6oz - 3.8oz. Cant on both is 25* and the ride height is mid-lo. I love how thin this gun is.
  8. Crocodile edges. Can you burnish them?

    I have only worked once with Caiman tail. No other variant of croc/gator though. I did not have any issue burnishing the edges but you might be working with thinner stuff which adds to the difficulty level. I treated my edges like normal using black oil dye on them and a standard hand burnisher. I also found that the caiman tail, although being cognac in color, was able to take dye easily on all of it. The raised sections and the edges of each row ended up darker than the rest of the plates/scales.
  9. Springfield Leather no longer accepting PayPal?

    Side note post here I transferred my funds right after the above post and in less than 12 hours the funds posted in my account. Wow. That is quite an improvement from up to 4 days like it used to be.
  10. Springfield Leather no longer accepting PayPal?

    Noticed that too this past week. This also reminds me that I need to transfer the funds in my Paypal account to my bank account so I can buy some things from them.
  11. Looks good. Are you gonna make one with the plates on it?
  12. Ostrich leg Ruger holster

    Thank you gentlemen.
  13. Ostrich leg Ruger holster

    Thank you all.
  14. This is a Ruger lc9/lc9s holster with matching single mag pouch. The holster has a 5 degree can't. The set is smooth lined inside and left natural in color. The accent is brown Ostrich leg. I used some 6/7 and 2/3 Hermann Oak that I had on hand. The holster ended up at roughly 10 For the back and 9.5 for the front. I like this total thickness. I have been debating on getting more 8/9 or moving to 9/10. I think 9/10 will be what I get next.
  15. Delivered one today

    That is very nice Dwight. He should be very happy with it. I know I would be.