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  1. What model is this?

    I don't consider clutch motors a problem. Have one I bought 4 years ago and still haven't put it on any of my 15 machines to try.
  2. What model is this?

  3. What model is this?

    Thanks. I'd gotten close and was pretty much right about the specs. Not up for 346 thread. Probably 148 with that needle systwm. My comment on price was based on finding what I thought might be same capability for.less in new but likely lower quality machines. Late last night and don't remember which ones I found. Yamata 335 head with large.bobbin new for LT $1000 shipped. Comments? Similar capability new machines? Cylinder beds I know least about. Still have to get all my 111s running. Well they run but need cleaning and tuned up.
  4. What model is this? What model? And same as/comparabke to? Seems maybe over priced. Opinions?
  5. Knee lift for Pfaff 145

    A lot of time unless you hold the two levers (machine and lifter) in right position they will end up on the wrong side of each other. Look in video to see actuating lever on bottom of machine and it's relation to the knee lifter lever. Look under you machine and see if they are oriented right. If I just set my 238 down on table they end up on wrong side of each other. Pfaff stand offs under the table are taller. I was going to have to.put spacer blocks on bottom of table to.make singer lift work. Finally found Pfaff table with lift for $35 and got a good condition 145 along with it.
  6. How bad are yeqin?

    I wouldn't likely buy a new one but a used one available. Worth having for $500? Never going to spring for name brand and can't find time to restore one of the two 29-4s in basement. BTW I know what as a machine they do and don't do. Want to add a patcher to the herd.
  7. Pfaff 461-34-900 A8

    Can anybody tell me needle class for this machine . Don't have time to look it up heading to look at one. Also can I buy interpret the numbers after 461? Thanks
  8. Like New - Cowboy 3200 with many upgrades

    To northern?
  9. Why are these always thousands of miles away?
  10. Canvas and Leather Sewing Machine

    Your getting lots advice. Two more to recommend since you not doing english or western saddles that we all think of are singer 7 class or 132k6. Both are used for building parachute harnesses. New version is seiko sk6 khmm I think and Consew 733. Only issue may be height under presser foot but 7 class can be converted to high lift. Good luck.
  11. Just picked up a Consew 206RB-2 for $300

    I'm building a shed to move things like generator, power washer, etc out if garage so I can fit more in there. Must be up to 15 on tables including 30 inch arm and 7 class, three tables still on the trailer, one 29-4 treadle stand, one 7 class table in storage while I work.on head, and my grandmothers old treadle home machine. Is there a 12 step program for us? Two have been for sale for 5 years, but only advertised on craigslist once 5 years ago
  12. Zig zags I have are consew 199r-2, 2 pfaff 238s, bernina 217 and 217n, and viking home machine - 1010 or something like that. I haven't tried to do what you want but trying to butt two edges together seems to be something special. Normally these machines sew two layers on top of each other. Differences in thickness or other things might cause them to feed at different rates. Consew 199s, pfaff 238s, and bernina 217s all have two feed dogs on each side so may work okay. Of the three parts are trivial for the consew. Tougher to impossible for pfaffs and berninas. A new version of the bernina 217n is sold buy global in europe. Parts are compatible if you have the same width model but they don't seem to have individual screws etc available. Likely they're at factory in China. Out if the three I'd recommend the Consew for parts availability. But maybe an older one before made in china. The pfaff 238 is a tank. I'm gett8ng to like the bernina. The viking 1010 does somethings that the others won't. 6 layers of 1000lb 1 inch webbing. But only has one feed dog on each side. But try doing what you want to do on a machine before you buy one. Seems to me there must be a special machine for this. Maybe someone that does this will answer. Good luck.
  13. Just picked up a Consew 206RB-2 for $300

    I just got a 206RB-3 for $300 on table and motor. But in order to get that deal I had to take a 331k4 singer shuttle machine and a 111wsv77 for $100 each, on tables. And they threw in a Rimaldi 4 thread serger on table for free. Hmm, four machines that were in use when turned off for $500. I couldn't say no, even though 2 weeks later 3 of the tables are still on the trailer because I don't have any room in the house OR garage for them. I'll have to read all the advice above. Too late now. Did we ever decide exactly what the 111w special variant 77 was? I have a 111w151 and 155. I guess I'll have to set them next to each other and see.
  14. Singer 132k6 head

    What they said. I think a better description of these is 'boat anchor'. I bought a complete, well functioning, cleaned up 132k6 for $750 on table with clutch motor. Best part was the original small format manual.